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Het is al eeuwen geleden sinds ik eens een ABDL-verhaal op een forum als deze heb geplaatst, dus bij deze kun je hier een nieuw, Engels verhaal lezen. Het is geïnspireerd door meerdere bronnen, waarvan de belangrijkste Among Us is.

Dit verhaal is in derde persoon geschreven (dus vanaf het gebruikelijke 'algemene' oogpunt), en gaat over 12 bemanningsleden die in één grote gedeelde woning onder velen wonen bij de Skeld Complex in San Francisco, Californië. Eén hiervan, Sam, is al heel lang DL en little, en vooral het laatste is iets dat die niet snel deelt. Desondanks is die wel een nieuw en hard-werkend bemanningslid bij de Skeld Complex, waar men op missies gaat en taken voltooit in en om de ruimte. Echter neemt Sam's leven een behoorlijk drastische wending wanneer één van hun medebemanningsleden per ongeluk hun little-zijde ontdekt na een lange dag met een lange missie...

En voordat ik begin met het hier publiceren van de hoofdstukken, wil ik nog even wat algemene informatie over dit verhaal hieronder delen.

Belangrijke leeswaarschuwingen, al of niet veelvoorkomend in dit verhaal:
  • benoeming van de dood, expliciete verwondingen, drugs, misbruik en jeugdtrauma in zeer kleine mate;
  • grof taalgebruik, fysiek geweld en expliciete seksuele inhoud in een vrij kleine tot redelijke mate;
  • één karakter heeft uiteindelijk terug 'last' van onvrijwillige leeftijdsregressie, waarover wordt verteld in een vrij, maar hopelijk niet te, grote mate.
Voor deze leeswaarschuwingen geldt uiteraard het principe: don't like, don't read.

De personages (ongeacht van hoe vaak ze voorkomen) en hun geslachten en leeftijden zijn:
  • Holden Caulfield*, man, 31;
  • Davey*, man, 20;
  • Cal*, genderfluïde 21;
  • Monika*, vrouw, 21;
  • Nico Starman, non-binair, 29;
  • Pepper Ghostess, vrouw, 28;
  • Ryan Macleod, man, 26;
  • Ezekiel Snyder, man, 24;
  • Alessio "Ace" De Lima, man, 21;
  • Jules Bartkins, non-binair, 19;
  • Hermione "Hermie" Davidson, vrouw, 22;
  • Medley Winger, vrouw, 21;
  • Lyndsay "Lyn" Broadley, vrouw, 20;
  • Izuki Hashimoto, man, 21;
  • Oswald Wells Wallace, man, 19;
  • Sam Payne, non-binair, 18;
  • Raymond Hammond Manfred "RHM", man, 33;
  • Henry, man, 25;
  • Charles, man, 24;
  • Sven, man, 28;
  • Ellie, vrouw, 22.
*dit karakter is overleden vóór de start van het verhaal.

Volgens mij hebben we nu alles gehad... dan kan ik na deze het eerste hoofdstuk publiceren. Lees ze! ;)
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Little Endy

Sayori the shy Enderman :3 (he/they)
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Chapter 1
It was a horrible day at the most central building of the Skeld complex today.
The residence used to be 12, but now, it had been decreased to 8 since 4 had apparently died on their way to a mission last week. Their dropship crashed into a meteorite that apparently headed towards it dramatically faster than how fast the dropship went. And now the ship was totally wrecked, and remnants of its passengers had been found at a nearby crash site today.
There was Holden, the leader of the twelvesome in the most central building who wore a white spacesuit. He seemed very bossy, but in fact, he was quite a nice guy. He also looked so handsome with his anime-style blond hair, emerald green eyes, and oh, the muscles galore. He was quite a strong one, and the perfect crewmate to be approved for the job. As an impostor, he was also very skilled, but due to his muscles galore, he was unable to vent, unfortunately, and thus also very susceptable to being ratted out by the others.
There was Davey, a silent but clever guy who was nearly 21 and wore a red spacesuit. He did tasks at the speed of lightning, and was one of the best impostors of the group as well, being a real silent killer. He also looked so dreamy with his soft light brown hair and dull grey eyes, which were often covered by a pair of dark, triangular shades due to him being ashamed of his very own eye colour. Shame, but true, sadly.
There was Cal, the only genderfluid one out of the bunch who wore a cyan spacesuit. One day, they'd be dressed all girly with lolita dresses and a galore of make-up, and the other, they'd be dressed all boyish with ripped clothes and even a spiked collar, occasionally with make-up as well. Their hair was black with red highlights around the bangs, and they often wore differently coloured lenses, unless it came to the most recent mission they were about to go on. There, they shamelessly showed their beautiful purplish-blue eyes to their three fellow crewmates. They had severe dyscalculia, but that often didn't stop them from still trying the tasks that involved numbers, such as unlocking manifolds. As an impostor, they weren't the best, but they tried hard, and that is also a very good thing.
And there was Monika, who got sent to the Skeld complex by a friend and wore a lime green spacesuit. The ex-leader of a horrendous literature club at her former school, she was a little evil, but weren't all high-school dropouts that way? Long coral-red hair and bright emerald green eyes she had, and she often swooned for Holden due to him having the same eye colour. She was an amazing impostor – she even outsmarted Davey quite often with being the best – and a very hard-working crewmate as well, who had tons of patience for even the longest tasks.

But now, those four were found a full hundred per cent dead. And that saddened the eight other crewmates very much.
There was Medley, the girly girl who wore a pink spacesuit. She was usually very clumsy as both a regular crewmate and impostor, but with the help of her acquaintances and friends, she could always make it. She had soft pink hair that was often tied in upper-arm-length twin tails and soft blue eyes, and was a very gentle and shy person overall.
There was Ryan, the silly crewmate who wore an orange spacesuit. He wasn't always serious on missions and often really wanted to pull pranks on others, regardless of anyone's status. He had short light brown hair, a beard of the same colour, and quite the dark brown eyes.
There was Nico, the most level-headed crewmate who wore a dark green spacesuit. They were often so serious and skeptical, and never fell for anything easily. They'd always come and help others swiftly whenever they really needed it. However, they did think they looked way too 'unplain' for their seriousness, with their reddish-brown curls and their cheery-looking hazel eyes. But nobody else did, and just accepted them for who they were.
There was Hermie, the 'cool' crewmate who wore a black spacesuit. She was always dressed in ripped and torn clothes, always wore the darkest of make-up, and even had quite some tattoos and dangerous-looking accessories, her favourite one being her spiked collar. Her hair was prominently dyed black and occasionally contained a different colour in the mix, and she had the most gorgeous ruby red eyes that one could ever imagine. Deep down, however, she was always a little scared, especially when on missions and either not knowing what to do when a possible impostor would be near, or not knowing how to act if she would be the impostor herself.
There was Ace, the silent crewmate who wore a dark blue spacesuit. He was mute, and prominently expressed himself by using sign language and writing/typing utilities. But that didn't mean that he occasionally yelped upon discovering the impostor, or when being ratted out as one himself. Despite his silence, he did look quite ravishing and awesome, with his shoulder-length ash blonde hair and purple eyes.
There was Ezekiel, a more energetic crewmate who wore a yellow spacesuit. He was Ryan's very best friend and barely left his side when they shared a certain function on a mission. His neatly cut dark brown hair and blue-green hybrid eyes were a reason that a lot of neighbouring girls swooned for and crushed on him very often.
There was Pepper, the strictest crewmate out of the bunch who wore a purple spacesuit. She could especially be strict when helping others with tasks that they don't understand, or whenever an impostor alongside her was a very mediocre someone in that respect. Other than that, she could also be very motherly and kind when not on missions. She had short brown hair with blonde highlights here and there, and bluish-grey eyes that'd always stand out whenever she was strict towards someone.
And there was Jules, the biggest music lover of them all who wore a brown spacesuit. Prior to their crewmate days, they were highly focused on classical music, and was even part of a youth orchestra until the age of 17. They had neatly styled wavy dark blonde hair, and beautiful brown eyes. On missions, they were also one of the few level-headed people to take their status as seriously as possible.

The eight crewmates attended the funeral of their four late fellow crewmates. There was heavy rain and quite the wind, and all four of the caskets were closed for safety.
Crewmate funerals weren't quite usual, but they did occasionally happen at the Skeld complex, since those dropships could always be susceptible to harsh accidents like the most recent one.
Hermie, the crewmate who usually never cried, couldn't help but shed a Niagara Falls of tears at the moment due to being very devastated about the loss of Cal, her best friend.
“Why did Grim Reaper and Satan have to choose them over those who actually deserved death, unlike them?!”
“I don't know” Medley sobbed, as she handed another paper tissue to her fellow crewmate, while also trying to dry her own eyes due to running make-up.
‘In no way can I honestly express how devastated I am about the loss of four of our closest colleagues’ Ace signed, while he also couldn't help but sob out loud. ‘Not in words, not in signs... not at all!’
Jules simply rubbed his back in an attempt to console him a little.
Ryan and Ezekiel were especially devastated about Davey's loss, since Davey was also a very good friend of theirs. They always used to play all sorts of board games together, and they always used to jokingly defy one another about their tactics there.
Nico, seemingly the only crewmate who cried very stealthily, eventually decided to start the eulogy for the four late crewmates.
“Dear crewmates of building A-1 on the Skeld complex” they started. “Today is a very sad day. Today, we discovered that our four beloved fellow crewmates – Cal, Holden, Monika and Davey – were robbed from their very lives a week ago. It wasn't too fair of Grim Reaper and Satan to send an unfortunate meteorite their way, and with this funeral, we hope for their spirits to find rest before choosing their subsequent ways.”
Silence, minus the fairly loud sound of the pouring rain, the soft howling of the wind, and the sobs that still came from most of the crewmates' vocal cords.
“Holden. Our very best leader. Most likely the strongest and most confident of us all, if it didn't come to me. He would always help anyone if they really needed it. He was a very good mentor figure to all of us, whether we needed it or not. Even the neighbours admired him in so many respects. Holden, may you rest in all peace, and be the exact same very best leader to your three – or possibly even more – fellow crewmates in heaven.”
Everyone took their time to put a little flower on Holden's casket.
“Davey. A slightly timid guy who was an amazing helper. He always worked so hard on missions, regardless of his status. He was always so honest with everyone, and he was an amazing board game player and friend as well. He, too, could offer a helping hand whenever someone needed it, and was the very best at briefly explaining even the most difficult tasks. Davey, may you rest in all peace, and keep on helping others, working hard and playing your favourite board games with your acquaintances and friends in heaven.”
Tiny flowers were also put on Davey's casket.
“Cal. One day, they'd look so different than the other. Their extended wardrobe and, as we often called it, their rainbow eyes were the most remarkable details about them. They showed us all the true meaning of being genderfluid, as well as being an amazing example in more than just that. Even if they were the worst with anything in the way of maths, they always tried so hard to still accomplish the tasks with numbers, and we've all been absolutely proud of that. They were also an amazing cook who'd always tickle our tastebuds with the most extended and even the best blends of flavours. Cal, may you rest in all peace, and keep on doing the best you can and satisfying everyone else with your excellent cooking skills in heaven.”
Cal's casket soon contained tiny flowers in the widest range of colours.
“And finally, Monika. A high-school drop-out and the former president of her former literature club. She was quite problematic when she first arrived, but we all managed to model her into a way better someone, even if that was often very difficult. She had patience like no-one else, and especially during missions, she'd take all of the time to do her tasks with most of the love that one could possibly imagine. And her most iconic snippet of poetry went, and will still always go, like this: if I can't hear the sound of your heartbeat, what do you call love in your reality? And in your reality, if I don't know how to love you, I'll leave you be. Monika, may you rest in all peace, and keep on having the best of patience, writing the most astounding and remarkable poetry, and find true love with Holden in heaven.”
Finally, the last few flowers were carefully laid onto Monika's casket.
“Thank you all for being present to say good-bye to our beloved colleagues.” Nico looked at the seven other crewmates. “Does anyone want to hold a little speech as well?”
The answer quickly turned out to be yes, and the speeches were nearly as lovely and touching. After they were all done, Nico went towards the lone phonograph in the rebuilt well, and let it play Strawberry Flower's Namida Ga Afureta to send another indirect message to the four late crewmates.
The song was quietly being listened to by everyone. Well, quietly for most of the time, because the occasional sobs were still there, of course.
Once the song was fully done, the phonograph unfortunately met its fate as well, by giving off a few harsh sparks before smoke emerged from the horn, and the overall device seemed to hang a little low.
“Well” Ryan sighed, “guess we need to hire a new phonograph for the next funeral as well...” He carefully took the record out of the broken phonograph and gently put it back into its cover. “You did a great job satisfying our fellow crewmates' spirits and telling us all the words we never really had the courage to say to them.” He carefully kissed the record cover and swiftly brought it back inside.

Later at the home office, Nico soon sent a message to the official website of the Skeld complex regarding the fact that they and their team were looking for 4 new crewmates.

Crewmates wanted! Recently, four of our fellow crewmates had sadly passed away in a dropship/meteorite accident, and now we're with only 8, also known as very little variation whenever we should go on missions.
As a crewmate, you should be able to do a changing number of tasks (it varies from one to dozens) and be able to occasionally be a really sneaky impostor who knocks out regular crewmates and can keep it a secret. It also requires you to live in a specific building on the complex in case you live outside of San Francisco, CA, where the complex is located.
If you're aged 18 or up and this strikes your fancy, then please answer the questionnaire on this page to determine whether you can get hired for this amazingly multi-functional job!
Kind regards, Nico Starman, crewmate of group A-1.

“I really do wonder who our next fellow crewmates will be” Jules said. “But they definitely won't be the same as our former fellows, sadly.”
“It's logical that everyone is different” Pepper stated. “Most of all, I hope that they'll be able to listen well, because I don't like it when people don't listen.”
“But most importantly” Hermie said, “I wonder if they'll be willing to wear... you know, huge-ass sanitary towels during missions. Me, I'm already used to it, and they're kind of comfy as well, so you all don't hear me complain anymore. Not that I ever complained about it or anything...”
“In that case” Medley said, “I hope they're really open-minded about it. As in, everyone associates diapers with babies, and that's very close-minded. Me, I do personally know a few people who are incontinent and really do need them, and never have I ever said anything negative to them.”
Ace patted the girly girl's shoulder, put one thumb up and smiled in approval.
“I wonder if any of us will swoon over one of those crewmates soon” Ryan said, “that none of them will have zits like barnacles... yuck, the whole idea already gives me the creeps!”
“Settle down, Ry” Ezekiel said, “I'm sure that they'll look good as they are. You really have this hatred for zits, huh?”
“Zeke, I have trypophobia, and you know that very well.”
“Ah, so that's why you consistently overreact at those lotus heads and barnacles. Sorry, I never really knew and realised that. You know what, from now on, I'll just protect you from those, because now that I think about it, they indeed look horribly disgusting.”
“Thanks, man.”
“But most importantly” Nico said, “I wonder how quickly anyone will reply to this message. You know how one person is more reluctant than the other in this aspect?” They took one last swig of their bitter black coffee and then put the empty cup into the tray for used utilities.
‘Ah, right’ Ace signed. ‘Shyness. Something that occurs more often than one thinks. Seems legit.’
“Shy people flinch a ton at my strictness” Pepper said, “so I'd better be careful if I notice that anytime soon.”
The others nodded in agreement.
Very soon, four notifications sounded on the computer, one after the other very quickly.
“Well, that was fast” Jules commented.
“I wonder...” Nico said as they opened the notifications bar and read all of the answered questionnaires soon after.

Little Endy

Sayori the shy Enderman :3 (he/they)
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Chapter 2
It was eerily quiet at the application office. Four new crewmates-to-be nervously sat there, too unnerved to speak a word or even make a tiny noise to one another.
There was Lyn, a confident-looking young lady. Especially her azure blue hair stood out compared to the others, and her sharp brown eyes contrasted her hair colour quite well. She looked to be a very athletic and hard-working someone, and according to her questionnaire, she was someone who'd be able to finish tasks quite quickly and even be a lightning-fast impostor. Well, she'd only see about that once her first mission would be there.
There was Izuki, a Japanese young man who wore modern square glasses. He had healthy-looking black hair and sweet-looking amber eyes with little golden spots. According to his questionnaire, he had to take a little more time with tasks, and especially had trouble with the short and easy-seeming ones. As an impostor, he possibly wouldn't even know until he'd acquire that status.
There was Oswald, a restless-looking young man with slightly curly reddish-orange hair and the most beautiful jade green eyes that one could possibly imagine. He, too, needed quite the time with tasks, regardless of their length, and as an impostor, he was convinced that he wouldn't do as much as a good job. But fate only knew if this was really true, since the future doesn't exist, of course.
And there was Sam, who had that permanently fatigued look on their face. They had beautiful neck-length blonde hair and shy sapphire blue eyes with a brown rim on the irises. According to their questionnaire, they could do tasks the best at an average speed, and didn't even want to become an impostor at all due to being a pacifist, even if being an impostor was actually part of their soon-to-be job.
The only sounds that one could hear was nervous breathing, the soft buzzing of the fluorescent tubes on the ceiling and the ticking of the clock near the office door. Furthermore, it was still eerily quiet.
The four crewmates-to-be occasionally exchanged some idle looks, but otherwise, they didn't really interact with one another.
Time went by quite slowly, and before anyone knew it, the office door went open.
“Good day, you lot” Nico said, “please come into my office. I'm Nico Starman, the one who posted the message on the site recently.”
The four new recruits got up from their seats and followed the serious crewmate into their office, where they had a seat once again.
“So you lot must be Lyndsay Broadley, Izuki Hashimoto, Oswald Wells Wallace and Sam Payne?”
Nods were an obvious answer.
“I prefer to be called Lyn, though” Lyn said, “if it's not a serious situation.”
“I'm sorry for the loss of your four most recent crewmates” Sam said in a soft voice.
“Thank you very much, Sam. But at least we are delighted to have you guys as the four new crewmates in our team who will strengthen us. Now, would you all like something to drink?”
Four glasses of water were soon served, and Nico themself took their usual cup of black coffee without frills, as they called it.
“So tell me, what are you longing for most of all once you are crewmates? We'll start with Lyn.”
“I'm longing to work very hard and help others wherever they need it” Lyn replied. “You may know that I'm someone who prefers it at a very high speed, and I can officially confirm that here since I'm not a computer. Furthermore, expect me to keep all of the secrets in the world when I'm an impostor, since I'm not that person who loves to spill the beans either.”
“Very well said. Now, Izuki?”
“Well...” Izuki started, “I'll have to take a ton of time with tasks due to having ADD and being prone to losing focus. As for being an impostor, I honestly have no idea... I think fate will determine that soon enough.”
“It'll be alright, Izuki. One person likes being an impostor more than the other, and that's absolutely alright. Now, Oswald?”
“I, too, have to take much time with tasks” Oswald said, “due to having obsessive-compulsive problems. I am also germaphobic... is that bad?”
“It's absolutely not. The task spots will always be disinfected, and if you think it needs a little more disinfection, then go ahead.”
“Thanks, Nico. In that case, there's also quite a big chance that as an impostor, one might bust me while wiping my knife.”
“Oswald, impostors don't use knives. They use a little device to knock a crewmate out, and afterwards, it takes at least 15 minutes for them to wake back up. Knives go way too far for us, they've been used a lot in the past, just like guns, but they didn't turn out that good, as it left a lot of mostly former crewmates with physical conditions like heart defects and paraplegia. So ever since one year ago, we exchanged them for the knock-out-o-matics, and those have never left any physical conditions on anyone so far.”
“Oh, thank goodness, I was already concerned.”
“Very well. Now, Sam?”
“I...” Sam started. “I, uh... I'm not too sure, to be honest. Well, I think I might make a good crewmate, but an awful impostor... oh, and I occasionally fall sick as well, and I can be sick for quite some time, so uh...”
“Sick, you say?”
“Yes... mentally, mostly... to say the least.” Little did anyone know that Sam really meant that they occasionally to often involuntarily regressed to a different brain age than their 'calendar' age.
“I'll try to keep that in mind. It's a good thing that the maximum number of crewmates is 10, so imagine if you'd fall sick, another crewmate could stay home to take care of you in the meantime.”
“Oh, thank you... besides, I cannot wait to become a crewmate soon. I'm nervous yet excited.” The tired-looking crewmate-to-be smiled a little.
“That's very good.” Nico adjusted their sitting position a little so their back was now straight. “Now, you all know that the missions mostly take place in space, right? And that spacesuits are also mandatory to be worn in the HQ, at the Polus and in the airship, right?”
“Yes, Nico” was the answer of Lyn, Izuki, Oswald and Sam.
“Underneath your spacesuits, you wear comfortable clothing, and since there are barely to no bathrooms anywhere, you lot are also required to wear diapers underneath, which you either change by yourself, or let someone else do it.”
Shocked gasps came from everyone else but Sam.
“How?!” Lyn exclaimed. “I thought there were certain kinds of toilets in space! Diapers are yucky, and only babies, demented old folks and people with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities wear them!”
“Oh, no, they surely don't” Sam calmly said.
“How are you so sure of that, Sam?!”
“There are tons of bedwetters and fully incontinent people in the world of all mental ages, even of ours... including me, an adult bedwetter. Also, you shouldn't complain about diapers and how you think they're 'yucky'... in fact, nobody really should. You're only allowed to complain in the third world countries since they have no diapers there, let alone toilets or other sanitary facilities, so they're forced to do their business in a hole in the ground or in the lakes, which only sickens and kills a majority of the people there.”
“Yeah, you're right, but are you also saying that you find diapers comfortable or something?”
“Uh, no? I never wear them outside of my bed, since that's definitely not necessary at all.” This was, of course, a huge lie, but nobody knew that so far.
“Sorry for my harshness. I should've asked it in a different way.” Lyn turned back to Nico. “Sorry for overreacting too, by the way. I'll try to accept the fact that I'm diaper-bound on missions.”
“It's all good, Lyn” Nico calmly replied. “I'll have you know that a lot of formerly new crewmates, including me, have reacted this way to that comment, and we, too, just quickly accepted that it really belongs to our function.” They grabbed a sheet and a few sticky paper strips from the drawer of their desk and showed it to the four recruits. “Now, there are four spacesuit colours left that you can choose from. Choose wisely, because once chosen equals not being able to change your mind anymore.”
Silence fell again, but soon after, everyone chose their respective and most preferred spacesuit colour. Sam chose white, Lyn chose red, Oswald chose cyan and Izuki chose lime green.
“Very well. Now, you lot also shared your clothing size with us recently, so we'll make sure that the suit of your preferred colour comes in your size exactly, including a matching oxygen tank.” The serious crewmate typed a few things into their computer before getting up from their desk. “Now, let me escort you lot to the rest of the building, where you all will also live from now on.”
“It's a good thing that I'm not married or in a relationship just yet” Izuki chuckled, “because otherwise, I'd have to leave my wife and kids behind and that'd be awful as ever.”
“Yeah” Lyn said. “I will miss my Dad, though.”
“I miss my mums as well” Sam said. “They're so overprotective that they're probably physically sick of that at this point.” They chuckled a little.
“My parents miss me as well” Oswald said, “but they're not as concerned and overprotective. Me, if I had any kids, I'd most likely be the overprotective one. Speaking of which, do any of the crewmates have kids around here?”
“I don't know” Lyn said, “at least, not of the ones among us.”
“We don't” Medley said, as she happened to pass by the foursome of new crewmates, “but some of the neighbours do have at least one child. Wait a sec... you must be the new crewmates in our group! Nice to meet you all, my name is Medley.”
The four new crewmates introduced themselves to the girly girl, and later on to the rest of the others as well.
Soon, it turned out that Hermie was a little smitten with one of the new ones.
“Oooh, someone's in love...!” Ryan joked.
“Me?!” Hermie exclaimed. “Of course not, you're in love with Izuku!”
“That's Izuki” Izuki corrected the punk crewmate. “I'm not in any way affiliated with that guy from My Hero Academia who is also known as Deku and ironically a human rather than a Deku Scrub.”
Chuckles sounded from everyone else here and there.
“Sorry, Izuki.” With a deep blush, Hermie gently grabbed her new fellow crewmate's shoulder, softly pinched it with her full hand, and leaned towards his ear to whisper. “Don't tell anyone I'm smitten with you, though...”
“We've never seen that side of Hermie before” Ezekiel said to Ryan. “Is it a phase? God only knows.”
“You guys” Pepper said to Hermie and Ezekiel, “don't whisper where everyone else is. Save the whispering for one-on-one time.”
“Now, where do we all get to sleep soon?” Sam asked. “Does anyone share a room, of have one of their own? Because... I'm mandatory to have one of my own since I occasionally to often fall ill...”
“Oh dear me” Jules said, “I'm sorry. Yes, we do have dorms of our own, that we can decorate as we wish. For instance, I have a few musical instruments that I occasionally play there when not on missions, and I have a twin-sized bed since I do not sleep with stuffed animals or pillows or anything.”
“Thank you. How large are those rooms? Large enough to fit a hospital bed in?” By 'hospital bed' they actually meant 'adult-sized crib', but once again, nobody knew that.
“It's about the size of a hospital room for two people” Medley said. “I remember first coming here two months after having an ear surgery and literally saying that to myself when I first entered that dorm room that's now officially mine.” She giggled a little.
“Very well then.”
“In that case, we should most likely take our furniture out of the nearby storage to set up our rooms” Oswald said, as he got up from his seat. “Come, Lyn, Izuki and Sam.”
The other three new crewmates followed their fellow newbie and went to get their furniture from the storage to their assigned dorm rooms.

A little later, the four new crewmates didn't go on a mission just yet unlike everyone else, but they did have some time to try some prototype suits on in their size, since their official ones would come the next day.
“So I'll just put it on like this?” Lyn said as she athletically hoisted herself into the suit.
“No, no” Sam said, “you're forgetting something.”
“The oxygen tank?”
“No, a diaper, silly!”
“Since we're only testing things, can I wear it over my pants for now?”
“Sure, I cannot see why not.”
“Now, where did Nico say they were?”
The tired-looking crewmate opened the cupboard next to them, which was filled to the brim with diapers, wipes and other caring and changing utilities.
“Which size do you lot have?” They grabbed a size small for themself.
Soon, everyone picked the diaper of their actual unisex clothing size, but only Lyn seemed to be able to put it on properly.
“Wanna know my secret?” she chuckled. “I've babysat children with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities during my internship back in my last year of high school, since I originally wanted to become a children's nurse. And to say the least, changing their diapers was the grossest thing that I occasionally had to do...”
“You can still become one” Izuki said. “It's always handy to have a nurse among the crewmates, you know?”
“I'll consider it, even if you lot are not children.” The athletic crewmate then laughed at how Izuki struggled with his diaper. “Here, let me help you with that.” She swiftly stuck the tapes in place and then helped him up. “Now for the suit, I guess?”
“Not before you helped us as well” Oswald said, with Sam giving a nod in agreement.
No sooner said than done, everyone then hoisted themselves in their prototype suits, carried an oxygen tank along and headed for the no-gravity room to test their spacey skills.
“I wonder how everyone else possibly did this when they first became crewmates” Izuki said.
“I wonder if they actually put their diapers over their bare skin” Sam accidentally stated, “rather than their pants, like us.”
Three pairs of enlarged eyes were soon aimed at them.
“Hey, it's not like I'm a diaper lover or anything! It's just an assumption!”
“I know” Oswald chuckled, “but the way you said it didn't quite sound like an assumption. It sounded like it still tingled one of your secret senses.”
“Uh, no?”
“You're defying us, aren't you?”
“No!” Sam did a frantic backflip and 'swam' a few laps through the lack of gravity. “Why would I?”
“I also wonder if we're always lacking gravity in space like right now” Lyn said. “It kind of concerns me since I've heard that it's not too good for your spine.”
“I've heard the same” Izuki said, “as well as that frequent space trips make you look a bit taller that way. For me, that would actually be a nice thing, since I really dislike being as short as I am right now.”
“I do hope that it doesn't give you any physical issues, though, since I'm moderately afraid of suffering from anything in the way of a spinal cord injury afterwards.”
“Hey, it's not that the imposters use knives and all that jazz anymore.”
“Yeah, but still.”
Less than an hour went by, and then, the four newbies took their prototype suits and oxygen tanks off and put them back into the storage.
“Now, what do we do with the diapers?” Oswald asked. “Kind of a shame to dispose them already since they haven't been used yet.”
“Indeed that is” Sam stated. “Maybe we should keep them in our dorm rooms at a convenient spot, nobody will notice.” Little did anyone else know that Sam was actually somewhat planning to actually diaper themself underneath their clothes way before the start of the mission since they were really excited to wear again for the first time in months, which, for them, almost felt orgasmic...

Little Endy

Sayori the shy Enderman :3 (he/they)
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Chapter 3
The next day, the dropship was on its way to the Skeld's main ship. 10 out of 12 crewmates were there. As for those who stayed at home, it regarded Ryan and Ezekiel, who practically trumpeted around that they were planning to binge a trash show on YouTube with tons of soda and popcorn beforehand.
“Only better” Pepper said, “I hate having to keep up with their constant hyperactivity.”
“Are they always like that on missions, too?” Oswald asked.
“They surely are, you'll see anytime soon.”
Then, the eerie silence fell again. Everyone seemed so level-headed and serious, except for Sam, who seemed a little jumpy inside their head. That was because they diapered themself already this morning, before even hoisting themself into their new white spacesuit.
“What's with you being all happy and stuff, if I may ask?” Hermie asked Sam. “Is it because you're excited for your first mission?”
“Yes” Sam replied, “why?”
“To be honest, so was I a year ago.”
“That's only a good thing, isn't it?”
“What do you think of us so far?”
“You lot seem like very nice people.”
Soon, the dropship attached itself to the Skeld's main ship and made sure that everyone could get into the latter via the connection on the former's ceiling and the latter's floor.
Ace made a gesture towards the four new crewmates to come to the main table in the cafeteria.
“Do we always start there?” Izuki asked.
Ace nodded.
“We start at the cafeteria at this mission facility only, to be exact” Nico said. “On the three other locations, we start elsewhere, but you lot will see where exactly once we have our subsequent missions there. Now, everyone, grab your tablets to see your status and tasks.”
“How many impostors will be there today?” Jules asked.
“Just one, since we have new recruits, of course.”
“Thank goodness” Lyn chuckled, “imagine if there'd be several killers on the floor already on the first day!”
“Hey” Medley said, “impostors don't really kill anymore. If I'm not mistaken, Nico told you and the others that weapons are now forbidden to prevent permanent physical damage and such.”
“Oops, sorry, forgot.”
“It's alright, you're still learning how to be a good crewmate, after all.”
“Shhh!” Nico hissed, as if something was about to happen.
And indeed, everyone's tablets soon gave off notifications, and now they all knew their status that they all had to keep themselves quiet about.
Nearly everyone had the swiping of their ID cards as their first task. Not to worry, the four new crewmates had an ID card of their own as well, they received it along with their new spacesuits.
Izuki was a little ticked off due to the fact that the swiping device thought that he swiped his card too slowly.
“Need help?” Hermie asked in a loving and slightly seductive tone.
“Uh...” the shy, nerdy crewmate reacted, “y-you could say that, yes...”
“Here, watch closely.” The cool crewmate gently took the ID card from Izuki and swiped it through the device in a gracious fashion.
“Wow, thanks.”
“Anytime, dearie.” Hermie patted Izuki's shoulder and they both went off to their next tasks.
“She's really madly in love with him, huh?” Sam said to Oswald as the former swiped their card in the same fashion and then swiftly sanitised the swiping device.
“I think so, too” Oswald replied. “Now, how do I do this...? Thanks for sanitising, by the way.” He frantically swiped his card for a few times, and the device thought that it was too quickly. “Aw, c'mon!”
Sam chuckled a little at the sight and suddenly had a little idea.
“Need help, Oz?”
“Wha-? Oh... I-I've never been called that before...”
“I asked if you need help, not if you've ever been referred to as Oz before.”
“Oh, uh... sure?”
The tired-looking crewmate first sanitised their right hand before gently grabbing Oswald's right wrist with it, and helping him with a perfect card swipe, which happened straight away.
“Oh, wow, guess I really do have magic powers somewhere.”
“Thanks, Sam. What's your next task?”
“Lessee...” Sam grabbed their tablet and went to look for their next task, when suddenly, a notification popped up that an emergency meeting had been called up by Pepper. “Oh. Back to the cafeteria, I guess.”
Soon, everyone was rounded up at the central table of the cafeteria.
“What's the matter?” Lyn asked.
“Ace just vented” Pepper stated. “Trust me, I saw him do it at the reactor.”
Ace gasped loudly, as if saying “What?! No!”, and shook his head hard while showing his two hand palms and crossing his arms horizontally.
“Now, don't just deny it, Ace. I know it was you.”
“What is venting anyway?” Izuki asked, “other than getting some stress off of your chest?”
“I'll show you soon, Izuki my boy” Hermie whispered as she voted Ace on her tablet. “I can't do it, but I do know what the slang 'vent' means...”
“Maybe we should skip” Medley said. “Ace seems quite shocked.” She skipped her vote on her tablet.
“Hermie, what did I say about whispering where the others are?” Pepper said in a semi-exclaiming tone. “Do you want me to suspect you instead?”
“N-no, Pepper...!”
Soon, one half of the crewmates voted Ace, while the other half skipped, so it ended up in a tie and the mission continued normally.
The majority of the crewmates soon found themselves in the electrical room since they had tasks there.
Nico downloaded data to upload in the admin room soon, and they seemed very relaxed for their seriousness this time.
“What are they doing?” Izuki asked Hermie in a soft voice.
“Downloading data” Hermie skeptically replied, “duh.”
“But they seemed so relaxed just now for a serious person.”
“Well, if a crewmate seems relaxed, they're probably using the bathroom.” The cool crewmate fixed one of the four wires in the wire box.
“Bathroom? I thought there were none. Speaking of, my bladder is killing me...”
“Just go, where else do you wear a diaper for?”
“I... alright then...” The nerdy crewmate tried to do his task of calibrating the distributor, but he often got distracted by what Hermie just said to him. Just as he perfected his task, however, he got down onto his knees, leaned on the wall and tried to relax his bladder, in which he eventually did succeed with a relieved sigh.
“There you go” Hermie chuckled, “using the bathroom in space isn't that hard, is it?” Her eyes suddenly widened as if she had an idea. “That reminds me, I still owe you an explanation about what venting means here...”
Suddenly, the reactor had been sabotaged, which frustrated Oswald big time as he tried to start it up, which was already a very difficult task.
“No!” he exclaimed angrily. “Now what do I do?!”
“Don't just stand there and panic!” Medley exclaimed in a tone nearly as concerned. “Go to one of those hand scanners and scan your hand to stop the sabotage!” She went to one of the scanners and put her hand onto it. “Like this!”
The nervous crewmate first sanitised the other scanner before using it himself, and then, silence finally fell.
“Phew, that was close.”
“Why did you take so long, aside of due to panic?”
“Sanitising. It's always mandatory, you know?”
“Are you a germaphobe?”
“I actually am, what a lucky guess of you.” Oswald headed back to the start-up device of the reactor and made yet another mistake while trying to continue starting it up. “Dammit, why did it have to go like that?!” And just as he wanted to start over, an unconscious body had been reported. “And again...”
Most of the crewmates were there at the next emergency meeting.
“Where was it?” Medley asked.
“O2” Ace said via his tablet.
“Any sus?”
“Pepper is suspicious” Sam openly said, “not going to lie.”
“Yeah” Izuki said, “she said that Ace vented the other round.”
“I saw her chase Nico on the cameras, they both went to the med-bay, and Pepper subsequently returned to the hall alone.”
“Oh dear me” Hermie muttered.
“Nico vented there” Pepper said, “and I just wanted to call an emergency meeting when Ace found a body at O2.”
“That body is most likely Jules's then” Lyn said. “Everyone who is willing to vote Pepper, say 'eye'.”
“Eye” nearly everyone else replied while voting Pepper on their tablets.
“Wait, what?!” the strict crewmate exclaimed in disbelief while being sent out of the ship to do tasks outside. According to the tablets, she indeed was the impostor, and everyone else had won the mission.
“But... I didn't even get to start the reactor!” Oswald exclaimed in distress.
“Calm yourself, Oz” Sam said as they pushed an invisible squish pillow down with the palms of their hands. “We're freed of our tasks, we have free time, we emerged victorious... look at it in a good way!” In the meantime, they relieved their bladder and smiled widely at how their diaper felt now.
“Well, alright, I guess...”
“You should really loosen up. Take a deep breath. Go potty. Have a glass of water, or something.”
“Now that you mention going 'potty', I do need to go a little... I've always had a fairly weak bladder, and being so worked up doesn't quite help with that either.”
“Then go, because after all, it's wrapped around your waist and in between your legs now. Trust me, you're going to like this.”
“Oh, did I really say that?!” Sam jumped up from their spot on the bench and quickly went to fetch themself a glass of water.
Oswald sighed, distanced his legs a little from one another, and imagined that he was sitting on an actual toilet. That way, he relieved his bladder easily... and the warmth indeed felt a little pleasant down there, but a little peculiar, too. A sigh of both relief and a little enjoyment, secretly paired with a teeny tiny smile.
“There you are” the tired-looking crewmate eventually said, “a nice cup of cold w--” They suddenly started chuckling and grinning at the sight of how relaxed Oswald was. “Ha! Told you that you'd like it!”
The nervous cyan-suited crewmate immediately blushed hard and burst out in nervous laughter.
“Hey, it's no biggie if you like it, Oz. Shall I let you in on a little secret of mine?” Sam leaned towards his ear to whisper. “I like it, too...!”
“I'm just not too sure about the idea of a diaper yet, let alone a used one...”
“But your first impression looked so positive and relaxed.” Sam took a few careful swallows from their cup of water.
“Yeah... I'll admit it. For how long have you loved diapers, if I may ask?”
“My entire life. I've never really been out of them, honestly, and that's not just due to bedwetting, but also due to my occasional sickness...”
“Do you have a condition that makes you incontinent once you catch stuff like the flu, pneumonia and all that jazz? What's that called again...”
“Oz, you were literally there yesterday when I told Nico that I occasionally have a mental sickness, not a physical one. But yeah, you could say that I briefly become incontinent once that sickness hits me hard...”
“Sorry, I guess I didn't pay too much attention to that back then...” Oswald awkwardly blushed and looked at his fellow crewmate in a slightly cutesy and ashamed fashion. “S... shall we... I, uh... I n-never thought I'd ask but... shall we become best friends? I kinda wanna take care of you when you get sick... and stuff...”
“Of course, I can't see why not!” Sam chuckled a little at themself. “Can't believe I'm actually drinking cold water with my best friend already... I never really had friends before, actually...” They greedily drained the last three quarters of their water and then instantaneously relaxed their bladder. “Ah, that feels delightful...”
Once all of the water was drained, both the crewmates headed for the med-bay to change one another's diapers, but they had to be quiet for Nico and Jules since they were still resting and recovering on two of the beds.
“I paid a little attention to how Lyn recently did it” Oswald said, “and maybe I can change myself soon. Would you like me to change you first?”
“Seems polite enough to me” Sam said as they carefully got out of their suit, laid down on one of the beds and then pulled their pants down.
“My, my, do you have a large bladder or something? It looks very full.”
“I think I do? No wonder I occasionally pee so much...”
The cyan crewmate grabbed a fresh diaper and a few changing utilities, and successfully changed his fellow crewmate's diaper in about 4 minutes.
“There you are.”
“Thanks, Oz. And you're sure you can change yourself well?”
“I think so.”
The white-suited crewmate handed a fresh diaper to their best friend and looked away as he tried his best to change himself.
“Now, how did those tapes go again? Man, changing myself is more difficult than I thought it'd be...”
“Should I help, Oz?”
“Yes please, Sam, thank you.”
Sam turned back to Oswald and helped him adjust the tapes of his diaper.
“That good enough?”
“Surely. Thanks, Sam, you're a real lifesaver.”
The tired-looking crewmate simply chuckled and planted a gentle kiss on their best friend's cheek, making him blush in response.
“Hi, guys” Izuki and Hermie subsequently greeted the two.
“Hey” was the greeting back to them.
“Oswald, why are you blushing?” Hermie asked.
“I, uh...”
“He's embarrassed about the fact that I saw his penis when helping him change his diaper just now” Sam openly said, “as well as the fact that he saw my stub when changing mine, and he never saw stubs before, you know what I'm saying?”
“Ah, very remarkable.” The cool crewmate chuckled and put her hand on Izuki's shoulder. “I felt the same way when I first saw Cal's stub when changing their diaper... yup, they were also born genderless, yet a very good example of someone genderfluid...”
Izuki saw that his crush was still upset about Cal's death and comforted her well.
“Thanks, Izu...”
At the same time, Nico was the first to wake back up.
“That mission went by fast” they said, as they carefully got themself out of their spacesuit. “Everyone, look away or get out. I'm about to change myself.”
“Aight” Sam beamed. “C'mon, Oz, Izu, Herm, let's have some snacks and a nice glass of cold lemonade at the cafeteria, alright?” They escorted their fellow crewmates to the cafeteria, where a few of the others also sat, willing to have some snacks and lemonade soon.

Little Endy

Sayori the shy Enderman :3 (he/they)
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Chapter 4
For today's mission, there were ten crewmates once again, and Hermie and Medley got to stay home for today.
Ryan and Ezekiel were playfully defying one another throughout the entire journey to the Skeld's main ship, and most of the crewmates immediately reacted annoyed to that.
“They just can't seem to stop, huh?” Lyn sighed.
“Nope” Pepper said, “not even when I try to keep them calm.”
Ace was even moderately startled by all of the ruckus that the two bosom buddies caused.
“Aw, you poor guy” Sam softly said as they rubbed their fellow crewmate's back. “It's not easy having them as fellow crewmates, huh? I think the exact same way...”
‘I thought you were in love with Oswald yesterday?’ Ace signed with a surprised look on his face. ‘How come you're suddenly in love with me?’
“Uh, no? We're just best friends, silly, and I'm just trying to make you comfortable in between all of the chaos. Regular friends can also rub the backs of others, right?” Yes, Sam can actually understand sign language, since they also very occasionally use it when being in such a regressed state that they're not able to speak verbally.
‘Yeah, I guess so.’
“You know that someone else among us is actually in love, right?”
‘Really? Whom then?’
‘Of course, how could I forget? With what's-his-name, right? Deku, was it?’
The name 'Izuki' was signed, so Izuki couldn't hear anyone gossip about him.
‘I thought he said his name was Deku.’
“He said it wasn't, silly. His full name is Izuki Hashimoto, not Izuku Midoriya or something.”
‘Sorry, I guess that slipped my mind.’
Before anyone knew it, the Skeld's main ship could be entered via the dropship's ceiling once again, and everyone immediately went to the cafeteria to start the mission in silence.
Everyone's tablets almost immediately notified them of their statuses, and most of everyone went to do their task of swiping their cards in the admin straight away.
“I guess it's an oft-occurring task that everyone likes to do first, huh?” Lyn chuckled somewhat.
“That's right” Nico replied. “Those who do a mission at the Skeld's main ship often get this task, and always do this as their first task, too.”
“Seems legit and convenient.”
Soon, all of the cards were successfully swiped, regardless of how long everyone took with the task.
However, when everyone was somewhat scattered over the ship, a sudden oxygen depletion alarm went off.
Sam immediately took Oswald in some sort of headlock to turn his oxygen tank on before turning their own on and hurrying back to the admin room to insert the code on the corresponding computer.
“What did you do just now, Sam?!” Oswald exclaimed.
“Making sure you're safe” Sam replied. “Dude, you were literally panicking like fish in a bucket just now, to the point where you forgot to turn your oxygen tank on! You could've choked to death!”
“I... I could've...” The nervous crewmate stopped and tried to catch his breath, but no matter how hard he tried, he just kept on wheezing due to suddenly having an asthma attack.
In response, the tired-looking crewmate immediately got his inhaler out of one of the storage compartments of his spacesuit, swiftly took his helmet off and gave him two inhalations.
In the meantime, the sabotage was over due to Ryan having inserted the code in the oxygen computer in the O2 room before emptying the chute there... which went terribly wrong at the hands of Izuki, who then swiftly jumped into a nearby vent with his heart beating like an infinite drumroll.
I still owe a big thanks to Hermie, he thought once he crawled his way towards the next grid in the navigation room.
Ezekiel soon found Ryan's unconscious body and reported it, calling up the very first meeting.
“Where?” Jules asked.
“O2” Ezekiel sobbed. “Why did it have to happen like this?!”
“Settle down, Ezekiel” Pepper said, “it's not like he's dead or anything.”
“Yeah” Lyn said, “it's not like we're still allowed to use knives, guns and such. Only better.” She leaned her head on her right hand while speaking the last sentence, while in reality, she silently relieved her bladder.
“Anyone nearby?” Izuki asked with the straightest face that one could ever imagine.
“I think he just self-reported” Ace said via his tablet.
“How?!” Ezekiel retorted.
“Well, you're being all panicky over Ryan's loss, so...”
“Legit reason for him to be sus” Jules said. “Everyone who is willing to vote Ezekiel, say 'eye'.”
“Eye” was nearly everyone's response.
Ezekiel was sent outside of the ship to do new tasks there, but he wasn't the real impostor. The mission continued as it was, but it did immediately resume with another sabotage, namely one of the communications.
“Now what?!” Oswald sighed dramatically.
“Still no need to panic” Sam said. “Come.” They disinfected their hands before dragging their best friend along to the communications room, where several crewmates were fighting over who got to fix the device. “C'mon, stop fighting! It makes me very stressed!”
“And now you lot quit!” Pepper then shouted once she also arrived, silencing everyone in shock. “Sam, you should try to fix it. Does everyone else still remember a few of their tasks?”
Some of the crewmates went off to the tasks they still remembered, while Sam stood at the communications device and tried their best to tune it finely. It took a while, but eventually, that was over, too.
“That oughta do it” they said. “Oz, your next task also happens to start in the storage, right?”
“Yes” Oswald replied. “Are you willing to help me with the refuelling of the engines?”
“Of course, that's what best friends are for, right?”
“I guess so...”
“That's the spirit” Pepper said in a tone of approval as she went off to the navigation, where she had quite some tasks to do.
Ezekiel saw her come, and defied her via the window by making weird faces and gestures. However, the defying fell on blind eyes the entire time, as Pepper herself didn't even seem to notice, and not even when she continued towards the O2 room to clean the oxygen filter.
“Aw, man...” Ezekiel muttered to himself. “She's most likely slowly becoming Nico 2.0 or something... serious as she suddenly is...”

Quite some minutes later, Izuki was exposed as the impostor, and sent outside to do his new tasks in innocent Ezekiel's stead, concluding today's mission.
“Hi” the yellow-suited crewmate said once he closed the ceiling hatch, “I'm back. Hey, Pepper, didn't you see me back in the navigation just now?”
“Wait” Pepper said, “how were you there? There's no way to suddenly warp inside that ship, is there? That'd be considered cheating.”
“No, via the window, silly.”
“I honestly didn't see you, no lie.”
“You didn't?”
“Wow.” The usually energetic crewmate sighed a little and went looking for Ryan. “Is Ryan at the med-bay?”
“Yes, but be quiet. You know he always has headaches upon waking up, right?”
“Yes, Pepper, please don't remind me...” Ezekiel went off to the med-bay to quietly check on his best friend.
At the cafeteria, Sam was trying to comfort Oswald, who was still a bit strained.
“One of us should really have a day off anytime soon...” Oswald sighed.
“That 'one of us' should most likely be you, Oz” Sam stated. “You had an asthma attack just now, and you made me so concerned that way.” They took him in a gentle grasp in their arms. “Now, breathe slowly. Try to hang a little limp in my arms, okay? Like a dolly.”
The nervous crewmate tried as his best friend asked, and soon looked like some sort of cyan crash test dummy in their arms.
“There we go, is that comfortable enough?”
“I think so?”
“Then onward to the next step.” The tired-looking crewmate brought their right hand towards Oswald's abdomen, and gently smoothed it with their fingertips, in the slight fashion of tickling. “You know you need to do it.”
“Tee-hee, that feels funny...!”
“It surely does, even I know that. Now, try to hang limp again... close your eyes, and smile a little...”
And before anyone knew it, Oswald fully relieved his bladder thanks to Sam's 'magic'.
“Is that better, Oz?”
“Yeah... it feels pleasant, to be honest...”
“That's the way.” Sam pulled Oswald towards them and cuddled a little with him while he was still in some sort of trance. At the same time, they also easily soaked their diaper, sighing in delight once they were all done.
“Hey” Lyn greeted the two, “what are you doing, if I may ask?”
“You know, just chilling.”
“Oswald looks a little sleepy.”
“I know, he's just tuckered out, but that seems legit after having quite the asthma attack during one of the sabotages...” The white-suited crewmate planted a gentle kiss on Oswald's temple. “Missions always tucker us out, right Ozzy?”
“That was my nickname when I was still little...” Oswald mumbled.
“Aw, that's so sweet. Do you mind me calling you that?”
Lyn chuckled a little at Oswald's current facial expression.
“Man, he looks stoned! Are you sure you didn't let him touch the CBD oil?”
“Of course not. I told him to relax, and now he's relaxed. I apparently possess magic powers in my fingertips. Besides, I don't even know where the CBD oil is in case someone would need it.”
“In the med-bay, in one of the smaller cupboards that's higher up, above the one with barf pails, washbasins and whatnot.”
“Not that I'd ever use any other cupboards than the one with diapers and changing utilities or anything...”
“You really like diapers, huh?”
“Uh, no? Why do you assume that?”
“I literally saw you smile when I first put one on you when we tested ourselves in spacesuits. It almost seemed like you were orgasmic?”
“Aight, I'll admit it, but please do not trumpet this around, alright?”
“Are baguettes a type of vegetable?”
“Exactly. I won't tell anyone, I promise.” Lyn sat down and grabbed her tablet, this time to browse a little on the internet.
“Would you like something to drink?”
“A cup of orange juice with ice cubes could be nice.”
“I hope I can get you one now... Oz, would you mind relaxing a little on the surface of the table while I fetch Lyn a drink?”
“Not without my helmet...” Oswald lazily murmured.
Sam put their best friend's helmet back on and laid them into a comfortable position before heading to the kitchenette to get Lyn's requested orange juice with ice cubes.
“Hey, y'all” Jules said once they entered the cafeteria. “How are you-- why is Oswald laying over there like that?” They then saw Sam at the kitchenette. “Sam, are you sure that you're not secretly planning to add vodka to that drink? Oswald already looks drunk, you know?!”
“Hey!” Sam retorted, “that drink is for Lyn, and Oz isn't drunk, he's just tired!” They brought the glass to their fellow crewmate and then turned to a sweet tone of speaking. “There you go, Lyn.”
“Thanks” Lyn said with a kind smile before turning to Jules. “Hey, Jules, drinking alcohol during missions anywhere is prohibited, and you know that for many years now. Plus, look at us! Are we 21? Nope! I'm 20, Oswald is 19, and Sam is 18.”
“Sorry, I just got shocked at the association of how Oswald is apparently tired and why there are ice cubes in your drink.” The musical crewmate laughed sheepishly. “Aren't ice cubes in OJ a little... you know, weird?”
“Uh, no? It's a good drink on a summer day.”
“Hmm, I never really looked at it that way. The only way in which I know the drink is as some sort of cocktail... once again, sorry, I tend to overreact a little too quickly for most of the time.” Jules headed for the kitchenette. “In that case, mind if I have one, too?”
“Do whatever the heck you wish.”
“Alright then.”
Sam then headed back to Oswald, draped him over their shoulder and went towards the med-bay, where Ryan and Ezekiel were back awake and being their usual selves with one another again, and Ace was also there, calmly sipping from a disposable cup of water.
“Hey, guys” Sam greeted the two in a boring tone.
“Hi, Sam” Ryan said. “So it was Izuki, huh?”
“Yes. Wait, how do you know?”
“Don't you know just yet? Once a crewmate gets owned by the impostor's knock-out-o-matic, they turn into a ghost until they regain their consciousness. That way, I was able to finish a few tasks, too.”
“Same” Ezekiel said. “But even as a ghost, starting the reactor is still a disaster.”
“How are you feeling, Zeke? Me, I think I can shamble around the ship again.”
“Yeah, same. I could use something to eat in the cafeteria, after all.”
“Please do” Sam jokingly said, “I think being a ghost has made you two quite hungry, huh?”
“Now that you mention it, it indeed did!” Ezekiel got off of his bed. “C'mon, Ry, you heard them. Ghosts cannot eat, but living humans can.”
The two best friends then headed for the cafeteria to have some lunch.
‘Wow’ Ace signed, ‘they actually fell for that? You're a genius. Did you just send them away because you think they're too energetic?’
“Nah, man.” The tired-looking crewmate laid Oswald down on the nearest bed and undid him from his spacesuit. “I really shooed them away because I do not permit them to just stare at Ozzy's penis while I change him!”
‘Oh, so you're going to change Oswald's diaper? Alright, I'll guard the door, in that case.’ The mute crewmate carefully got off of his bed, guarded the gate of the door and put a thumb up.
“Thanks for showing them to the most crowded spot of the ship” Oswald mumbled. “You really do care, especially now that I feel as helpless as... you know... a baby?”
Sam just chuckled while walking up to the changing supply cupboard to grab themself a diaper for their fellow crewmate, as well as some wipes and cream.
During the change, Ace did a good job of guarding the door of the med-bay, even if nobody really happened to pass by in the meantime.

Little Endy

Sayori the shy Enderman :3 (he/they)
Gewaardeerd lid
Chapter 5
“What's the matter, Sam?” Oswald asked. “You look so sad.”
“Not much” Sam replied since there were many other people in the same room.
“C'mon, you can tell me, and if you're not comfortable doing so in the presence of everyone else, you can just whisper to me, too.”
“But Pepper disapproves of whispering...!”
“Oops, sorry, forgot.”
“Yeah... I'm feeling a bit down because one certain detail about me is missing... one detail that really makes me happy when on missions. I should most likely change that.”
“Change, you say? Oh! You... you're sad because you're currently not wearing... a thingamabob?”
“Why would you want to wear them all day, if I may ask?”
“I love them. I especially love wearing them. I've never really been out of them due to bedwetting and occasional sickness, remember? Ever since getting to know that we're mandatory to wear them on missions, it tingled one of my senses so hard! And now, every time we're on missions, I feel a ton happier with one of those thingamabobs underneath my suit!”
“Does it mean anything sexual for you? Or are they just comfortable?”
“A little of both... even if I cannot reproduce due to being biologically genderless, it still makes me orgasmic somewhere, and the comfortableness of them also makes me feel positive and at ease.”
“I see.”
“Alright” Nico said as they clapped their hands loudly. “According to today's schedule, those who will go on a mission are me, Sam, Oswald, Izuki, Lyn, Medley, Hermie, and Ace.”
“Neato!” Ryan exclaimed. “Zeke, we should play hours and hours of Dungeons and Dragons soon!” He high-fived his best friend.
“Just as long as you won't bother the rest of us with it” Pepper said. “I'll be patrolling over the block.”
“And I'll be doing some online assignments” Jules said, “because that's also still important.”
“Not a bad idea to get to work first” Ezekiel said. “Ry, we should probably start for ourselves before bothering one another, alright?”
“Fine” Ryan reluctantly admitted, “I really should stop forgetting such things...”
“Oh, not everyone is as serious as Nico.”
“I know, right? Everyone should have some fun once in a while, and not just stand there like some robot.”
“Save the gossiping for behind our backs” Medley shouted before she and the seven other missionary crewmates disappeared into the locker room.
Sam got excited once they got their spacesuit, accessory and comfortable clothing out of the locker.
“Excited much?” Izuki asked.
“Surely!” the soon-to-be-white-suited crewmate giggled.
With a sleight of hand, everyone's regular clothing and undergarments disappeared in their lockers, and were soon switched for diapers, comfortable clothing, spacesuits and occasional accessories.
“There” Oswald said once he got back up and hoisted himself into his clothes. “Thanks, Lyn.” He turned to Sam soon after.
“Anytime, Oz” Lyn said with a smile before she also threw herself into her clothes and spacesuit.
“So shall we begin?”
Sam nodded and hummed in agreement, and let Oswald put the diaper onto them, even if they couldn't really hold still due to major excitement.
“You're really feeling it, huh? Now, contain yourself...” The nervous crewmate slowly but surely finished up the change. “There we are.”
“Thanks, Oz. Next time, I will try to hold as still as ever, alright? Just now, I couldn't really help it, because once I felt the comfiness of the you-know-what, that one part of my brains immediately went like 'Tingle, Tingle, Kooloo-Limpah!' out of that sudden burst of excitement!” Sam bolted back up and swiftly hoisted themself into their clothing and spacesuit. “Whoo!” They then leaned towards their best friend and talked in more of a seductive tone. “Next time, strap me down if you'd like...!”
Oswald just sheepishly chuckled in response, not knowing how else to react.
Once everyone was all set, they got into the dropship, which soon took off to head for the Skeld's main ship.
“I missed you, Izuki” Hermie said to her crush while leaning her elbow onto his shoulder. “Nico shouldn't have left me home without you yesterday.”
“I missed you too last mission, Hermie” Izuki said. “I was the impostor, and if you were there, I wouldn't have harmed you because that's just sad.”
“You were? Oh my. But thanks for planning on sparing me, in that case.”
“If there's something like two impostors, we should both become them.”
“Oh, there surely is, dearie. Ryan and Ezekiel just love to be the impostors together, but what if it regarded me and you instead? Wouldn't that be lovely? C'mon, say it after me.”
“It would be lovely to be the impostor with you indeed.”
“Oh, c'mon, don't be so shy about that. You know you like it.”
“I do, but do you?”
“With you, I like everything.” Hermie briefly took her helmet off to kiss the temple spot of Izuki's helmet, leaving a print of purple lipstick there. “Hey, maybe we could do stuff in secret once the mission is done...? You know...”
“Unless one of us is 'dead', of course. But as ghosts, we can do it a little differently.”
The cool crewmate burst out in laughter.
“Why have I never even thought of that? Ghostly smoochies? Izu, you're an amazing someone to have as a fellow crewmate and a crush!”
“So are you, Herm. You do act cutesy for your looks in my presence.”
“Oh, do I?”
“You definitely do” Medley chuckled. “Save the PDA for the electrical room or something...!” She playfully poked her best friend in the side for a few times.
“Eek! Stop it, Med! You know that's my weak spot!”
“Aaaand there we have Ry and Zeke 2.0...” Lyn said with an eye roll, “even if the original 'Ry and Zeke' are worse than that.”
‘Agreed’ Ace simply signed.
Due to the ongoing ruckus between almost everyone, Sam and Oswald started feeling a little restless.
“Damn” Sam mumbled, “never knew that excitement could turn into nervousness in such a short span of time...”
“I indeed did notice you were a bit jumpy in the locker room just now” Nico said, “how come?”
“That's something between me and a very selective amount of other crewmates among us, including Oz.”
“I respect that, even if I'm still curious about that somewhere.”
“No matter how hard you try that, I still refuse to spill the beans, Nico.”
“Sorry, I indeed shouldn't. Thanks for telling me, I often tend to exceed other people's limits a little too quickly, and I really want to put a stop to that.”
“Very well.”
At the same time, the dropship attached itself to the Skeld's main ship.
“Now, I wonder how many tasks we'll get...?” Oswald grabbed Sam's hand and they both got up before watching the hatch open up.

“Oh no!” Oswald exclaimed in high distress, as he grabbed his megaphone to report Medley's unconscious body.
Soon after, Medley was put to rest in the med-bay, and the remaining crewmates sat in the cafeteria for another unexpected emergency meeting.
“Where?” Sam asked.
“It's Ace” Lyn said. “He was being a little too suspicious at the upper engine the other minute due to Hermie being 'dead' there beforehand.”
“And you're sure about that?”
“Alright” Ace said via his tablet, “I'll admit it. I'll open up the roof hatch at the storage and go outside myself.”
“At least you're being honest” Izuki said, “and I like that about you.”
The mute crewmate smiled before taking off towards the storage to eject himself out of the ship and do new tasks there.
“Well, that was one long mission. Kinda glad it's over now.”
“That's a whole ton of fellows in the med-bay now” Oswald sighed, as he leaned a bit forward to relieve his bladder at the same time. “Ace is one smart masked cookie, if I may be honest.”
“At least we discovered him quite easily.”
“Is he always easy to unmask?”
“I don't know. After all, the four of us only just started, didn't we?”
Sam, who had been sitting on the bench with their lower legs the entire time, suddenly seemed to strain a little, and what nobody really knew was that at the back of their suit, a vague, bulbous thing started to form slowly. It continued to increase in size, and eventually, Sam wanted to sit back into a normal position, but accidentally stumbled into the full load that they just made into their diaper.
“I, uh...”
“What were you doing just now?” Lyn asked skeptically. “Just what the actual heck? Don't tell me you were just consciously defecating just now...”
The tired-looking crewmate blushed hard, and tears of embarrassment slowly formed in their eyes.
“Calm yourself, Lyn” Izuki stoically said. “Everyone does it on missions since there really are no toilets around here. I mean, what else do people use diapers for? Even I did the same thing when doing tasks outside yesterday, and nobody was there to judge me about it, not even you.”
“Wait, you did? Yuck!”
“Trust me, at some point, you'll have to do it, too.”
Lyn felt nauseous and even briefly retched at the mere thought of having to change another loaded diaper for the first time in many years.
Sam just sat there and mindlessly giggled at the reaction while still being slightly orgasmic about their diaper's contents.
“Whoa” Oswald said, “they feel just like how I felt yesterday...” He got up, and with the strength he had, he managed to take his best friend into his arms. “Yeech, never thought I actually have to change a diaper like this...” He said that in response to the mass he suddenly felt in his left hand.
“Ozzy hafta change me” Sam absently babbled in a happy tone.
“Yes, I do have to change you, but how?”
“Put a peg onto your nose, Ozzy.”
“Yeah, but where can I find them?”
“Just peek into them cubbies...” Slowly but surely, the white-suited crewmate noticed that they were suddenly regressing a little.
Once arrived in the med-bay, Oswald put Sam onto the only unoccupied bed there, and first went to look for anything in the way of pegs in the cupboards.
“Are those pegs in a specific cupboard, Sam?” he asked.
“I dunno...”
“Ah, never mind, seems like I already found something.” The nervous crewmate slid a foam-like peg onto his nose, hoisted his bare hands into disposable gloves, and then gathered a diaper and other changing utilities for his best friend. “Alright then, here goes absolutely nothing...”
Around the two of them, Hermie, Nico and Medley were still soundly sleeping, but their ghosts were watching Oswald in some sort of curiosity.
“I still cannot comprehend why Lyn overreacted to the fact that Sam actually needed to use the bathroom real badly” Hermie commented. “I know it's gross, but it's part of going on missions and not having any toilets around here, isn't it?”
“Only glad that our noses are now temporarily blocked” Medley chuckled.
“Medley, you know that you should look away if you cannot stand fecal matter. I've experienced enough of you having to throw up at its mere sight.”
“Exactly why I only change wet diapers, rather than messy ones.”
Oswald had removed the soiled diaper from underneath Sam's posterior and was now busy wiping the rest of the dark matter up with wet wipes.
“Dat feels gweat, Ozzy...” Sam gurgled in their slowly increasing trance.
“It indeed does feel great to be clean after having felt great to be all stained, huh?” Oswald laughed loudly at the whole irony of what his best friend said. “You also hold surprisingly still this time!”
“Yeah, I do...”
Once everything was all clean, cream was applied, and a fresh diaper was taped in the whole stead. The used one was balled up well and disposed into the storage's chute soon after.
While Sam had laid still on the bed the entire time and not bothered to hoist themself back into their clothes and spacesuit yet, Medley, Nico and Hermie regained their consciousness when Oswald re-entered the med-bay.
“You did a great job changing Sam just now, Oswald” Nico said with some sort of smile. “I'm proud of you.”
“They helped me through it so well” the nervous crewmate chuckled, as he headed back to his best friend and caressed their stomach in a loving fashion.
“Izzit time to depart just yet?” Sam asked. “I still hafta put my suit back on...”
“May I ask if you're alright, Sam?” Hermie asked. “You seem so... absent-minded, like in some sort of trance. Basking in some sort of loving, warm aura, almost...!”
“Yeah, I fine, thanks for asking, Hermie.” The tired-looking crewmate hoisted their pants back up and wriggled themself back into their spacesuit. “I feel great...”
“See? But I wonder why, though.”
“That's just between me and Ozzy.”
“Are you guys in love or something?”
“Is your mother a frog?”
“Uh, no?”
“Sorry for bothering you.” Hermie briefly stopped to take a deep breath and relieve her bladder. “Whew, that felt great.”
“C'mon, Sam” Oswald said, “we should get something to eat, I'm hungry as ever.” He grabbed Sam's hand and the two went off to the cafeteria, while Izuki arrived at the med-bay at the same time.
“Hi” he said. “Are you all awake already? That was quite quick.”
“Yeah” Medley said, “dunno why, but we're awake again. Me, I'm hungry as ever as well. Anyone else?”
“Me too, actually” Nico said.
Once it was just Hermie and Izuki in the med-bay, they made themselves comfortable on the bed where the former just rested.
“I'm glad to see you're well, Hermie” the nerdy crewmate said.
“I'm glad to see you overall” the cool crewmate chuckled.
“I still wish we could make out as ghosts. Too bad Ace didn't get the opportunity to wallop me.”
“Oh, there are always more missions waiting for us where that could possibly happen, even if someone else than Ace happens to be the crewmate by then.”
“Now we can experience how making out with our physical tongues is.”
“Stop, you're making me way too curious at this point.”
The two crewmates recruited one another as their crushes by locking their lips and making out intensely now that nobody else was nearby or around to look at them.

Little Endy

Sayori the shy Enderman :3 (he/they)
Gewaardeerd lid
Chapter 6
Ten crewmates were already in the midst of a mission. No emergency meetings had taken place so far, but a very stealthy impostor was on the loose at the same time. Nobody really seemed to notice that more and more crewmates were slowly but surely disappearing at the hands of the knock-out-o-matic that was in Medley's hands right now.
The mission took place at the Mira HQ this time, and everyone still had to get used to the different locations of their tasks. Most of the crewmates had the med-bay scan as their first task, and none of them had the most-often-occurring-at-first task of starting the diagnostics of the Skeld's main ship, which was already a familiar one to those who had been crewmates for longer than Sam, Oswald, Izuki and Lyn.
For an impostor, Medley seemed even stealthier than Ace was the other day. In fact...
“Boo!” she exclaimed when jumping out of the vent at the laboratory.
Ace gasped loudly once he heard it, and accidentally dropped one of the crystal particles that he was trying to assemble. Fortunately for him, it didn't break.
Guess I'll have to get the heck out of here and do one of the other tasks soon, he thought as he sped towards the decontamination chamber, where he bumped into Pepper, who also happened to be there.
“Don't just run for no reason, Ace!” she exclaimed angrily.
The mute crewmate was visibly startled by that exclamation as well and started crying silently, while barely noticing that he also urinated quite a lot out of the second shock.
“Oh dear, I didn't mean to make you upset! I'm so sorry...” Pepper put a hand onto the crying crewmate's shoulder and rubbed it gently. “Did I just startle you?”
Ace shook his head and signed 'Medley' with his right hand.
“Did Medley startle you?”
‘She vented.’
“She what?!”
At the same time, Medley jumped out of the nearby vent while laughing evilly, knocking Pepper out and reporting her by herself.
The next emergency meeting soon took place.
“It was Ace” the girly girl said in a serious tone.
“How could it possibly be Ace?” Oswald said. “You made him cry by saying that, see?”
“Yeah” Sam stated. “I think you just self-reported to make him sad.”
“She startled me” Ace said via his tablet. “She vented and indeed self-reported upon knocking Pepper out.” Verbally, his weeping turned from silent sniffling into slightly louder whimpering.
“Oh, sweetheart, don't cry...” The tired-looking crewmate put their right arm around his shoulder and rubbed his chest with their left hand. “That was very mean of Medley to do, huh?”
“Oh, no” Medley said. “We should skip on this one and then see how it'll go.”
“Again?!” Sam and Oswald exclaimed in unison. “C'mon, this is not fair!”
“Well, it is.”
Reluctantly, everyone skipped their vote on their tablet, and the mission continued as it was.
‘Man’ Ace signed, ‘she's tough, and most likely spoiled, too, wanting to win.’
“Guess only we are left” Oswald said. “Just me and the two of you... and that darned Medley. Where were you and Pepper at when she got knocked out?”
The three remaining crewmates went there to bring Pepper to the med-bay, where all of the beds were almost occupied right now.
“Next time Pepper decides to scare us” Sam said, “we should definitely run to the meeting spot, or report in case someone gets knocked down.”
Oswald and Ace briefly nodded in agreement.
Now, aside of Pepper, those who were also unconscious were Izuki, Ryan, Ezekiel, Nico and Jules.
‘Will you guys watch me when I finish my last few tasks?’ Ace signed.
Oswald and Sam nodded and followed the dark-blue-suited crewmate towards the laboratory, where he still had to finish his task of assembling the crystal. The task was done quickly, and the very last task was watering the plants in the greenhouse, but not before getting the watering can from the remarkably smaller storage room than at the Skeld's main ship.
The ghosts of the unconscious crewmates watched the remaining crewmates nervously and also kept a close eye on Medley and her ongoing shenanigans.
Just as the watering can had been retrieved, the girly girl secretly sabotaged the lights, while hiding in the vent of the office.
“I'm scared...” Oswald whispered with a shiver in his voice. “What if Medley secretly strikes behind our backs?”
“I dunno...” Sam whispered back while holding on to their best friend's right hand with their left, and trying to fix the lights with their right.
Ace, who was still whimpering softly, helped to fix the sabotage, and with no fights of whatsoever, it worked.
“Dammit” Medley muttered underneath her breath, “now what?!”
The three remaining crewmates headed for the greenhouse, where Ace carefully watered the plants under the watchful eye of Oswald and Sam, who stood at the entrance with their backs turned to the office, where the impostor slowly but surely crept out of the vent to creep up on them.
Just as the last plant was about to get watered, the girly girl took action.
“Boo!” she exclaimed towards the two best friends in cyan and white, who screamed, swiftly turned and toppled onto the ground in the process.
They, too, were so scared that their bladders 'screamed' along with them by relieving themselves, and in Sam's case, their diaper even leaked a little.
Ace, who was just as shocked once again, swiftly watered the last plant in hopes of winning his and his companions' side of the mission, which, surprisingly, worked out just in time, as Medley was about to strike onto the paranoid Oswald.
“Aw, man!” she grumbled. “Bested by the mute guy!”
“Told you that consistently skipping wasn't really useful for anything!” the nervous crewmate shouted in anger. “Serves you right!”
“Indeed it does” Sam wailed, very upset about the leak they were still experiencing.
“Sammy, are you alright?”
“No... my nappy is leaking... oh, Ozzy, I was so scared just now!”
‘How dare you make me and Sam cry?’ Ace signed towards Medley. ‘Before going to the ground floor to do your impostor tasks there, why not first change a few diapers? You heard Sam, they're leaking.’ He had stopped crying in the meantime, but was still upset at her.
Silence was there for quite some seconds, minus Sam's wailing.
“Fine” Medley grumbled, “but for Pete's sake, please stop crying, Sam! You hurt my ears that way!”
“This does not help” Oswald said stoically. “This is not the correct kind of psychology you're applying, Medley. You can't just tell people to stop crying, they're not robots of which your wish is their command.”
“Well, my parents told me the same when I was a kid, and for me, it actually helped. I didn't happen to study human psychology, but to each their own, I guess.”
“Your parents seem very mediocre.”
“Well, to be honest, they indeed were... they even hate the way I dress. Being an impostor has always made me more irritable and able to take out that rage on innocent crewmates. Strange, ain't it?”
The nervous crewmate took his crying best friend into his arms, accidentally squishing their diaper into an even bigger leak.
“Ew...” Sam sobbed. “Please, Ozzy, take my pants off and toss them in the laundry bag...”
“Sorry, Sammy... it was an accident, I promise.”
The three crewmates and the impostor headed towards the med-bay, and the tired-looking crewmate was laid down onto the only free bed, where their spacesuit was taken off, as well as their pants that were soaked almost thoroughly, which was then tossed into the usually barely-used laundry bag.
“Sorry for scaring you lot just now” Medley said. “Guess I do deserve to wander around in my own filthy diaper for a lot longer now.”
A few gasps sounded from the crewmates.
“Did you just...?!” Oswald said in surprise.
“Yeah, I did... I couldn't help it, even if you lot cannot smell it because of the suit. Plus, we should really start considering it as a normal thing, because which organism doesn't defecate in their life? Now, could you please move aside? I've got a leaking diaper to change, and then two more soaked ones before I can finally change my own and head to the ground floor afterwards.”

That evening, Sam was tired, but they simply couldn't get to sleep, no matter how hard they tried. They took an essential oil bath, they had gotten a good massage from Nico afterwards, they wore a comfortable sleepsuit and a thick night-time diaper, their room was dimly lit by their favourite soft white snowman nightlight, and they even listened to their music box that had switchable cylinders with different melodies, which they hadn't done in quite some time.
The tiredness had slowly made them simpler in their mind, and that's where the next thing suddenly came.
The fatigued crewmate got their large opaque storage box from underneath their bed and got a nursing bottle, their pacifier and some wooden toys from it, to see if any of these could possibly help. It was a good thing that the door was locked, and that all of the other crewmates were also in their dorm rooms to go to bed, because after all, it was 10 p.m. already.
Alright, Sam thought to themself, here we go... They popped their pacifier into their mouth, grabbed their favourite large comfort blanket from their adult-sized crib and quietly set up their wooden train tracks.
“Hewwo, Bwock Thity... it'd been a while...” they mumbled with a sleepy smile as the blocks were subsequently being placed around the tracks.
No crewmate ever had known this side of Sam. They did all know about how they were a diaper lover, but not about how they occasionally involuntarily regressed for most of their life. At their parental home, their two adoptive mothers and sibling knew about it, and accepted it to the fullest. Their mothers even supported Sam in it, by just letting them shamble around the house in diapers, changing them regardless of what it had been used for, and even buying some new 'baby' things for them every now and then.
Once Sam was approved for the crewmate job at the Skeld complex, however, their mothers suddenly started being more careful with that side of them, since they also wanted them to 'grow up' a little, even if that had always been easier said than done, specifically because their mothers didn't even know that crewmates were mandatory to wear diaper on their missions.
Right now, it had only been a few days, and Sam already loved their new job a lot. They earned quite an amazing sum of money with it, which they could soon easily spend on more 'baby' things for themself, since their mothers were now a little too careful in that for their feeling.
“The twain now be depahting fwom the thentwal thtation” the regressed crewmate lisped from behind their pacifier, “an' thoon be awwiving at the thpace compwekth.” They carefully grabbed the wooden train and moved it around the fairly large track that they built in one of the corners of their dorm room, where a colourful foam puzzle mat was neatly placed. “Oh no, an athtewoid hath been cwathed on the twackth!” A medium-sized wooden block acted as the asteroid. “Now whom will wemove it? That be wight...” They then pretended that their right hand was a person who kicked the block away with their right leg/middle finger. “The hand hath thaved the day onche again!” A giggle, and the pretend play continued for a while until Sam suddenly got thirsty, despite the fact that they already brushed their teeth.
They clumsily got up, grabbed their nursing bottle, draped their comfort blanket over their shoulder, David statue (the one by Michelangelo) style, headed for the door, unlocked it and opened it, when they suddenly saw a silhouette with a flashlight in the dim hallway...
“Good evening, Sam” it said in a familiar feminine voice. “Still awake?”
“Waah!” Sam exclaimed, accidentally dropping their pacifier from their mouth in the process. “H-Hermie! What are you still up to?” They swiftly picked the comfort object back up from the floor and hastily put it into their sleepsuit's pouch. Thank goodness the flashlight didn't expose it just now...
“Sorry, did I startle you? I really didn't mean to...” Hermie was dressed in a black, velvet, sleeveless, ankle-length nightgown with a fake diamond lining on its chest, and had her black and reddish-orange hair put up in quite a few curlers. The black tattoos on her arms were still obviously visible in the dark.
“I cannot go sleepy-bye just yet...”
“Neither can I, because I just kept on hearing that darned Ryan and Ezekiel shout and laugh so loudly while they were watching that lame and retarded Super Mario Logan show! They should really watch something else, like Battle For Dream Island or Baman Piderman, to name a few better shows.”
“Ew, I hate SML, a pox on that.”
“A pox on that crap indeed. I just told them to stop watching, and it was a good thing that I said that, because they were just done with the episode... only for Ryan to say that they would be resuming their lame marathon tomorrow evening, unless they're both not going on a mission or whatever...”
“We'll see about that...”
“Yeah. Goodnight, Sam.”
“G-goodnight, Hermie.”
The fatigued crewmate waited for the cool crewmate to go back into her room so they could finally get themself something to drink, since they had grown thirstier in the meantime.
Once the coast was clear, they sneaked towards the pitch-dark kitchen, where they poured themself some instant 'sleep formula' from their own little fridge that nobody else was allowed to open into their bottle, and briefly heated it up in the microwave. However, little did they know that someone else happened to be nearby, who was also insomniac and thirsty, and appeared as a silhouette at the master fridge that was now suddenly open.
“Dagnabbit!” Sam grumbled underneath their breath, as they quickly screwed the nipple back onto their bottle and sneaked back towards the door of their room as fast as possible.
“Wait, who is there?” the person at the fridge whisper-shouted.
“Ozzy?!” The tired-looking crewmate wanted to say more, but they simply broke out in tears due to not really knowing what to say. The weeping sounded like soft whimpers, as if an insult had been thrown at them just now.
“Sammy, I...” Oswald slammed the fridge door shut, sped towards Sam and then silently escorted them back into their room. “Shh... it's okay to feel sick...” Apparently, he now knew the true definition of Sam's equivalent of being sick.
Sam then felt their nursing bottle being popped into their mouth to prevent their wails from becoming even louder. And then, being picked up into a bridal carry, towards and into their bed that still had the rails put down.
“There you go... it's still nice and warm... enjoy it while you can...”
The formula was slowly being drained from the bottle, and in what seemed an instant, Sam immediately felt a lot calmer. Once all of the formula had been drained, the bottle was replaced with the pacifier that Oswald quickly found in the pouch of the sleepsuit of the regressed crewmate.
“So this is what you mean by being ill, huh?” the nervous crewmate calmly said. “I've heard of it before... we should most likely go over this tomorrow since it's already very late...”
Sam mindlessly hummed in agreement while letting their best friend tuck them into their comfortable weighted blankets.
“Shall I leave?”
“No, Zeezee, stay...”
“Alrighty then.” Oswald put the rails of the crib back up and also huddled himself underneath the covers. “Hmm, this feels great, why didn't I think of buying weighted blankets sooner...?” He gently kissed Sam's temple and draped his arm over their body.
“Night-night, Zeezee...”
“Sleep well, Sammy baby.”

Little Endy

Sayori the shy Enderman :3 (he/they)
Gewaardeerd lid
Chapter 7
“Oswald?!” Lyn shouted as she kept on banging on the door of his empty bedroom. “Oswald Wells Wallace?! Hurry the fuck up!”
“Can you not yell?!” Medley retorted from the open door of her own room. “What's all of the ruckus for anyway?!” Her hair was all messed-up as she didn't get to fix it just yet.
“I don't know if he is going with us on the very next mission...”
“Oswald, of course! Because I definitely am!”
“Oh, drat! Better check my tablet!” The girly girl sped back into her room, and about a minute later, she was all set, dressed and prepared. “But please don't just yell at Oswald like that, alright?! You know that he cannot stand that!”
“He doesn't even repl--” Suddenly, the door of the bedroom moved on its own, and revealed an empty bed. “What the...?!”
“What's the matter?”
“He's not in his room, neither have I seen him anywhere else in the building.”
“We should inform Nico.”
The two girls went looking for their leader...

Meanwhile, in Sam's bedroom, Oswald groggily woke up by all of the ruckus that was going on in the hallway.
Oswald, hearing his name for several times, of which his full name once, athletically jumped out of Sam's crib, quietly landing onto his toes, grabbed a nursing bottle, sneaked towards the door and left the room without a sound.
Sam was still sleeping soundly until 15 minutes later, where they also slowly woke up, but were in a shock once they noticed that Oswald was gone.
Intrusive and negative thoughts suddenly started rushing through their head... He's a permanent impostor outside of a mission! He doesn't actually trust you! He tricked you the other hour! And all else in that way.
The galore of negativity made the regressed crewmate hyperventilate and shiver hard, caused quite the chill up their spine and even suddenly released unnecessary matter from their organs, filling up their diaper quite a lot.
At the same time, the door opened up again, and in the still ongoing shock, Sam turned their eyes towards the source of the sound, where Oswald stood, who first retched quite hard upon noticing a very pungent odour.
“S-sorry, did I shock you?” the nervous crewmate huffed, as he gently closed the door and headed towards his friend the same way, with the refilled nursing bottle in his left hand. “I didn't mean it like that...”
No answer, just except for some very heavy breathing.
“Sammy, a-are you alright?!”
Still no reply... Oswald put the rails of the crib down, sat down next to Sam and gently pulled them into his grasp, retching at the odour of their overly loaded diaper once again.
“I... need you to breathe slowly, alright? Like this...” Inhale... exhale... inhale... retch... exhale... et cetera.
Immediately, Sam's breathing slowly but surely slowed down, and their vision also became a little clearer. Upon sensing that they were in Oswald's arms, they broke down.
“Ozzy, I... don't leave meee!” They were suddenly wailing loudly, like a baby in a dirty diaper, which they actually technically were right now.
“I p-p-promise, I d-didn't mean to!” Oswald gasped in slight shock. “Shh, shh... don't cry, Sammy... are you able to speak right now?”
Sam shook their head and coughed hard to relieve their throat.
“I want you to name five things in here that you can see, alright? Well... to point at them, at least...” The nervous crewmate also regularly had to respond to those questions in his mind in case he was very stressed himself.
The objects that were pointed at were the nightlight, the nursing bottle, a stuffed red Chuchu that sat next to Sam's pillow, the pacifier that they recently dropped, and the music box on their nightstand.
“Very good. Now, what are four things that you can feel?”
Next up, Sam touched the spot of their loaded diaper, their comfort blanket that was still in one of their arms, Oswald's upper right leg and his left hand.
The nervous crewmate continued with three things that his best friend could hear, two things that they could smell and one that they could taste. Once all of the questions were done, Sam was still crying and sniffling.
“Hey, you know what?” Oswald whispered. “Why don't I run you a bath? Perhaps that'll help a little?” He lifted Sam onto his hip as if they were an actual toddler and brought them to the nearby bathroom, where a cupboard of changing utilities and diapers also happened to be nearby, as that was even a common thing in the living buildings of the Skeld complex. “It's a good thing that diapers and such are everywhere... otherwise, we'd be way off worse at this point.” He laid his friend down on the ground and swiftly made sure that a pillow and a towel were underneath them before he placed a peg onto his nose, put the nursing bottle on the edge of the nearby sink and hoisted his hands into some disposable gloves in order to undress Sam and lift them into the bathtub to thoroughly clean their genitalia with the shower head before actually filling the tub up with some warm water and bath oil.
Suddenly, the door opened up behind the two, and Nico stood there.
“Dammit!” Oswald cursed underneath his breath, “forgot to lock the door!”
“Any chance that Sam is sick?” the serious crewmate asked.
“Y... yes, Nico... And I must t-take care of them... I-I cannot go on a mission soon... sorry...”
“That's a shame. What does Sam have, if I may ask?”
“Well... explosive diarrhoea to the point where I am n-now mandatory to bathe them...”
“Thanks for pointing out the obvious.” Nico was left chuckling at the fact that their nose had apparently met with the strong odour of dark matter that was still there. “Should I let the headquarters know that you two are staying home?”
“Yes, Nico...” Oswald gently kept rubbing a washcloth over Sam's body, who seemed to have calmed down a little in the meantime. He then turned to them. “Do you hear that, Sam? We don't have to go on a mission today...”
A very faint smile was present on the tired-looking crewmate's face.
Soon, it was just Oswald and Sam again in the bathroom, and the former took the latter out of the bathtub after half an hour to dry them off, provide their genitalia of some zinc cream and put them into a fresh diaper.
“There you go. Now, would you like to drink something? You must be hungry, after all...” The nervous crewmate got the nursing bottle, of which the contents were still warm, off of the edge of the sink and handed it to Sam, who immediately started drinking from it, before swiftly pulling his pants and underwear down and sitting down onto the toilet, since his bladder was also in a desperate need to be emptied in the meantime.

The subsequent mission at the Mira HQ went very restlessly. Most of the crewmates often suspected one another of faking their tasks.
Right now, it seemed like their umpteenth emergency meeting.
“I still demand an answer to my question!” Ryan shouted. “Why is everyone faking their tasks?!”
“I thought I could trust you” Ezekiel grumbled, as he voted his best friend out on his tablet.
“I'm not faking tasks!” Hermie exclaimed. “Some of you saw me scan, didn't you? I should be clear at this point!”
“I did...” Jules said. “Ryan is downright annoying me at this point...”
Ace didn't really react in any way, he just covered his ears because of all of the loudness and sobbed loudly.
“I think it's Ace, honestly” Ryan said. “He's definitely wearing a metaphorical mask right now. Those aren't real tears.”
“Don't just sus that poor boy!” Izuki shouted. “You know he's been crying during every meeting because you just keep on suspecting him, and I saw him scan earlier this mission, too, so stop!” He voted Ryan out on his tablet.
“That's right” Medley said, as she also voted Ryan, “just because he's mute doesn't mean he doesn't have feelings, you know?” She put a hand on the crying Ace's shoulder. “And we stopped the reactor together, didn't we?”
“So what?” The crewmate in orange seemed to love keeping up his 'bully' attitude right now.
“So we vote you out” Nico stoically said. “Everyone who is willing to vote Ryan, say 'eye'.”
“Eye” nearly everyone said, and the rest of the votes were casted as well.
Eventually, Ryan actually did turn out to be the impostor, and was sent to the ground floor to do his new tasks there.
“Serves you right, loudmouth” Ezekiel muttered. “Don't think I'll ever watch SML with you again tonight.”
“Go watch stuff like Battle For Dream Island instead” Hermie said with a fake chuckle. “That's definitely better.”
“You're sure of that?”
“Sure for sure.”
“Then, I'll write it down. Thanks for the recommendation in advance.”
Izuki, Ace and Nico headed towards the med-bay, where Pepper and Lyn were still unconscious. Nico decided to tend to Pepper, who had apparently been punched down by Ryan the other minute before being KO'd, judging from her throbbing cheek and the blood that still stuck around her nose.
While Izuki tended to Lyn, Ace stripped himself out of his spacesuit, got a fresh diaper, some wipes and a jar of cream from the changing cupboard, laid down on one of the free beds and tried to change his own diaper, that had become quite icky in the meantime. However, he only really succeeded in taking it off and removing the worst case of feces from his genitalia with the slightly soaked front.
“I see you're struggling for a bit” Hermie then suddenly said, as she stood in the opening of the door. “Here, let me help you.” She walked up to the half-naked Ace, took a few wipes from the wipe packet and helped him clean up his genitalia. “There you go, all nice and clean. Please don't be afraid to ask someone to change you, sweetheart. I don't bite, okay?” She then applied a good layer of zinc cream onto his genitalia before covering them up with the fresh diaper and tossing the used one out. “Is that better?”
The mute crewmate nodded, smiled and signed ‘Thank you.’
“Ah, Herm” Izuki said after disinfecting one of the thermometers. “What a chaos just now, huh?” He gave his crush a peck on the cheek. “What do you think it caused?”
“I dunno... everyone's so restless about Sam and Oswald, and thinking that they're faking sickness to the point where they all accuse one another of faking tasks...”
“Oswald's not sick, though, Sam is. Oz takes care of them.”
“What do they have?”
“Nico presumed a stomach flu, judging from the fact that they mentioned explosive... you-know-what... they could've said it less explicitly!”
“Yeah, they could've just stopped speaking after 'stomach flu'...” Hermie turned to Nico. “Not judging you or anything, but I absolutely cannot stand that nasty d-word! Please don't ever mention it again, alright?”
“I'll try” Nico replied, as they headed towards the sink to pour a plastic cup of water for Pepper who was now back awake. “After all, I'm only human.”

“May I ask why you were so scared when I found out?” Oswald asked, after hours of silence regarding the same question that he wanted to ask for so long today. “Do you... actually... not trust me?” Tears welled up in his eyes.
“Zeezee...” Sam whined and cried. “O-of course I trust you... w-why wouldn't I...?” They felt very much hurt by the question.
“Oh, Sammy... I didn't mean to a-accuse you or anything... I'm... s-so s-s-s-sorry...!” The nervous crewmate had burst out in crying as well. “I s-should've said it d-d-differently...!”
The regressed crewmate's crying intensified because their friend also cried.
“Hey, Sammy... n-no matter what's the matter... I'll be there f-for you to help... t-that's what best f-f-friends are for... right?”
“Really, Ozzy?”
“Even if I don't know w-why you said that you were s-s-sick... and I found you like t-this... I can see that the whole baby c-concept somehow makes you happy, and... as y-your best friend, I wanna help to make you happy...!”
“Oh... Ozzy, thank you... but...”
“I know what you want, Sammy. I shan't tell anyone. This'll remain just between you and me, okay? For the outside world, you're still sick, but for me... you're just Sammy rather than Sam, to say the least.”
Two pairs of teary eyes kept on looking towards one another, and a few sniffles and hiccups also occasionally sounded from two mouths. Until...
“Zeezee?” Sam mumbled. “C-can I call you Dada...?”
Silence lurked in Sam's room once again, an eerier one this time.
“Uh...” Oswald blushed hard. “M... maybe? I... whoa, didn't hear this one coming...” He caressed his friend's cheek with his index and middle fingers. “Call me whatever you wish, I guess...”
The tired-looking crewmate smiled widely and giggled in approval.
At the same time, the ten missionary crewmates returned home in a very restless mood, which Oswald already sensed from quite the distance, so he decided to stay in the room with Sam a tad longer to prevent more stress.
“Hey... Zeezee...” Sam eventually lazily chuckled. “Whadaya think of wearing a diaper all day, too?”
“You mean outside of missions?”
“Yeah, a pox on toilets...”
“I... dunno. I honestly never dared to do anything else in a diaper than urinating, but...”
“Hey, most of us are used to changing diapers that also contain feces, you know? Like Lyn, who frequently changed them when she was a trainee?”
“Yeah, but she doesn't like that. I mean, you should've seen her expression when she changed Ace the other mission!”
“I know you don't like it, Ozzy... but yet you're still willing to change me the entire time. You shouldn't be ashamed of using your diapers for defecation, though, it's completely normal. It's not just that babies, severely disabled people and old folks do it...”
“Yeah... but you know how it is? As a toddler, I was out of diapers before I even turned two, since rumour has it that I have always been disgusted at my own fecal matter... believe it or not, but I'm toilet-trained for about 17 or 18 years at this point simply because of that!”
“And you didn't wet the bed because of that either? Whoa, I praise you...”
“Well, not often, but I did, but not for long either...”
“I'll have you know, I've always worn diapers, until I got applied for this job, where my mums wanted me to grow up... you know that's easier said than done, right? I'm only glad they were wrong, because I'm suddenly fully back in diapers here, rather than only when in bed... yay!”
“So you've never been out of them?!”
“Nope. I don't even mind about it. My life motto has always been 'a pox on toilets', and it'll never change either.”
“Whoa... to me, it's like this huge shock... even if I don't think it should be...”
“C'mon, Ozzy, try it! A pox on toilets! Not just to support me, you know?”
“Well... alright, but please give me the time to think about it, too, alright?”
“Alriiiight, I will.”
“Now, come with me. You must be hungry once again, and dinner is most likely being made at this point.”
“Doesn't mean I can eat it now, though.”
“Sammy, you know that you're still allowed to eat or drink a little something before dinner, right? Nico told us that. What would you like?”
“Orange juice and some triscuit, what about you?”
“Ooh, triscuits, sounds yummy. But not without some cream cheese and all that jazz, alright?”
“And some pepper, mmm!”
“Now, let's hurry the heck up to the dining room to grab us a few, alright?”
“And feed me a few, too! After all, I'm still a baby that cannot eat everything by themself just yet!”
“That's a promise!”
Laughing and chuckling heartily, Oswald and Sam left the room and headed towards the dining room for their promised snacks.

Little Endy

Sayori the shy Enderman :3 (he/they)
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Chapter 8
“And you're sure you feel well enough to come along on the next mission?” Nico asked.
“Yes, Nico” Sam replied, “but I'll check myself out as soon as I don't.”
“Do you know how that works via your tablet?”
“I think so. It was the gear icon, and then the 'forfeit' option, right?”
“That's it, you're a very smart cookie.”
“Stop it, you're flattering me despite your major stoicism!”
“Are you tsundere?”
“What? No, of course not!” This, of course, was a bald-faced lie.
Soon, the dropship departed on its way to the Mira HQ.
“I'm only glad that you guys are back” Jules said to Sam and Oswald. “Our last mission was so damn chaotic without the two of you.”
“But that was also because Ryan and Ezekiel were causing ruckus again” Hermie stated, “and now for them to make amends in Pepper's presence. At least Zeke's watching Battle For Dream Island on his own now, and not as loud, and he actually likes it, too.”
“Doesn't sound like the stuff he'd usually watch” Medley said. “I must usually bust him and Ryan watching disturbing diar-- I mean, typhus like Salad Fingers, Llamas In Hats and all that pox very late in the evening, but yesterday, Ezekiel seemed so content with that way better cartoon. Thanks for recommending it to him, Herm.” She glomped and kissed her polar opposite.
“Told you he'd be thankful.”
“There've been so many classmates of mine watching that crap back in high school and college” Izuki said, “and to those who are not familiar with it, I highly recommend to stay away from those videos and their channels due to very explicit content.”
“Yuck, explicit content” Oswald complained, “thanks for the tip, Izuki.”
Sam and Ace nodded hard in agreement, also refraining from explicit YouTube videos for their entire life due to trauma being caused by them.
“I only really use YouTube for ASMR whenever I feel restless from the inside” Nico said. “Furthermore, Spotify for nature sounds and calming podcasts. As for music? Silence is definitely the best kind.”
“Yeah” Lyn said, “you can definitely say that for most of the time, even if most of the people disagree with that in such a skeptical fashion. They definitely shouldn't.”
“I only really listen to video game tunes” Medley said, “but only the genuinely full versions of them. Indeed, I have a whole playlist full of them, and I'm not afraid to share a link leading to it.” She grabbed her tablet, and typed the link to the same playlist into the message generator, as she apparently knew it completely from memory.
“How does one save links on this tablet?” Oswald asked.
“That's quite simple. Just press your finger against the message for several seconds and it'll copy the link, which you can then paste into the notepad app.”
“Neat” Hermie said, “thanks.”
Almost everyone who was interested in the playlist copied and pasted its link into a new note in between only a few short ones.
Before everyone knew it, the dropship slowly but surely landed onto the launchpad of the building of the Mira HQ, and once it was completely settled, its main door slowly rolled up.
“Shh!” Lyn hissed upon receiving her status notification on her tablet.
Among all 9 crewmates, there was 1 impostor, but the impostor himself wasn't really happy about his status.
“Noooo!” Oswald screamed. “No, no, no! I don't want it!”
“Shall we call an emergency meeting soon?” Jules whispered to Ace, who shrugged and shook his head in response.
“What's the matter, Oz?” Izuki asked.
“You're giving yourself another asthma attack this way!” Sam said.
“I... I...” The nervous crewmate couldn't get himself to the point. “I... I don't want to be the impostor!” He started crying loudly and seemed inconsolable.
“But Oswald” Nico said, “being the impostor is part of this job, accept it.”
“No, I don't wanna!”
“Could you please stop behaving like a little child?”
“Shut up, I'm enraged, so ignore me!”
“Well, alright then...” The dark-green-suited crewmate stepped back with a hint of nervousness and immediately started on their first task.
‘I'm scared and concerned’ Ace signed.
“I'll try to handle it” Sam said. “Yesterday, he took care of me, and today's apparently the day to do it vice versa. Good luck on your tasks.”
‘Thanks, I owe you one.’
The tired-looking crewmate then took their best friend into a comfortable yet slightly strict grasp and rubbed his back hard in an attempt to console him anyway.
“Oh, Ozzy, sweetie... it's no good for a pacifist like us to suddenly be an impostor, huh? I understand...”
“Yeah, I no wanna kill-- I mean, harm anyone!”
“I, myself, also never want to be the impostor... and I think you may just know why, other than not wanting to harm you.”
“Sammy, please stay with meee!”
“Shh... there, there. I will stay with you, Ozzy, even if everyone will probably give us that feces-eating look soon. But I'll make sure they won't!”
Sam easily lifted the crying Oswald over their shoulder as if he was a log, and kept on rubbing his back with the same amount of pressure.
“What a baby he suddenly is” Hermie scoffed, as she fixed the first wire in the hallway.
“Oh, shut up, Hermione!” Medley retorted as she smacked her polar opposite's cheek hard. “He's just having a crappy day, okay?”
The cool crewmate seemed shocked at the fact that she was just referred to as her full name, and immediately said nothing more. Indeed, her bladder was also very shocked at the insult-like tone that she just received.
“So, you just pissed your pants?” The girly girl was now laughing out loud. “What are you planning to do next? Shit and cum?”
“I don't know anyone...” Hermie, her entire face being as red as a beet out of shame, immediately ran to the greenhouse to do her next task.
“Wow” Jules whispered to Lyn, “that's not quite typical of Medley and Hermie the polar opposites...” They fixed the next wire in the locker room. “There.”
“Oswald isn't being too typical either” Lyn laconically replied. “I wonder what's bugging him?”
“Maybe he suddenly started regressing due to having to wear diapers on the missions?” (It's a good thing that Sam wasn't nearby when this was said.)
“Jules!” The athletic crewmate poked her musical colleague hard into their two sides.
“Ouch! I was only just kidding!”
“You better not make fun of regression, because it's a serious condition, and that's what I've learned on my most iconic internship.”
“I'm sorry, alright?”
Lyn opened the door to the decontamination hall and practically dragged Jules along, as they also had their next task at the reactor soon.
In the cafeteria, Sam was trying their utmost best to calm Oswald down.
“Shh, shh” they said as they rubbed his back, “you don't have to hurt anyone... you know what, I'll forfeit this mission so I can stay by your side, alright?”
Oswald wasn't really able to respond in English, he just kept on sobbing like a small child left in the rain.
“Regardless of your answer, I will forfeit.” The tired-looking crewmate used their free hand to grab their tablet and select the 'forfeit' option under the gear menu. “There we go, now I can hold on to you as much as you need to.”
Laboured breathing and gasps.
“Oh no, you're having an asthma attack...!”
Oswald was immediately placed into a sitting position on the bench, his helmet was taken off and two inhalations of his asthma spray were given to him.
“How are you guys doing?” Nico asked, being done with their tasks and checking up on the two best friends.
“I hate to say it” Sam said, “but I just forfeited to keep a close eye on Ozzy. The poor guy just suffered from an asthma attack...”
“It's alright to forfeit if someone else isn't feeling well, and also if you, yourself, are not feeling well. Don't hate to say it, alright?” The leader in dark green sat down next to Oswald. “How are you feeling now?”
“I feel awful...” the sad impostor said, as he suddenly seemed to shiver a little afterwards. “Oh no, I'm not starting to get enuresis, am I?”
“Hey, it's alright if you urinate without feeling anything, it also happened to me for a few times.”
“Sam, I think you made a good request for me the other hour. A pox on toilets. But, uh...”
“Yes, Ozzy?” Sam asked.
“I'm... I, uh... I n-n-need to...”
“Just strain yourself and let that asterisk turn into an O.”
“Let it out of your system! If you need to, you need to!”
“Oh, uh... well, here goes nothing...”
The white-suited crewmate immediately took their best friend back into their grasp and made sure he was in a comfortable enough position.
“I don't think you want to experience this, Nico. If you'd like, go and check on the others, alright?”
“Roger” Nico said, as they went off to check on the other crewmates to make sure if they were still doing alright.
And just as they were gone, Oswald tried his best to relax.
“It's alright” Sam whispered, “don't be too shy. I also do it all the time, you know?”
A few soft groans and heaved sighs and the occasional pausing of breathing were heard from the nervous crewmate, and the tired-looking crewmate felt quite a bulge grow into the palm of their right hand.
“There you go... good job, Zeezee.”
Soft sobbing as a result of tension release.
“Should I change you?”
“Yeah, pwease...” Oswald mumbled, as a little saliva ran over the right corner of his mouth, and subsequently over his right cheek.
Sam got up and carried their best friend towards the med-bay with quite the ease.
‘Hi, Sam’ Ace signed. ‘How is our impostor doing?’
‘Don't just call him that!’ the white-suited crewmate signed back with their free left hand and an angry look on their face. ‘He's having a tough time now.’
‘I'm going to change his diaper. If you want to see his feces-stained genitalia, stay. If not, then please leave or look away.’
The dark-blue-suited crewmate shook his head with a shocked look on his face and immediately left the med-bay.
Next up, the changing process took place. Oswald's suit was taken off, and Sam retched quite hard for a few times.
“Sorry” they said to their best friend, “but I, too, am very weak for that.”
Oswald simply gurgled and giggled a little as if in some sort of trance.
Now for the peg and the gloves, to prevent more retching and stained hands respectively once the diaper was removed. Damn, did those genitalia look yucky.
The tired-looking crewmate cleaned all of the mess up with the unstained front of the used diaper and quite some wipes, used quite the amount of cream and powder once that was done, ensured Oswald of a fresh diaper and subsequently balled the used one up to dispose at the trash hatch in the cafeteria later on.
The gloves were put into the nearby bin, which was specially there for the used gloves. And finally, the cyan-suited crewmate was hoisted back into his suit.
“Is that better, Ozzy?” Sam asked.
“Very well then, what would you like now?”
“Shh... I wanna go sweepy-bye...”
“Alright, do as you wish.” The white-suited crewmate got a plastic bag, inverted it with their hand so they could pick up the used diaper in the style of animal waste, tied a knot at the top of the 'contented' bag, and casually went towards the trash hatch in the cafeteria to dispose it there.
Back in the med-bay, Oswald really realised that he just fatigued himself big-time... he mindlessly popped his thumb into his mouth and slowly drifted off into a deep sleep.

“Today was a long day for the both of us, huh?” Oswald asked once he had tucked Sam in.
“Yeah...” Sam mumbled.
“I never thought I'd be the impostor... but I did let everyone win, even if they weren't too pleased with me.”
“Well, they should be, since impostors usually don't really cut you any slack...”
“That's right.” The nervous crewmate briefly crouched down to put the rails of his best friend's crib up. “Do you need anything else?”
Sam thought a little. They had a nice bath, a calming massage, and a yummy bottle of warm night-time formula just now before having their teeth brushed and being put to bed.
“No, thanks, I'm fine...”
“And you're sure of that?” Oswald picked a pacifier from next to the pillow and popped it into Sam's mouth. “No music box or anything?”
“Yeah, maybe...”
“Which tune would you like to listen to?” The redhead grabbed the box of cylinders for the music box.
“That one.” The regressed crewmate pointed at the cylinder that contained Togetherness 1.
“Alright then.”
The selected cylinder was put into the music box according to the instructions and the music box itself was subsequently wound up.
“Sleep well, Sammy” Oswald said as he planted a soft kiss on his best friend's cheek.
“Ni-ni, Dada” Sam simply mumbled.
The usually cyan-suited crewmate quietly left the room and closed the door behind him in a very empathetic fashion so that nobody in the hallway would be able to hear the music box while the door was still open.
Sam rolled onto their side and curled their legs up so that they'd be in the foetal position, also known as the position in which they felt the most comfortable when sleeping.
The music box tune softly played further until it eventually ended in a slow pace, and at the same time, the regressed crewmate's eyes fluttered a little until they slowly but surely closed.
In response to that, it didn't take too long before they were finally asleep.

Little Endy

Sayori the shy Enderman :3 (he/they)
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Chapter 9
There was only a small number of crewmates on board on the dropship to the Mira HQ, as well as the utmost minimum number.
Oswald, Sam, Pepper and Hermie were chosen to be 'missionary', while Nico, Medley, Ace, Ryan, Ezekiel, Jules, Lyn and Izuki had all of the free time in the world while staying home at the living block.
“That doesn't occur very often, huh?” Oswald asked, “only four crewmates on a mission.”
“It indeed doesn't” Hermie said. “For that, the main computer who plans the missionary crewmates will have to make something in the way of a special exception, and that's, like, only once in a lifetime that such a thing happens.”
“I'm kind of jealous at those who are watching an entire Netflix series at the moment” Pepper said, “even if I shouldn't be. And as a serious person, I honestly hate to admit that.”
“Pepper, you know that Nico never admits such things, and they're more serious than you are.”
“Don't answer me back, Hermione.”
“Don't you just 'Hermione' me for no reason in particular. My common name is Hermie, and for all I care, you can address me with my surname Davidson, but not with my full first name.”
“I said, don't answer me back, so don't.”
“Quit bickering!” Sam shouted at the top of their lungs and at the verge of tears. They already felt a little off today, and they definitely didn't want to feel any worse throughout the course of the day. “S-sorry... I... have a th-throbbing h-headache, so...”
“If you need a painkiller, you could always ask for one, alright?”
“That... and pleeeaaase, no yelling...” The tired-looking crewmate huddled their head into Oswald's chest and shuddered.
“N-no” Oswald added, “no yelling indeed... that's where panic attacks m-mostly originate f-from, i-i-if not anything else...”
Pepper and Hermie simply sighed, and a silence with a negative aura was even still there when the dropship landed on the launchpad, and the tablets were about to load everyone's statuses.
Hermie eventually turned out to be the impostor, but she always thought that such a status was quite problematic when it came to a small group of crewmates on a mission, so she internally panicked a little.
The non-impostor crewmates immediately went on to their first task, which was scanning in the med-bay, which they all happened to have.
Oh no oh no oh no, the cool crewmate thought with a shudder in her breath, now how do I explain that I cannot scan right now while everyone expects that from me?!
“Are you alright, Hermie?” Sam asked.
“Eek! Oh, uh... I dunno... guess I-I'm distraught by the b-bickering like you...”
“Do you have a headache, too?”
“Y-yes! Ouch, it throbs!”
“Lie down on one of the beds, or something.”
“Okay...” Still panicking with it slowly starting to show itself from the outside, Hermie laid down on one of the beds and felt very stressed. What a disaster it was to be the impostor like this!
“What's with Hermie?” Pepper asked as she let Oswald scan.
“She just said she's distraught by the bickering” Sam replied. “That's honestly a lot unlike her.”
“You're right.”
The threesome had a few of their subsequent tasks together as well, making it even more difficult for Hermie to strike on someone easily.

“Alright” Hermie said to herself once the threesome of regular crewmates had their last task separately. “Now is your time to vent and strike! This'll be easy...” She jumped off of the bed and sabotaged the lights before jumping into the nearby vent grid, despite not knowing where to crawl to just yet.
Sam was very focused on assembling another one of those iconic purple crystals, but dropped one of the parts out of shock when the lights went out, resulting in the two assembled parts falling out of the 'float ray' and one of those parts even leaving quite the cut in their left index finger as well.
The white-suited crewmate was left in an even bigger state of shock by that, and burst out in tears.
The vent grid then made a sound, and Hermie cussed heartedly as she accidentally did that.
“D-dada!” Sam sobbed. “I hurt my finger!”
The impostor came out of the vent and went to the crying crewmate because they were suddenly acting so off for her idea.
“Dada?” she asked. “What are you on about?”
“Hermie?! W-why? Where?!” The slowly regressing crewmate wet themself out of increasing panic in the process.
“Sam, you're bleeding!” Yes, Hermie could still see that via her helmet with the night-vision mode that only impostors had. “What just happened?!”
“Hey, it's n-n-not that bad! It's only the s-s-size of a f-fruit fly!”
“Sam, stop making up excuses, for Pete's sake!”
“F-fine... I... apparently cut m-myself w-when assembling the a-a-artifact...”
Before Hermie could respond, the lights went back on, and an emergency meeting was called up. What timing!
“Whoa, Sam!” Oswald exclaimed upon seeing blood stains on Sam's finger and suit. “What happened to you just now?!”
“N-not be that bad, Ozzy... jus'...”
“They just hurt their finger out of shock” Hermie chuckled, “that's all.”
“Hermie, why are you laughing at Sam?” Pepper asked.
“Oh, I wasn't...!”
“You definitely were. Any of those in favour of voting out Hermie, say 'eye'.”
“Eye” Sam and Oswald said in unison as the votes were soon cast.
“Uh-oh...!” the exposed impostor mumbled with her head being as red as a cherry. “Busted...!” She even suddenly relieved her bladder. “Oh no, not again, this is so babyish!”
The strict crewmate roughly let Hermie stand up from her seat before sending her to the first floor, while Oswald had the time to tend to Sam in the meantime.
“You should really be careful when assembling the artifact, Sammy” Oswald said. “Are you alright?”
This is where Sam burst out in tears even more than just now.
“I'm fiiine, Ozzyyy!”
“Are you two dating?” Hermie exclaimed from the hallway as she apparently heard the sobs from a fair distance.
“We're not! What makes you think that?!” The cyan-suited crewmate had to do his best to not hyperventilate and catch an asthma attack in the meantime.
“Well, you guys are all lovey-dovey towards one another lately, and I think that the other minute, Sam referred to you as Daddy or something...!”
“Wait, you did?”
Sam was left speechless, save for their still ongoing sobs.
“Scram to the first floor and leave us, this is none of your business! They're just having a sudden panic attack!” Tears now stood in Oswald's eyes as well.
“Alright, have it your way!”
“Now, Sammy, I want you to take some deep breaths, alright?”
No matter how hard Sam tried, they could do nothing but wail almost dramatically as a galore of negative thoughts invaded their head like crazy.
“Sammy, look at Daddy!”
“I...” The wails had transited into short-circuit-like sobs again.
“I not be a baby...!” Sam tried to fight their largely increased regression so hard. “Nobody loves me! Nobody does!” How could they feel so stupid and embarrassed over a mere cut and state of shock caused by that?
“Sammy... I...” Oswald started crying as well. “Of course I... love you... how could I not love you?”
“Impostor!” The white-suited crewmate then burst into a fit of screeching and unconsciously relieved their organs in their diaper as they did.
Their best friend only shook their head out of hopelessness and shed a little array of tears at the same time. He knew they couldn't help it, but he was just very concerned at the moment...
“Sammy, how could you think that nobody loves you?”
“Because I doooon't...!” The screeching was so loud that they could probably hear it all the way on the other side of the world as well.
“Sweetie, I love you with all my heart, I promise...!” Sobbing loudly, Oswald squeezed their best friend into a tight hug. “And you're sweet as ever... I wish you actually loved yourself as well...!” Silence for quite a while. “I know that at least something is the cause to that... but you can only tell me that whenever you're ready, alright...? Dada is there for you to take care of you... c'mon, let's get you healed and changed and such... alright...?”
Sam nodded almost stoically, and clicked open one of the compartments of their suit, but flinched upon realising they did that with their hurting finger.
From the same compartment, Oswald grabbed his best friend's pacifier as if it was the smallest deal in the world and popped it into their mouth, with them immediately starting to nurse it as if their life was on a very thin line.
“W-will you walk... or... s-shall I carry you...?”
“Uppieth, pweathe...”
The nervous crewmate easily picked the regressed crewmate up into a bridal carry, and they went to the med-bay.
First, the disinfecting and plastering of the cut, and some necessary alcohol-based cleaning on the stained suit, because man, one would faint upon seeing that horrific sight of blood!
Next up, gloves and the peg for what eventually turned out to be quite the soothing diaper change. Sam was almost immediately at peace afterwards.
“I wanna go thweepy-bye...” was what they said once everything was done.
“We can't do that here just yet” Oswald sighed. “We're not home...”
“But I wanna...!”
“I so hope Pepper doesn't mind us sleeping in the dropship. After all, Hermie should be done with her additional tasks anytime soon...” The cyan-suited crewmate put his white-suited friend's helmet back on, conveniently lifted them onto his arm like a toddler and they made their way to the dropship together, where Pepper was apparently waiting for them already.
“How's Sam doing?” she asked.
“They're ill. They... th-threw up a ton when s-s-seeing their own b-blood on their suit...” The nervous crewmate did manage to keep a straight face despite all of the lies he said right now.
“Oh dear, then it's mostly for the best that we're set to go home soon.”
Sam just shifted a very little in their caretaker's arms, even letting loose of a major wave of urine in the diaper that they just got put into at the same time. They were obviously very sick... of the cruel adult world, that is.
Very soon after Hermie also got into the dropship, it finally departed to make its way back to the Skeld complex.
“Oswald?” Hermie asked. “Is Sam doing alright?”
“No... they're s-seriously ill... th-they threw up when th-they saw their o-own blood...”
“Hoo boy, then it's only for the best that I wasn't there since I have severe emetophobia...”
Every time Oswald lied, he patted Sam's back to make sure that he sounded serious enough to the others.
“Wait...” The cool crewmate squinted her eyes a little to focus on one certain detail as seen through the visor of Sam's helmet. She started whispering once she knew enough. “Why do they have a pacifier?”
“Because they do.”
“Aren't they a little too old for that?”
“Age is but a number, and not only babies use binkies, you know?”
“Hmm, you're right about that somewhere... I've seen enough severely mentally disabled people with one of those since I used to live next to a nursing home where such people resided, so I'll let it slide.”
“Zeezee...” Sam simply sob-mumbled, feeling quite traumatised about and regretful for yelling at their friend the other minute.
“Shh, shh... I'm here...” Oswald rubbed his regressed friend's back like a massage, cradled them a little and stimulated some pressure on their left shoulder by rubbing his cheek onto it.
“I can see that Sam's been through a lot” Pepper said. “Maybe you should consider contacting their parents, Oswald? They simply cannot do this by themself in a state of being this ill...”
“Yeah, perhaps I should...”

A sad and gloomy silence was present on the dropship the entire time, and remained among today's 'missionary' crewmates even when they went back to their living building. Strangely, even there was the same kind of silence.
“What happened?” Medley asked with a hint of worry in her voice once she saw the four crewmates back into their own clothes.
“Sam fell ill” Oswald stoically replied as he continued on to Sam's room.
“Sucks to be them...”
Once the two best friends arrived in the dorm room, they both settled on the large rocking chair that stood near one of the corners, but not before Sam was given their comfort blanket and plushie in hopes of calming down even more.
Silence still remained, but the eerie feeling that came with it slowly dissipated and transited into something in the way of comfort.
“Dada?” Sam babbled through their pacifier.
“Yes, baby?” Oswald asked back.
Slight movement of the regressed crewmate's shy sapphire blues.
“B... baby thowwy, Dada... baby wuv Dada...” Tears ran over their face.
“Daddy loves baby, too...” The redhead planted a kiss on his best friend's moist right cheek and rubbed their stomach in a soothing fashion.
“Thouldn't have thaid that... Dada not impothtah...” Man, it felt good for Sam to also confess why they apologised.
“It's alright, Sammy. You simply couldn't do anything about it...” A small shock. “Is it okay if I contact your original home about this?”
“Uh... I...” The question was eventually answered with a tiny, reluctant nod.
“Alright then. Now, should I get you changed before naptime?”
Since there was nothing in the way of a dresser in the dorm room, Sam had their diaper changed on their bed with a large changing pad underneath them, and felt comfortable enough again once they were in a fresh diaper, tucked underneath their covers, slightly undressed for the convenience, and still with their comfort blanket, plushie and pacifier.
“Sleep well, Sammy” Oswald whispered when he put the crib's rail back up, kissed the back of his friend's free left hand for a few times, let the music box play one of its soft tunes, grabbed their laptop from one cupboard to borrow it and quietly left the room.
Once he settled himself on an armchair in the main room, Hermie came up to him.
“How is Sam doing now?” she asked.
“They're asleep, and they let me borrow their laptop so I can contact their parents anytime soon.” The nervous crewmate breathed deeply as he sanitised the laptop's keyboard with an alcohol-infused wipe before turning the device on. “Also, thank you very much for being so understanding.”
“Anytime.” The cool crewmate breathed deeply as well. “I think they oughta come clean with us.”
“Yeah, but not under anything in the way of pressure... pressure more often results in negativity than positivity, you know?” A hard swallow. “Could you watch them tomorrow? Nico knows they're sick, and if I'm not mistaken, you're staying home tomorrow.”
“Uh, sure? And you're sure that you're not staying home tomorrow?” Nervousness increased for Hermie. “And what if there are urgent requirements to be met?”
“Calm yourself, Hermie... I have a plan regarding how to make Sam comfortable with more people than just me in their current state...”

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Chapter 10
It was near the morning, and Sam suddenly felt very insomniac due to intrusive thoughts. They didn't want to be left alone at this point...
“Ozzy?” they groggily shouted. “Oz? Ozzy? Zeezee?”
No response, even if Oswald slept in the room next to them and the overall walls were almost as thin as French pancakes and magazines combined.
In his own room, Oswald suddenly woke up, but not due to someone calling his name. He felt an urge to talk to Hermie about how she had to take care of Sam as well as possible.
At the same time, someone knocked on his door, who happened to be Hermie.
“Hey, Oz” she said. “I cannot sleep anymore, and something has kinda been bothering me, and I thought you'd be suitable enough to speak about it?”
“H-Hermie...” Oswald mumbled. “I feel like the exact same, to be honest...”
“Does it regard Sam?”
“Yeah, it does.”
“Is it okay if I have a seat on your bed?”
“N-no... the floor, please...”
“Alright then.” The cool crewmate sat down on the floor with her legs crossed, and carefully scratched her head around her curlers.
“So you're not sure if you can take care of them while I'm gone, huh?”
“Y-yeah... what if they suddenly weep and become inconsolable? How did their sudden childish behaviour even manifest in the first place?”
“I don't know... that's something I oughta ask their parents soon...”
“What will they think of me becoming their temporary caretaker for today?”
“That's also something that concerns me...” Oswald grabbed Sam's laptop from his nightstand and turned it on in advance. “Also, what's a good first thing to say to their parents? I never even spoke to them!”
“Just send them an honest chat message that you're a friend of Sam's and that you wish to speak to them. Something like... well, uh... dear individual Payne, or something... I'm Oswald Wells Wallace, a colleague and friend of Sam's...”
The nervous crewmate frantically typed out what his cool colleague said out loud, and even added some own sentences that Hermie didn't say out loud.
“Very good! It looks good enough to send.”
And just as the typed message had been sent, loud weeping was suddenly heard from the other room.
“Oh dear, they're in distress...”
“Or having an episode.” Oswald carefully shoved the laptop aside and hurried towards Sam's room. “Sammy, are you alright?” He headed towards their crib, put the rail down and took the crying crewmate into his grasp.
“Dadaaa, pleeeaaase staaaay!” Sam wept.
Without saying anything, the redhead popped his friend's pacifier into their mouth, and handed them both their comfort blanket and their stuffed red Chuchu in an attempt to silence them.
“Shh, shh, I'm here... Now, take deep breaths, like this...” Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. A few more times, and they were both at ease again.
Stupid, stupid Oswald, he thought to himself, why must you always get distressed whenever someone else does?!
“Are you feeling at ease, Sammy baby? Can you... tell me what age you are? Are you still in little space...?”
Sam nodded meekly and held up two fingers with their free right hand.
At the same time, Hermie came into the room, and all of the eyes were immediately aimed at her.
“Oh, hi, Herm” Oswald said. “Yeah, I just managed to console them...” He then retched a little. “And I guess I don't have to check their diaper anymore either...” He picked Sam up in his arms and got off of the bed. “Do you mind bathing them soon?”
“Oh...” Hermie sheepishly said. “I, uh... I guess so? Even if...”
“Hey, it's alright if you don't like to change loaded diapers... neither do I, especially if I don't have my nose and hands covered...”
“Good tip, thanks.”
The three crewmates soon found themselves in the bathroom, where Oswald took Sam's sleepsuit off and made them comfortable on a few towels on the tile floor.
“Hermie's gonna watch Daddy change you... alright? She needs to learn how to get better at it...”
Sam, who still held on to their comfort blanket and plushie, squeezed the latter against their chest and smiled openly.
“Hehm good” they lisped through their pacifier. “Thee thtay. Chu thayth tho.”
Hermie didn't really know how to react, and just laughed about it while gently petting the stuffed red Chuchu over its head.
“I feel pleased that Chu thinks that way about me.”
Oswald carefully placed the comfort blanket and the plushie aside when he turned the bath's faucets on, ensured himself of a peg and two gloves, and started focusing on taking Sam's diaper off.
“You wewcome” the regressed crewmate impersonated their plushie in an attempt to a girly voice while tapping the left side of its head with their index finger. They then started babbling once they felt their area being wiped clean with some wet wipes.
Oswald somewhat cocked his head in thought. Sam seemed so unnerved and upset about this the whole time, and now they didn't even seem to mind anymore. He eventually shook this thought off when taking his friend's pacifier out and lifting them into the now set bathtub that Hermie just ensured of bath foam in the meantime.
“You're wondering why Sam felt so off yesterday, aren'tcha?” the cool crewmate asked.
“Mm-hmm” the nervous crewmate said with a nod. “T-they felt so... s-sad until the other minute...” He gently washed Sam's body with a washcloth. “It s-s-seems like they f-forgot about it?”
“I don't think so. I think they might've shoved it down when slipping into 'little space'... I honestly don't think that's a good thing...”
“At least they're currently not thinking about it.” The redhead then went on to washing his friend's legs and feet. “Isn't that right, my sweet little baby?”
Sam simply giggled and gurgled while frantically splashing their arms into the warm, soapy bath water.
“Careful not to splash anything onto Chu, he doesn't like that!”
“She” the regressed crewmate corrected their 'Daddy', “not he.”
“In any case, be careful not to get her wet, okay?”
“Otay...!” The tired-looking blonde waded their arms a little instead, still smiling as they did.
“It's not the best to bring it up right now, though...” Oswald whispered towards Hermie, who immediately nodded in understanding.
“Sorry I did...” she then mumbled sheepishly.
“Now, Sammy baby, we're going to dry you off and get you dressed, and then we have to tell you something, is that okay?”
Sam nodded and reached their dripping arms out towards Oswald.
“Uppies, Dada...!”
They were subsequently taken out of the bath with a towel, and dried off well before being ensured of a good layer of cream on their genitalia, a fresh diaper that could hold quite a lot, and being dressed into some leisurewear that didn't look too childish, but not too mature either.
“And you're still sure that you'll have to go on a mission today?” Hermie whispered into Oswald's ear. “Because I'm 100% sure that I don't.”
“I...” Oswald stammered. “I... I dunno...” He took his gloves off and disposed them, and put the peg back into the cup of pegs that stood in the cupboard.
“It's still early right now. If it's still bothering you, I hope Sam's parents don't mind you calling them at this time of day...”
“Well, uh... well... i-if you i-insist...” The nervous crewmate gave the pacifier and soft comfort objects back to Sam and lifted them up with ease.
Soon after, the three crewmates found themselves in the main room, and were the only ones to be there, too.
“Dada, I hungy” Sam lisped through their pacifier.
“Should I watch them while you make them some food?” Hermie asked. “Once they're provided with it, I can make some breakfast for us.”
“Hey, thanks” Oswald replied, “that's very generous of you.” He went to Sam's room to grab one of their nursing bottles, then headed towards the miniature fridge in the kitchen to fill it up with some morning formula, and one minute in the microwave later, the bottle of formula was all for Sam.

Time went by, and at 7:15 a.m., the three crewmates were already set while the rest of them had yet to even get themselves into their regular clothes.
“Now, Sammy baby” Oswald said in a somewhat nervous tone, “D-Daddy's gonna do some i-important s-s-stuff soon...”
Sam noticed that something was off about Oswald and immediately started whining a little.
“Shh, shh, don't cry... I know y-you really need me r-right now, b-but it's still important to me... so Hermie w-will watch you when I'm a-a-alone in my room... right, Herm?”
“Yeah” Hermie said with a nod. “I'll help you.”
“Be good for Hermie, okay? And if you've remained good as well, Daddy's gonna let you pick a little reward that you said you wanted, is that okay?”
Sam nodded with a wide smile and gurgled enthusiastically upon hearing the word 'reward'.
“Baby be good!” they cooed.
“Well, that's definitely more than a yes...!” The nervous crewmate blushed a little as he kissed his 'little' friend's cheek and then turned to Hermie. “I'll still be near, but not available at all times... even if I hope it'll be quick, I will try to make it to the mission in time, too.”
“That's the way” the cool crewmate said with a smile and a nod. “Do your best.”
Oswald ruffled Sam's hair for one last time before briefly locking himself up into his room. His heart especially raced when his most important contact on his friend's computer turned out to have replied.
Hi Oswald, of course it's alright if you want to talk. Call me when you're ready :) -Morticia, one of Sam's mothers
So Sam had two mothers, the redhead thought, I never knew that.
He took some deep breaths before finally clicking the 'dial' button for real.
Beep... oh, what an unnerving tone. Beep... and another beep...
“Hello, this is Morticia Payne” it eventually sounded from the other end of the 'phone'.
“H-hi, Morticia...” Oswald said, “t-this is Ozzy-- I mean, Oswald...”
“Ah, so you're Sam's friend and colleague? Nice to meet you.”
“N-nice to meet you, too...”
“Who are you calling?” someone else asked from the other end of the 'phone'.
“Just a friend and colleague of Sam's, Rita.”
“Why, but that's very nice. Can I speak to them, too?”
“Well, he has something very important to discuss, he says, so go ahead.”
“Okay then.”
“H-hi, Rita...” Oswald said with a nervous hint in his voice. “I'm... Oswald... yeah, I wanna discuss s-something rather important...”
“Go ahead” Morticia said. “It's okay.” Man, what a sweet mother she is.
“It's about Sam. A-about their... youth? Oh, stupid Oswald...”
“Now, don't be too hard on yourself, Oswald. How come you want to know about that?”
“Well, uh... I just found out they're a little due to involuntary regression...”
“It shouldn't surprise me, but somehow it still does.”
“How come they regress involuntarily?”
“It's because of their... their childhood. You guessed it correctly. It wasn't the easiest one. They became an orphan straight after their birth, and back then, I was still married to my ex-husband, with whom I adopted Sam when they were only two. By then, we also already had Casey, who was three at the time when Sam came, and they immediately hit it off at first sight, it seemed.” Silence, and the sound of inhaling. “Now, Oswald... can you promise to not tell anyone about the next part at all? Not your boss, not your other colleagues, not even your own parents... and especially not Sam themself?”
“Uh... no?” Oswald was disappointed that he currently didn't wear a diaper, because his bladder stung hard from the nervousness now. “W-why?”
“Well, Sam's childhood was... ugly and awful, to say the least. As a result, the memories from it are intrusive thoughts that replay into their head very often... and to think that Sam was so young and frail when it all happened...” A shuddery breath. “And since you're so sweet to support them in this, I can trust you enough to tell you about where the little space originated...”
The nervous crewmate simply nodded, but that fell on blind eyes now.
“I thought that Jim, the husband that I was married to back then, was a great father... but that was everything but true. Sam and Casey slowly but surely started behaving in such a weird fashion every time after I left them alone with him...” Silence once again. “Eventually, I discovered the reason why... over one year after Sam's adoption, they and Casey had bruises all over them, needle marks all over their back, even occasional cuts... they were in that horrid state as well as stark-naked in the bathroom where urine puddles were here and there... it was extremely traumatising to see...”
“I can imagine that...” Oswald shuddered hard at the image description.
“And the worst of all is that the look in their eyes was so... cold and... cold... and... eerie, as if in a misenchantment... when they looked at me...” Morticia sobbed somewhat. “I remember lashing out to Jim so hard after discovering that he actually drugged, abused and raped the poor kids when I was gone, and immediately dialling 911 and such...! He was immediately sent to jail, I divorced him forever on the spot, and the three of us had to follow intense therapy... but it seems that for Sam, it didn't work out like we all expected...”
“Oh... that's... heartbreaking...!” The redhead started crying quite a lot, too.
“When I first met Morticia” Rita continued, “she and the kids were in a critical state, especially Sam, who still seemed at the brain age of a young toddler at the time... that's why after Morticia and I got married, we eventually decided to home-school Sam and let them take their time to grow up. However, they never really got out of diapers... even if they could consciously use the bathroom organ-wise already... just except when they regressed, that is. The therapist then told us about infantilism and involuntary regression and what that really was, so we were only glad that everything slowly but surely became clearer. That's where we started to support Sam in that by actually buying, you know, baby things again, because of course we didn't want to let them wallow in their own trauma without any source of comfort at all times. That was, until they graduated early recently and were approved to work at the Skeld complex soon after... we did want them to grow up a little more and be independent, but boy, were we wrong after it turned out that space-people of any occupation are mandatory to wear diapers once they work in the deepest depths of space... and we definitely shouldn't have underestimated Sam's mental state either... and that's that.”
For a while, nothing but sobbing and crying was heard from both ends of the 'phone'. What a horrid and hurtful backstory that was. Poor sweet Sam...
Will I still be able to go to a mission like this, Oswald thought silently?
“I...” he sobbed out loud. “I promise not to tell anyone about this... never...! Not even when hell freezes over!” Followed by heartrending wailing.
Next up, silence. Quite a long and eerie one.
“Thank you, Oswald” Morticia said. “Thank you for trusting us with this. Now, take some deep breaths, because Rita and I should definitely do the same now...”
“Take your time. It was nice having talked to you guys, and again, I promise...!”
“And if you're going on one soon, have a nice mission, too.”
“Thank you... have a nice day...”
A few last good-byes, and the call ended.
Oswald stood up and shambled to the bathroom, where he wanted to pull his pants down to use the toilet, but...
“Tch, a pox on toilets...” he grumbled. “After all, I do have to go on a mission soon, so better safe than sorry...” He slowly but surely put a diaper on himself and then headed back to the main room, where Hermie and Sam weren't present anymore, but the other crewmates were, who looked at Oswald in slight concern.

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Chapter 11
“Oswald, where have you been?” Nico asked. “You don't look okay.”
“Have you been crying?” Lyn asked.
“Thanks for pointing out the obvious, Lyndsay” Oswald grumbled. “I just talked to Sam's parents... yes, they actually permitted me to... but I cannot tell any of the details about it. Never.” He looked at Ryan and Ezekiel. “Not even when I finally start watching Super Mario Logan or Funny Pets. Yeech.”
“Gee” Ezekiel scoffed, “we're not even forcing you to watch it or anything. Some people like it. Doesn't mean you're mandatory to do that too.”
“No matter how sarcastic I sound, I still thank you, because I definitely needed that.”
“Well, you're welcome, I guess.”
“I'm only glad you were honest just now, Ezekiel” Pepper said, “since honesty is the best policy, isn't it?” She turned to Oswald. “Now, have you had any breakfast already?”
“Yes, Pepper” the redhead replied. “Hermie, Sam and I had some this morning since we all couldn't really sleep anymore anyway. And yes, Sam tried some, despite still feeling very nauseous.” The last one was said with the straightest face that he could put up.
“Well, at least they tried” Jules said, “and I praise them for that.”
“Oswald?” Nico asked. “Are you sure you're feeling good enough to go on a mission? It's not just decreased or low physical health that allows you to go on one less mission, you know?”
“I can at least try, Nico. After all, Hermie did promise to babys-- I mean, take care of Sam today on her day off. It's not that Sam can take care of themself in their current state of consistently having aching lungs...”
“Wait, babysitting?” Ryan laughed. “Who do you take them for? Joel and Jolene from next door who often take missionary switches to take care of their newborn son Jerry?”
“Ryan, you know that they're both back to missions already and that Jerry is now old enough to go along with them.” The leader of the crewmates looked at their underling in disapproval. “Maternity leave doesn't last that long.”
“Well, then I'm only glad that I don't have a uterus...”
“Now, stop it with the so-called bright statements.”
“Alright, you don't have to be so cold towards me...”
“Says the cold-blooded dinosaur himself” Izuki playbacked towards Oswald, making him and Ace smirk immediately.
‘I know you can do this, Oswald’ Ace signed towards his colleague. ‘You can be determined despite any hurdles that come onto your path.’
“Thank you very much, Ace” the redhead said with a smile. “For someone of no words, you're very wise, take it from me.”
The mute crewmate smiled back in a sweet fashion and made a gesture to his colleague to follow him towards the locker room to get themselves changed into their spacesuits.
Once they had taken their clothes off, however, Ace was a little stunned at the sight of Oswald who already turned out to be in a diaper.
To that, the nervous crewmate's response was even more stunned, to the point where he even accidentally let loose of his bladder's contents, about which he had apparently forgotten the entire time since the midst of the conversation with Sam's mothers. Within almost no time, his entire diaper was soggy.
“Man” Oswald muttered, “I must probably have a huge bladder...” He got some changing utilities from the cupboard and changed himself in a jiffy before hoisting himself into his spacesuit. “There we go.”
‘Do you love diapers?’ Ace signed.
“Well, no, but I thought... better safe than sorry s-since I am going on a mission, y-you know?”
‘Ah, safety first. Very essential thinking of you.’
‘And you're still entirely sure that you are able to go on a mission?’
“Yes, Ace... I'm still ashamed that mental health doesn't seem like a priority for a reason to be absent...”
‘Sorry, didn't mean to put it like that.’
Soon enough, Pepper, Jules, Nico, Lyn, Medley, Ryan and Ezekiel also threw their spacesuits on and got into the dropship, which was headed for the Polus today.
“Say, where's Izuki?” Oswald asked.
“He isn't missionary for today” Nico replied.
“Sorry, didn't know that...”
“It's alright, you don't have to feel silly for that.”
The nervous crewmate's heart started beating even faster. What if Izuki discovered Sam's little side? How would he react? Was he even like a person who would consider it weird? Because the majority of the world definitely is.
“Oz” Lyn said, “if you're not feeling well, you could always forfeit the mission. You look pale...”
“I always look p-pale, Lyn...”
“Well, today you look like a corpse in the first phase of rotting, as seen in Doki Doki Literature Club...”
“That's racist...! I-I was b-born pale s-s-since redheads a-are always t-that way!”
“Alright, have it your way.”
“Hey, he's right” Medley said in a soft and concerned tone. “I know plenty of people with red hair who have a skin just as pale, and no, not all of them are albinos. So yeah, I can agree on your statement being racist, because I also played that creepy wolf in sheepish clothing you just mentioned, and there, the person who eventually became a corpse wasn't even that pale when she was still alive.”
“Yes, but that's because her hair is purple, rather than red.”
“Could you stop it, please?”
“Medley is right” Nico said. “Lyn, you're not being too polite about caucasian people, so could you please stop it?”
“Fine...” the athletic crewmate sighed as she rolled her eyes twice.
“Better” Oswald playbacked towards some of the others, who nodded in agreement.

“Are you going to be busy with Sam full-time, Herm?” Izuki asked. “Also, I don't think they're actually s--”
“Yes, they are!” Hermie whisper-yelled. “Not all illnesses mean that one is bedridden and puking the entire time! Would you even do that when you'd suffer from a common cold, a simple headache or even an anxiety attack?”
“Uh, no?”
“Exactly. Now, do you have any 'homework' to do? Because I already finished mine over the course of the morning since I couldn't really sleep...”
“I appreciate your hard work, dearie. Yes, in fact, I still have some that I didn't finish yesterday... read, tons, but yes. I don't know how long I'll be, but I definitely will try to finish it in time.”
“Very good. Now, go.”
The two crewmates exchanged a deep kiss for a few seconds before Izuki went off to his dorm room to work on his computer.
“Alright, Sammy, now that I sent Izuki away to his computer, I finally have the time for you. What would you like right now?”
“Snacks” Sam shyly mumbled with almost the entirety of their face hidden in the back of Chu's squishy head.
“What kind of snacks would you like? Biscuits? Triscuits with a variety of spreads? Uh, fruit salad, and if so, whole or pureed?” The cool crewmate sighed a little as she was now hungry for some fruit salad herself.
“Bickuits an' owange juicies.”
“A very good choice of you. In that case, is it alright if I get something to eat for myself, too?”
Hermie got up from the sofa and went to the kitchen block, where she got three biscuit packets from Sam's personal biscuit tin, and almost wanted to pour the orange juice in a regular glass when she realised that there was a nursing bottle for that, which she swiftly fetched from Sam's dorm room before finally giving the regressed crewmate their requested foods.
“Thank you, Herm” Sam squeaked upon receiving the biscuit packets and bottle.
“Anytime.” The alternative-looking crewmate turned the television on and changed the channel to the cartoon channel before going back to the kitchen to make herself a fruit salad with the fruits that were at the edge of going bad, which were the fruits that had to be eaten more urgently.
Sam tried hard to open one of the biscuit packets, but since they were currently regressed, they just couldn't bring themself to do it. They just wanted those yummy biscuits so badly!
Oh, they eventually thought, that's right, I can ask Hermie for help...
They got up from the sofa, ignored the fact that they accidentally dropped their bottle and one biscuit packet on the ground, and soon found Hermie in the kitchen, who was just done cutting a pear to bite-sized pieces.
“Can you hewp?” they asked.
Wait, Hermie thought, they cannot do this by themself? Wait... I think I may know why...
“Do you have trouble opening it?” she asked.
“Yes, pwease?”
“Where are the other biscuits I gave you, Sammy?”
“I dunno.”
“Silly, you must've accidentally left or dropped them on your way. It's a good thing that I'm actually already done with the fruit salad, everyone will definitely praise me for my effort to not waste leftovers.” The cool crewmate added the cut-up pear to the already three-quarter-full bowl, tossed its core out, shuffled the fruit a little and then brought her bowl to the main room. “See? You just dropped them. You're a clumsy someone, aren'tcha?”
“I not be cwumsy, I be Sammy an' dis be Chu who awso hungy.”
Hermie simply chuckled, put her bowl onto one of the nearby coffee tables, and opened up all of the biscuit packets.
“Thank you” Sam mumbled as they went to pick up their bottle by themself before finally being able to sit down and tuck in.
The pseudo-babysitter also sat down with her fruit salad and took in the current scenery, and found it very unusual, yet also comfortable somewhere. She sat with her fellow crewmate, who was now in a regressed state and didn't seem ashamed of it at all, judging from the way that they carried their large plushie around everywhere, they didn't seem to mind the rim of their thick diaper poking out of their comfy pants, they drank from a nursing bottle and actually ate baby biscuits. The way they seemed to smile at the escapades of 80s cartoon classics that were now on TV, such as Pac-Man and The Snorks. Shows that Hermie herself last watched in kindergarten, perhaps.
Maybe being with a regressed someone isn't all that bad, she thought as she started on her first bite of fruit salad.

Meanwhile, on the Polus, especially Oswald and Lyn had trouble keeping up with its large layout, since it was their first ever time of ever being there.
It was cold and a tad snowy, but nobody really minded that since they all wore cold-proof suits anyway.
“The only advantage of the area being this big is that the impostor is going to have a hard time to catch us!” Lyn said as she worked hard on fixing the drill.
“That's absolutely right” Oswald replied, as he watched his fellow crewmate.
“And it's a good thing that we decided to stick together as well, because I'm literally afraid of being caught by the impostor every mission.”
“Tell me about it.”
The athletic crewmate was done with her task, and the tag team went on to the laboratory, when suddenly, the door shut behind them and the lights went off.
“What the heck?!” they both exclaimed.
From nearby, a thud on the ground was heard, which turned out to come from Jules, who tripped and fell after jumping out of the vent.
“Ouch!” they exclaimed a little too hard.
“Oh no...!” Oswald whispered. “Oh no, oh no, oh no...!” He swiftly tip-toed towards the door and frantically switched a few switches to the left, which re-opened it. “Lyn, hurry...!”
Outside, many crewmates hurried towards the electrical section, where the door was also jammed, yet nobody tried to open it and everyone only knew how to panic.
“Let us in!” Ryan screamed. “Let us iiiiin!”
“Yelling won't help you!” Pepper shouted, as she calmly switched a few switches to the left, only to be knocked out very stealthily soon after.
Just as Jules arrived and also wanted to ambush in the human mass, Medley reported the unconscious body, and an emergency meeting was soon held.
“That was weird...” Lyn mumbled before turning to speak louder in the meeting room. “I saw it happen near electrical, where Oswald and I were also headed.”
“Lyn is sus” Jules stoically said, “not gonna lie.”
“No I'm not!”
“It was a mass KO” Ezekiel said, “that's for sure.”
“I sus Lyn and Ezekiel” Medley said.
The two suspects looked one another in the eyes in a shocked fashion.
“I was literally there when someone knocked Pepper out...!” the yellow-suited crewmate whisper-yelled. “How could it be me, I didn't touch anyone or anything...!”
“You weren't even near her” the athletic crewmate confirmed, “so I cannot comprehend why Medley would sus you...”
“I say we skip.”
“How about we indeed all skip our votes this round?” Nico suggested. “There doesn't seem to be any legit proof on how it could possibly be Lyn and/or Ezekiel. Anyone in favour of skipping their votes, say 'eye'.”
“Eye” it sounded from everyone but Jules and Medley, the two true impostors who voted one person that they pretended to suspect each.
Once the mission continued, Nico and Lyn brought Pepper to the med-bay for rest, while Ryan, Ezekiel, Oswald and Ace immediately headed for the electrical room to fix the lights.
Soon after, the power was back on, and task locations were easier to be located in the same process.
“I think everyone has already inserted the keys at the start?” Ryan asked.
“Yes” Ezekiel and Oswald said out loud, while Ace simply nodded.
“Very well then, good luck on your next tasks and keep an eye out for the bad guys.”
Oswald and Ace went towards the O2 section of the building they currently found themselves in, since their very next tasks were there.
While the crewmate in cyan tried to refill the oxygen tanks, however, a major stomach ache suddenly started bugging him big time.
“Ooooouuuuuch!” he moaned. “Ow, damn!”
Ace was startled by the sudden exclamation of his fellow crewmate being in such pain, and it was a good thing that he was already done with monitoring the tree, because he hated to abandon his tasks while being in the middle of doing them. The startle also made his bladder loosen up a little while he was on his way to check on Oswald.
‘Are you alright?’ he signed.
“I don't think so...” the redhead softly replied. At the same time, an urge to do something rather important yet embarrassing tingled his asterisk very hard...

Little Endy

Sayori the shy Enderman :3 (he/they)
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Chapter 12
‘Are you feeling sick again?’ Ace signed.
“Well...” Oswald replied, “not quite... I-I just need to go...”
‘Go where?’
“T-t-to the non-existent bathroom!”
‘Then do it in your diaper, that's where you wear it for, right?’
“Yeah, b-but I don't have to pee!”
‘Oh, I know what you mean. That's quite a hurdle indeed. But no matter what, just go. It's normal on missions.’
“Ugh, I'm so not feeling up to it...” The nervous crewmate finished his task, and in the blink of an eye, Medley appeared from the vent hole near the tree and knocked Ace out.
“God fucking dammit!” she cursed once she saw Oswald was also there and immediately reported the unconscious crewmate in dark blue, for which an emergency meeting was soon held.
From the spirit realm, Pepper was crossing her fingers hard in hopes of the girly girl being voted out very soon.
“Where did you find it?” Nico asked.
“I was with Ace” Oswald replied, “and then Medley came to knock him out! We were at O2!”
“Me?” Medley said. “It's definitely Lyn and Ezekiel, you know that, right?”
“Don't lie, Medley! It definitely is you!” The fact that the pressure in the nervous crewmate's rectum currently increased a lot didn't really help either.
“I knew something was up with you” Ryan calmly said to the very feminine impostor. “Creeping up on Pepper the other minute.” He grabbed his tablet and voted her out.
“Anyone in favour of voting Medley” Lyn said, “say 'eye'.” It wasn't usual for her to 'steal' Nico's lines, but she felt quite bossy and alerted at the moment, so it was understandable somewhere.
“Eye” it subsequently sounded from most of the mouths, and afterwards, Medley was sent to the toilets near the laboratory to scrub its explicit content out.
Jules sighed hard for not getting his way with pretending to suspect Lyn again. They were definitely planning on revenge towards her.
“Why are there toilets here, anyway?” Ryan asked Ezekiel as they brought Ace to the med-bay, “while we're not permitted to use them?”
“Because of the vent hole?” Ezekiel stated. “One will probably topple in there while trying to sit and do their stuff, or even worse... yuck, if I were to be an impostor and crawl through that exact vent hole through someone's piss and shit...” He retched hard at the mere thought.
“Seems legit enough. Neither would I want to be pissed on while I vented. Plus, think about it. Spacesuits aren't as convenient as a shirt and pants if it comes to pulling the pants down.”
“Hmm, you're right about that. That makes diapers convenient in this case.”
“That's right.”
The two best friends went off to the specimen room to do their last tasks there.
Meanwhile, Oswald had his last task at the laboratory, and he was still awaiting the results of the sample inspection. He restlessly looked around, but only Ace and Pepper were there, unconscious on their beds.
Okay, he then thought, but in case someone still comes to take a peek...
The redhead subsequently pretended to look for something underneath the sample inspecting computer, while in reality, he finally relieved his rectum in his diaper, and it was quite a lot as well.
“Hey, Oswald” Nico said when they entered the lab. “What are you looking for?”
“Waah!” the crewmate in cyan yelped upon suddenly hearing someone speak, toppling right into the contents of his diaper in the process. “Oh... h-hi, Nico...” His bladder couldn't help but relieve itself either, making the dark matter all soggy and staining in the process. The overall feeling of this then somehow wound him up.
“Sorry, did I startle you?”
“Y-yeah... yeah, you did.” Oswald clumsily got up and looked at the computer to see if the results of the sample inspection were there already. “Oh, good...” He pressed the button of the corresponding tube with the re-coloured reagent, and then was done with his tasks. “D-done and done...”
“Good job, Oswald. Again, sorry for startling you, I didn't mean to. If you're looking for me, I'll be at the security room.”
“O-okay... see you there, I-I guess...”
Nico went away and the nervous redhead sighed loudly, sat down in one of the corners of the med-bay and closed his eyes to sense his surroundings... mainly his loaded diaper. So that's how feces felt? It made him somewhat orgasmic, judging from the fact that his penis was dying to point itself forwards.
No, Oswald then thought, I'm not some sort of scat-freak... this is not orgasmic! Not at all!
But no matter how hard he tried to think, his penis just refused to relax.
Swiftly but surely, since Pepper and Ace were still unconscious and nobody else was there after all, the nervous crewmate took his suit off, grabbed some changing utilities, a set of gloves and a disposable underpad from the cupboard, laid down on one of the unoccupied beds and let his penis practically jump its way out of the loaded diaper before giving in to satisfying it with some stimulating movements... little did he know that the spirits of Pepper and Ace were actually watching as well.
‘Don't look, Pepper’ Ace quickly signed, paired with a gesture for her to follow him to somewhere else.
“Why not? Pepper asked.
‘I just saw some really gross stuff.’
“You mean the toilets?”
‘Medley just threw up in one of them!’ That, of course, was a lie.
“Oh no, we surely don't want to see that... thanks for guiding me to the lava pool, then. Pretty funny to be above lava like this, huh?”
‘Surely is.’ The mute crewmate still couldn't process the sight of Oswald masturbating in his own dark matter, it was just too much to handle for him.
Eventually, Oswald came to his climax and orgasmed with quite the load of off-white stuff showing itself in the process. He sighed deeply in relief of having given in to something that he usually wouldn't even do.
At the same time, Medley was done with her impostor tasks and was met with this very unusual sight, which made her stomach churn in the first place.
“Oh, hi Oz...” she said. “C-can I help you? You look so helpless... t-trying to change your own d-dirty diaper...”
“Waah!” the nervous crewmate reacted the same way as beforehand, as he backed off and accidentally left fecal stains on both the underpad and the mattress cover in the process. “Medley, d-don't just s-startle me like t-that! S-see what you did?!”
“Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry! Also, what the heck is that white stuff on your shirt and penis?!”
“U-uh... it... ec... ectoplasm! T-there were ghosts! A-and I was p-possessed!”
“Oh dear, that must've been shocking... how did it feel to be possessed?”
“Awful as ever...!” Bald-faced lies came from Oswald's mouth, but he had to say at least something to Medley.
“You know what, I've been the impostor, after all... and since I already scrubbed yucky toilets, I probably deserve it to change yucky diapers like yours as well... and to toss yucky bedding in the washer as well. Goody, you're able to defecate very well!”
“Y-yeah... I guess I am...”
“Now, would you like to stand up instead so I can clean you?” Medley threw her hands into disposable gloves, removed Oswald's dirty gloves from his hands and used plenty of wipes to clean his genitals thoroughly. Next up, his clean area was provided of a thick layer of cream, and while the redhead laid down by himself, the girly girl put the fresh diaper on him before disposing all of the used and stained things into a plastic bag and taking the mattress cover off of the bed to toss it into the nearby washing machine with plenty of detergent.
Just as Medley wanted to bring the plastic bag towards the trash hatch in the O2 section and Oswald only just put his suit back on, an emergency meeting was soon called up.
“I'll go to the meeting” the nervous crewmate said, “you're still out, remember? Do your thing.”
“Thanks, I needed that” the crewmate in pink said as she continued her way towards the only trash hatch of the Polus.
At the meeting room in the office, Lyn was practically hyperventilating and short of breath at the same time.
“What's the matter, Lyn?” Oswald asked in a much more relaxed tone.
“J-Jules!” the blue-haired crewmate exclaimed. “He chased me all the way down to the decontamination room near here!”
“Did I?” Jules skeptically said.
“Yes, you did!”
“I already thought I saw something like that” Ryan said. “And you must also be behind Ezekiel's disappearance, huh? He cannot just disappear without a trace for no reason in particular...” He grabbed his tablet and voted Jules out, and Oswald and Lyn followed his example.
“Well then” Nico chuckled, “eye, I guess.” They also voted Jules out, ending the mission for good today.
“Ugh, finally” the crewmate in brown said as they rolled their eyes. “Figures that I lost, but only good that the mission is over.”
“Sorry for being so mean to you, Jules” Lyn said, “but I'm always mean to impostors... force of habit, I presume.”
“It's okay, I deserved it. I'm really the one who should apologise for terrorising you like that. Is there anything else I can do for you soon?”
“A triscuit platter with some of those yummy spreads would be nice.”
“Hmm, now that you mention it, I'd also like some of that stuff. Not a bad suggestion, thanks.”

Back in the living building, Hermie and Izuki were sitting at the dining table, at a safe enough distance from Sam, who had just undergone a quick diaper change, was watching TV again and very much focused on the still ongoing Boomerang cartoons so that they could hardly hear any background ruckus.
“Hermie, may I ask you a question?” Izuki asked.
“Ask away” Hermie replied.
“Why is Sam like this? You said they were sick.”
“I told you earlier, not all sick people are bedridden and consistently puking in a bucket, whether they're physically or mentally sick.”
“They also have a very strange demeanour for a sick person... kind of positive? And actual sick people often feel negative? Wait... is Sam delirious because of a fever? Have you even measured their temperature yet?!”
“Calm yourself, Izu, they don't have a fever.” The cool crewmate breathed in deeply. “Now, do you know what regression is?”
“Uh... I don't think so?”
“It's when someone suddenly turns back to an earlier phase in their life. It can happen quite suddenly, and it occasionally never goes away.”
“Ouch...” Silence. “Does this have anything to do with Sam?”
“Yeah, it actually does... it happens occasionally...”
“Oh. I... never knew that?”
“Barely anyone does, which is probably for the best for Sam.”
“For the best, you say? Are you even sure they're not faking their regression? Because that's something weird, you know?”
“Of course not! Oswald is Sam's best friend, and he told me that they definitely don't fake anything!”
“Alright, you don't have to raise your voice at me...!” Izuki's eyes became a little moist due to distress.
“I'm sorry, I didn't mean to... I think it's just one of those 'overprotective' traits that I don't tend to show that easily...” Hermie put her arms around her boyfriend, rubbed his back well and kissed his crown every now and then.
“I... sorry... I just don't know Sam that well...!”
“I understand, but are you being honest, too?”
“Then, will you please pay no mind to them walking around with a plushie and drinking from... well, let's say, a different kind of cup?”
“What kind?”
“A nursing bottle.”
“Oh... well, uh...”
“Do you promise to not even laugh at them?! You know they're more sensitive than you are!”
“Y... yes, Hermie. I will refrain from laughing at them.”
“Good, because I don't want a troubled matespritship* with you.”
“Neither do I.”
At the same time, the missionary crewmates returned home and surely couldn't wait to get back into their everyday clothes after a long mission.
“Oswald, what's taking you so long to get dressed?” Jules asked. “Are you suddenly shy about us seeing you naked?”
“Well, y-yes” Oswald stammered with a head as red as a beet. “I... I prefer t-to change my c-clothes alone...”
“The individual dressing section is in that corner.” The musical crewmate pointed at a curtain that was similar to a fitting room at an apparel store.
“Thanks...” The nervous crewmate hurried in there, and first took his time to examine the spot. On one shelf, there was some sanitiser, which he immediately used before finally getting out of his spacesuit.
Next up, there was a small cupboard that contained some diapers and changing utilities. However, since the others were still there, he only decided to grab them and slowly strip himself out of his underneath-the-suit-garb while waiting for silence to finally take over.
Once that was the case, he finally went on to changing his diaper and throwing himself back into his regular clothes. This process went smoothly, and nobody who accidentally busted him in a diaper either, because that'd absolutely be a no-go!
“Dadaaa?!” it suddenly sounded from the hallway.
Oswald was a little shocked at suddenly hearing it, as he was still not quite used to being referred to as anything in the way of 'Dada'.
“Dada, whewe you be?!”
“Sammy?” The redhead went out of the locker room and looked around the hallway, but he didn't have to look for too long as his fellow crewmate and best friend already stood somewhat in front of him. “Hi, baby! How've you been?” He wrapped his arms around them tightly.
“Been good. Chu too! Hehm an' Izu be nice.”
“That's only very good to hear, Sammy. Now, would you like some snacks?”
“A'weady had snacks, Dada. Hehm gave me. But I still wanna.”
“In that case, you will have to hand me your binky so I can put it in my inner pocket, and would you like me to help you with drinking from a cup with a handle?”
Sam's face had a shocked look once they heard that they had to give their pacifier to Oswald, even if it wouldn't take that long.
“You'll get it back later, I promise.”
“But I no wanna gib Chu to you!”
“You can keep Chu with you, but your binky will briefly be safe with me, alright? You still want that reward, if I'm not mistaken...”
“Otay, Dada...” Sam reluctantly grabbed their pacifier from their chest pocket and handed it to Oswald before the two went off to the dining room for their daily snacks.

*a term from Homestuck that describes a romantic relationship.

Little Endy

Sayori the shy Enderman :3 (he/they)
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Chapter 13
For today's mission to the Polus, there were Nico, Medley, Lyn, Izuki, Oswald, Ezekiel, Pepper, Hermie, Ace, and finally Sam as well.
“It feels good to be on a mission again” Sam said, “after having been so awfully sick until tomorrow noon.” They stealthily winked at Oswald, Izuki and Hermie.
“I'm also glad you're able to be with us again” Nico said. “I honestly missed your hard work all this time!”
“Tell me about it.” The tired-looking crewmate got up from one of the tables after Oswald had made sure that their diaper was taped up well enough, and threw themself into their comfy clothing and spacesuit. “I do miss Chu a little, though, but I'm sure she's comfortable enough with the others...”
“Oh, nobody special... sorry, I shouldn't have said that out loud...”
“It's alright. At least you're feeling good enough to still be on a mission.”
Once everyone was in their spacesuit, they stepped into the dropship, which departed almost immediately when all of the seatbelts had been fastened.
‘So this is your first time on the Polus, huh?’ Ace signed to Sam, who nodded in response.
“What does it look like?” they asked.
‘Snowy, purple, and it has lava, so be wary.’
“Better steer clear from the lava, then...”
‘And it has toilets, but we cannot use them.’
“A pox on toilets.”
The mute crewmate burst out in laughter about the sudden statement.
“Did I hear that correctly?” Ezekiel asked Sam. “Do you want toilets to not exist anymore? Then where else do you want us humans to relieve our organs?”
“Well... I, uh...” The tired-looking crewmate's head turned as red as a beet. “I have t-this fear of toilets...? I... got stuck in one of t-them back at the o-orphanage... a-a-and it took long b-before someone d-discovered that!” Sweat drops were running over their forehead while trying to keep their facial expression as straight as possible.
“Oh dear, I never knew that.”
“A-and that's why I'm... well... not toilet-trained?”
“Hey, it's n-not that big of a deal! D-diapers are m-more convenient t-t-than those s-secluded toilets t-that y-you have to walk a-all the way to!”
“Hmm, that indeed is a good point.”
“And w-what if there are n-no toilets nearby a-at all, such as on our m-missions? We go in our diapers, whether we like it or n-not!”
“So you're saying that you're a diaper lo--”
Lyn swiftly covered Ezekiel's mouth and glared hard at him.
“They're not!” she lied. “They're fully incontinent, just like the disabled people I used to tend to at my most iconic internship...” She then secretly winked at Sam. “Anyone can become incontinent, not just disabled or elderly people, but also those that look completely stereotypically normal.”
“She's speaking the truth” Izuki added with a nod in confirmation.
“You know that they're doing this to keep you safe, right?” Oswald whispered into Sam's ear.
“Yeah” Sam whispered back, “even if it's only partly true since I still wet the bed every night...”
“Don't whisper” Pepper cut the two best friends off, accidentally visibly shocking them. “Sorry, but it's rude to whisper in the presence of the others.”
“Just the presence of you...” Hermie muttered underneath her breath as she rolled her eyes.
The dropship then slowly but surely landed on its launchpad, and slowly opened its main door before everyone's tablets revealed their statuses.
This time, there were two impostors, and Ezekiel and Ace were the lucky ones with this status.
‘Let's do this’ the dark-blue-suited crewmate signed to his fellow impostor with a confident and somewhat evil smile, which was answered with a brief nod and a similar smile.

“So what's this Don't Hug Me I'm Scared that you just love to be on about?” Jules asked, as they handed one large bowl of popcorn and a large tumbler full of strawberry milkshake to Ryan.
“Thanks” the fanatic crewmate replied as he accepted his 'guilty' foods. “Well, it's this puppet show from Great Britain, and it looks cute, but looks can be deceiving, of course.” He opened the browser on his desktop computer, went to YouTube and looked the aforementioned show up.
“That looks so much like a mediocre version of Sesame Street!”
“That's because it's been made by a small team of developers.”
“Also, why that title? It sounds like the covid-19 pandemic where some people obviously came out as haphephobes.”
“In all honesty, I don't know.” Ryan took one handful of popcorn and ate it. “Mmm, the perfect butter and sugar flavour! You're the best popcorn maker!”
“Thanks.” Jules sat down on the free desk chair. “Now, shall we begin?”
“Actually, I need to visit the bathroom real quick...”
“You said you wanted to binge-watch this, right?”
“Yeah, but...”
“Hoist yourself into a diaper, man! After all, we've got plenty of them in this building and we also have them delivered weekly!”
“Oh... I guess you're right about that?”
“C'mon, to the bathroom. I'm not lying about the fact that there are literal diapers and such in one of the cupboards there.” The musical crewmate put their milkshake and popcorn aside and waited for their friend to do the same, so they could both head for the bathroom to grab themselves some diapers to put on.
“Whoa” Ryan said once his deed was done, “it honestly feels so weird to be diapered outside of a mission! But this is the perfect solution for bathroom breaks during binge-watching sessions every 15 minutes or so...! I should definitely keep on doing this, I think.”
“I've heard that Sam is mandatory to be in them all day, so for them, it's only the most convenient thing in the world.”
“Why, actually?”
“I heard they're incontinent, but I don't know if that's true.”
“Well, must be awesome to be them, I presume.”
The two now padded non-missionary crewmates returned to the fanatic young man's room and claimed their respective seats and snacks again.
“Now, shall we really begin? I'm dying of curiosity at this point!”
“Yes, now we shall finally begin, Jules.” Ryan clicked the first video that appeared in the results. “I already know them, but I won't spill any spoiler-related beans, I promise.”
The two friends sat back a little and occasionally ate some kernels of popcorn in the meantime, which was occasionally alternated by a sip of milkshake.
“This is also some yummy stuff, man” Ryan whispered. “You're not just a good musician, but a good chef as well.”
“Thanks, man, you're flattering me.”
As soon as silence was there again, the notebook in the video started singing the creative song, and especially the yellow puppet seemed very interested.
The minutes of the video went by, but at the end of it, Jules didn't really seem to be impressed, much against Ryan's expectations.
“It's a little unsettling” they said. “I'm not used to this, to be honest.”
“Then what kind of horror do you like, if I may ask?” Ryan asked.
“Well... the kind that doesn't contain gore, such as seen in Baldi's Basics. Doesn't make me hate puppets, though.”
“I see. Then, what about this?” The slightly bearded crewmate typed something else in the search bar. “This is the stuff that Ezekiel and I are consistently on about. It started out as something plain and boring, but it became better when Jeffy first appeared, in our opinion. Now, would you like to start with the plain and boring SML, or the Jeffy SML?”
“Plain and boring, if this isn't a show like Aqua Teen Hunger Force.”
“Actually, it is.”
“Then we should shuffle through some episodes.”
“Not a bad idea. Again, I know most of these, so no spoiler-related beans will come from my mouth.”
“Again, good.”
The two friends were left laughing and now started watching the weird plush show on shuffle, which Jules liked better, which was obvious since they didn't bother to not smile or keep their bladder strained in the meantime.

“There we go” Sam said as they finished opening up the last of the waterways. “Now the water will be all fluent again.”
Medley chuckled a little about the not-logical-sounding statement.
“What's your next task?” she asked.
“Well, I'll only have to start the reactor in the specimen room, and then I'm all done. What about you?”
“I'll have to look through the telescope and search for the set object as shown in a picture on my tablet.”
“Well, good luck, you can do this.”
“Thank you.” The girly girl kindly patted her fellow crewmate's shoulder before they went off to their respective task locations.
Once they made their way through the decontamination shaft via the office and almost arrived at the specimen room itself, however, they were shocked to see a fainted Oswald lying on the table.
“No!” they exclaimed. “Ozzy!”
But just as they wanted to report his unconscious body, however, Ezekiel crept up on them and almost immediately knocked them out by using his little device.
“Only Ace and I are allowed to have the baton of winners in our hands soon...!” the impostor in yellow softly cackled. “But at least you guys are now together again.”
Sam's spirit subsequently took form, and intrusive thoughts immediately started piling up in their head.
Am I dead? Is this even real? No... I'm actually dead since I cannot feel my heart anymore! And where are my lungs?! I'm not supposed to be in this state!
They started hyperventilating and tears welled up in their eyes.
“What are you doing?” Izuki asked. “Are you alright?”
No response.
And now someone is being apathetic to me! No wonder why nobody loves me! They just love to defy and haze me instead, and I know that!
“Sam! Snap out of it! This is common after the impostor knocked you out!”
“And now it's enough with the apathy!” Oswald screamed from the top of his lungs as he shoved Izuki aside. “You don't even know what Sam's been through! Stop telling them to 'snap out of it' because that won't ever help!”
“Damn, Oswald, have you studied sociology, if I may ask? Sounds mediocre to me.”
“No, but I am Sam's best friend and I know exactly how they feel, so get the fuck out!” Up next, the spirit of the nervous crewmate put his arm around his best friend's shoulders. “Shh... Sammy baby, I'm here...”
Hearing this, Sam immediately broke out in a loud crying fit and their hyperventilating didn't seem to be there anymore out of sudden.
“Zeezee no leave meeeeee!” they cried at the top of their lungs.
“Shh... I'm here... you're safe with me...” The arm around the shoulders swiftly turned into a tight hug with the rubbing of the back. “Now, I want you to breathe in deeply, hold it for a few seconds, and then breathe out. Like this...” Inhale... pause... exhale. Inhale... pause... exhale.
A few more times, and the white-suited crewmate's spirit followed suit until they breathed normally again.
“Ozzy...” they mumbled. “Thank you...”
“Anytime, baby” Oswald whispered. “I was absolutely shocked about your mental state just now. I'll definitely keep all of my senses onto it.”
“I dunno what I was doing, Ozzy...”
“That's alright. I'm with you and I'll protect you at all costs.”
In the meantime, Ace had been exposed as one of the impostors, and he was sent to scrub the toilets after the emergency meeting was over.
The last three crewmates standing were Pepper, Lyn and Hermie, and Ezekiel promised himself to try his utmost best to still win for himself and Ace.
Medley's spirit kept her eyes on Ace, who knocked her out the other minute.
This will be revenge, she thought, as she tried to possess him... to no avail, though, no matter how hard she tried.
She remembered how Oswald said that he had been possessed by spirits of the crewmates, and wanted to try it herself ever since. However, it didn't work, so she decided to ask him for confirmation.
As she planned it, he and Sam floated by to take a gander at their physical bodies, which were now still resting at the med-bay.
“Hey, Oswald?” Medley asked.
“Y-yes?” the nervous crewmate responded.
“Can I ask you a question?”
“You said you were possessed by ghosts the other mission, right?”
“Yes... it was scary! They left me all covered in ectoplasm, and scared the literal caca out of me!”
“Thanks for pointing out the obvious...” The girly girl shuddered and made a disgusted face as she thought of the sight. “Now, was that true?”
“Yes... o-of course it was... I didn't even know what overcame me!”
“Well, I tried to possess Ace the other second, but it didn't work.”
“I tried everything that I could, but I simply cannot possess him.” The shy crewmate edged a little closer to her nervous fellow crewmate, but not too close. “Oswald, are you even sure that you were, and still are, telling the truth?!”
“Of course, Medley.”
“Because I happened to also be cleaning the toilets back then, and that unusual moaning of yours from the med-bay... you're sure that you were possessed?”
“Yes, Medley.”
“Hmm... I'm not even sure if I should believe you, Oswald. I never believed in ghosts or anything remotely related to possession, so I'll be keeping my senses on you. If I catch you moaning once more and I know where it comes from, I'm so going to lecture you on it.”
“N-no!” Somewhere, it felt like Oswald accidentally relieved his bladder out of shock, but he was a spirit right now, so he couldn't quite comprehend the overall reason.
“Hey, don't worry, I won't tell anyone about it, not even Nico! I'm not even a type to trumpet it around!”
“Oh... well... th-thank you, I guess...”
Phew, the redhead thought, at least she doesn't even know about me apparently being some sort of scat-freak just yet...
Sam's eyes then widened as they looked their friend in the eyes, as if they just read that thought of his out of nowhere.
“Are you sure about that?” they whispered into his ear. “I won't tell anyone, though...”
“Uh... l-long story... I'll explain it later, I think...”
At the same time, Ezekiel had emerged victorious as the winner of the mission, alongside Ace, who practically screeched in a very happy fashion upon getting such a notification on his tablet.

Little Endy

Sayori the shy Enderman :3 (he/they)
Gewaardeerd lid
Chapter 14
“Sam?” Ryan asked, as he saw his fellow crewmate be in some sort of trance at the dining table, with their head hung low and a vacant look in their eyes. “Are you feeling okay? You've barely even touched your gratin.”
“I'm fine” Sam sighed, “thanks for the sympathy.”
“Don't you like gratin?”
“I do... but I guess, uh... my energy level is, like, sooo low...” They groggily put their head back up and browsed their eyes until they found Nico. “N-Nico?”
“Yes, Sam?” the head of the crewmates replied. “Oh dear, you look to be a tad pale...”
“Don't I always look pale? Trust me, I'm even more pale than my mothers and sibling...”
“I mean, you look sick. Today's mission with most of us getting knocked out didn't really help for you, did it?”
“Nah... don't think so...”
“Can I help them out?” Oswald asked, who had eaten enough already. “I know what to do.” He looked at his boss with pleading eyes. “Please, Nico?”
“If it's for Sam, I'll let you, Oswald. Are you sure you're not hungry anymore?”
“No, Nico.”
“Anyone can still have my food” Sam said, “since I haven't even licked it or anything.” They clumsily got up but got supported by Oswald just in time.
“Do you want some formula instead?” he whispered into their ear, “once we're in your bedroom?”
“But how are you gonna do that without people seeing my bottle?”
“Well, that's easy. Your bottle will wait here, and I'll pour the stuff into a mug at first before transferring it into your bottle with a funnel...!”
“Ooh, very wise thinking.”
The nervous crewmate let his fatigued friend sit into their rocking chair, got one nursing bottle of many from Sam's opaque 'little' box, and subsequently headed to the kitchen to prepare a mug of formula to transfer into that bottle later on.
“Hi, Oz” Hermie greeted him while being the last one to put her plate and cutlery into the dishwasher. “What are you planning with that funnel?”
“Oh” Oswald chuckled sheepishly. “I, uh... am just planning to bring some hot milk to Sam... for them to drink it with a funnel.”
“Drinking with a funnel, huh?”
“Y-yeah... to not spill anything from that open cup.”
“You're kidding, aren't you?”
“Uh, no?”
The cool crewmate leaned towards her friend's ear.
“Hey, don't worry, your secret is safe with me. I know what you're really up to, because I know that Sam needs it.”
Beep, beep, beep! The microwave was done heating its contents up.
Oswald carefully took the mug out and brought it to Sam's room without anyone giving him anything in the way of weird looks, fortunately.
“You're just in time, Zeezee” Sam mumbled with a tired but pleased smile on their face. “Now, I am actually feeling hungry, without the presence of all of the others.”
“That's only good” the redhead said, as he closed and locked the door before placing the funnel into the 'cup' of the nursing bottle, pouring the mug's contents into it, closing the bottle and shaking its contents well before finally handing it to his friend. “There you go.”
“Thanks.” The tired-looking crewmate immediately started drinking greedily.
“Is that better than any solid food at the moment?”
Through their session of drinking, Sam nodded and hummed in agreement.
“You looked to be a bit sad back at the table, huh?”
“I...” The quiet blonde crewmate stopped drinking to speak. “I dunno why I felt that way... must be stress or something that's kicking in somewhere... but...” Their voice grew even quieter. “You'll still be there for me at all times, even when I get sick again... right...?”
“Of course, Sammy baby, why wouldn't I?”
“Well, uh... I...”
Oswald crammed himself into the rocking chair as well and put his arm around Sam's shoulders.
“Of course I won't ever leave or betray you. I love you... platonically, that is.”
“I love you the same way, Ozzy.” Sam planted a kiss on their friend's cheek. “Regardless of how I consider you – either Ozzy or Daddy – I love you platonically.” They then put their bottle back into their mouth and continued drinking.
“Aw, Sammy, that's so sweet of you...” Teary-eyed, the redhead returned the peck on his friend's cheek. “You want to be moirails* with me, huh?”
“Then let's.” At the same time, Oswald's organs were going a little loose. “Aw, man, I need to use the bathroom...”
“A pox on toilets, Ozzy” Sam said once all of their bottle's contents were drained. “That's what you repeated after me, right?”
“I know, but I don't just need to pee!”
“I don't care, just turn that asterisk into an O, whether you like it or not! You know how I also mess my diapers right in front of everyone else, regardless if we're on missions or not, right?!”
“Yeah, I guess you're right...”
“And if you're not comfortable, I could always help you out.”
Sam held on to Oswald in a comfortable enough position so he could easily relieve himself. However...
“Oswald?” Medley shyly asked as she opened the door of the room.
The two best friends shrieked out of shock and both relieved their bladders in the process.
“M-Medley!” Sam stammered nervously, “i-it's not what y-you think it is!”
“Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry...! I shouldn't just mercilessly enter rooms without knocking!” The girly girl's face turned a deep hue of red and tears welled up into her eyes. “Sam, I never knew you kept such a secret...”
“And you shouldn't trumpet around about it! N-nobody is allowed to know!”
“I-I promise I won't... oh my gosh, I'm genuinely sorry... I should be ashamed of that habit of mine...!” Soft sobbing. “I-is Oswald okay with this?”
“He's my best friend, duh! He definitely is!”
“Oh... o-okay... whatever you two were doing, p-please go on ahead... I'll leave...” Medley quietly left the room, and Oswald subsequently rushed to the door to lock it.
In the meantime, Sam had also felt the urge to relieve themself further than the rest of their bladder, so they did without any further ado.
The nervous crewmate had swiftly texted Nico via his tablet in the meantime, that he and Sam were okay but needed some time alone for private business. Legitimate enough, if I may say so myself.
“Sammy?” he asked once a familiar sense met his nose. “Did you do really gross stuff in your diaper?”
“No” Sam simply replied.
“Well, it definitely wasn't me...”
“Yes it was.”
“I only peed out of shock just now.”
“Me too.”
“You're lying to Daddy, aren'tcha?”
“Well, then you shouldn't believe me either.” Oswald sat down on his knees, held on to the bars of Sam's bed that were now down, and strained to relieve himself since the urge was currently bugging him quite a lot. “Oh, goody, that feels great...”
“Ozzy, did you just do gross stuff?” The tired-looking crewmate playfully tossed their empty nursing bottle towards their friend, who easily caught it in his left hand, but toppled right onto his butt soon after, causing his diaper's contents to get stuck on his genitals.
“Oh, so you're admitting it, too?”
“It's just... so orgasmic! I feel so horny right now, yet ashamed somewhere, too!”
“Zeezee, you shouldn't be ashamed for being horny about a loaded diaper, there are definitely more people in the world who love that, including me, you know?!” Sam briefly paused. “So despite your germaphobia, you still discovered that messy diapers make you all horny and orgasmic?”
“Uh... i-it manifested d-during the last m-m-mission without you, Sammy...” Oswald looked Sam in the eyes in a strict fashion. “Promise you won't tell the others about the following?”
“Do Ryan and Ezekiel watch fun stuff on YouTube?”
“Of course not!”
“That's the spirit. It'll just be between you and me.”
“Good.” The nervous crewmate breathed in deeply, but retched as he did so. “Well... during that one mission, I suddenly got so... so horny about having done that in my diaper, that... well... you know...”
“Little Ozzy pointed himself forwards?”
“Yeah, exactly that...! I... I had to give in to that feeling, and uh... well... just as I climaxed, Medley busted me, and... a-a-and I had to say that I had been p-p-possessed by ghosts and that t-there was e-ectoplasm all over me!”
Sam burst out in laughter of how funny the lie sounded to them.
“Sorry, but it just sounds so funny! I do believe you, though...!” They pinched their nose to stop laughing. “Yeah, now that I think about it, semen indeed looks a little like ectoplasm... I've seen it on a video during biology class.”
“And how did your classmates react to that?”
“I didn't have any. I was home-schooled this entire time.”
“Hmm, I envy you somewhere... I had to go to school the whole time, and during sexual education in biology class, almost everyone was being so childish and weird! Well, except for me and about four friends of mine, that is.”
“Ozzy, if you're feeling so horny right now, why shouldn't we go to the bathroom to give in?”
“O... oh...” Oswald blushed hard upon hearing that. “Are you sure? J-just make sure t-to put some gloves on, though... unless y-you're okay with h-having caca all o-over your hands...”
“Nah, gloves and a peg it is.” Sam grabbed a bathrobe and their sleepwear, opened a grid up to ventilate the putrid smell of dark matter away and stealthily went to the nearby bathroom with their best friend in their wake, and fortunately, nobody else had seen or smelled them in the meantime.
First, the door was locked once again for the sake of their privacy. Second, all of the clothes were stripped and put to safety in one of the corners. Then came the part where Sam put a peg onto their nose, clothed their hands with two disposable gloves, and prepared some changing utilities for themself and Oswald before the fun actually started.
“Shall we begin?” they asked as they put their hands near the tabs of their friend's soaked and loaded diaper.
“Please do” Oswald yell-chuckled in excitement, “little Oswald surely is eager to undergo it in foreign hands!”
“Alright then.” The tired-looking crewmate opened the diaper up and immediately grabbed their friend's erected and stained penis with both their hands.
“Ouch! You know that's my penis, and not a hose, right?!”
“Sorry, guess I'm a little too excited...!”
And this is where the process finally started. A gloved hand that wasn't Oswald's own had started to satisfy 'little Oswald'. The up-and-down rubbing started slow, but gradually became quicker. And quicker. And the penis turned redder in the process. It didn't take long before the climax caused the familiar 'ectoplasm' to ejaculate itself out of the penis... only to partly latch itself onto Sam's left cheekbone, fairly close to their eye.
“Yuck!” they exclaimed in a mix of disgust and laughter. “I just got possessed, too! But at least you're satisfied and calm again.”
“Well yes I am” Oswald babbled in a trance-like state. Oh, that definitely felt great, to have someone else masturbate for him. The kind of imagination that he never even had until discovering his fetish very recently.
“Do you want to take a bath now?”
“Do I wanna take a baff?” The redhead was practically drooling and smiling.
“We'll have to rinse ourselves with the shower first, though...”
“I feel so happy...”
Sam took their stained gloves off, tossed them in the nearby trash can, put a different pair on and went on to cleaning the teensy drop of semen from their own face before removing their friend's soiled diaper from underneath him and thoroughly cleaning his icky abdomen and genitalia.
“You did great just now, Zeezee” they said. “You deserve a nice, hot bath as a reward.” They kissed the tranced crewmate's cheek, took their gloves off once again to dispose them along with the used diaper, 'tickled' his stomach with their fingertips and then helped him get into the bathtub so he could rinse him at first.
Once he was all clean down there, Sam took their own diaper off, thoroughly wiped their own genitalia as well and underwent the same process of rinsing them with the shower since Oswald held on to the shower head the entire time.
Finally, when everything was okay and stainless, the process of an actual bath started. Plug, faucet mode, good hot temperature, plenty of bath gel and oil... check, check, and check once again.
“Doesn't occur often, huh?” Oswald stated once the bathtub was all filled up. “The baby making sweet love to their Daddy, rather than vice versa.”
“Well” Sam chuckled, “I'm not always sick, you know? And it's been some sort of reward for taking good care of me the entire time, too.”
“Aw, thanks, Sam, that's nice of you.”
“When am I not nice?”
The two moirails started washing one another thoroughly and in a loving fashion, and they enjoyed every second of it.
It was almost 7:15 p.m. when they both decided that they were done, so the plug was removed from the drain by then. Next up, the process of drying one another off, smothering all of the genitals in a thick layer of cream, diapering one another and finally hoisting themselves into their sleepwear and bathrobe before brushing their teeth.
When all of that was done, they both checked if the bathroom was left in a tidy state for the next users, and subsequently left it.
“Hi, Oswald” Hermie said, “nice bathrobe you got there!”
“Thanks” Oswald replied with a smile.
“You seem very pleased and relaxed. Did you guys have a nice hot bath just now?”
“Yeah, with essential oils.”
“Next time, you should let Nico massage you, too! Trust me, Sam and I had undergone the same kind treatment, and it's absolutely been worth it.”
“I'll consider it.” The redhead then turned to Sam with a kind smile. “Do you mind me borrowing this nice, comfy bathrobe of yours for the time being?”
“Of course not” Sam replied just as kindly, “do whatever pleases you.”
The two moirails then found themselves into Sam's bedroom, where they both noticed that they were fatigued and in the need of some well-deserved sleep.
Oswald tucked Sam into their weighted blanket, gave them their pacifier and soft comfort objects, and had a hard time to choose a song for the music box to play.
“Zeezee?” Sam asked.
“Yes, Sammy baby?”
“Pweathe thtay with me.”
“With pleasure.” The nervous crewmate locked the door before finally deciding a song for the music box to play, joining their best friend into their bed and putting the bars up once he made himself comfortable enough. “Sleep well, sweetie.”

*a term from Homestuck that means platonic partner.

Little Endy

Sayori the shy Enderman :3 (he/they)
Gewaardeerd lid
Chapter 15
“Is everyone ready to go to the Polus again?” Nico asked.
“Yeah” Medley said.
“I guess so?” Sam replied.
“Why wouldn't I?” Ryan chuckled.
Other crewmates on today's mission were Pepper, Ezekiel, Jules, Izuki, Lyn and Ace.
Oswald and Hermie would stay home to work a little for themselves, and especially the former found it strange and worrisome that he was without Sam now. How would they possibly do without him?
The 'missionary' crewmates stepped into the dropship and departed.
In the dropship, it was eerily quiet. Especially Sam didn't dare to speak or make noise, since they didn't feel safe without Oswald around.
‘You're going to do great’ Ace eventually signed with a smile, ‘regardless of what your next status will become.’
The white-suited crewmate simply sighed through their nose and shrugged.
‘Aren't you feeling too hot lately?’
A shake of the head.
‘That must suck. Mind if I stick with you?’
Another shrug.
‘Know that I'll be there if you need anything. You can trust me.’ The mute crewmate patted his friend's shoulder and rubbed it.
Nico eventually noticed that Sam felt a little off, and looked them in the eyes in some sort of worrisome fashion. Their look immediately received a response as they happened to sit right next to their underling in white.
“If you're not feeling okay for whatever reason” they said, “you can always forfeit the mission, there's nothing wrong with that.”
“I can do the mission perfectly” Sam mumbled. “I only need help when I say so.”
“To me, it doesn't look like your energy is that stable.”
“I regret having such energy. I'm just tired, that's all, but that doesn't mean that I can't be on this mission.”
“Alright, if you say so.”
Soon, everyone arrived on the Polus, and for most of the crewmates, their first task was to insert the keys into the dropship so they could arrive home smoothly once that time would come.
The impostors were Pepper and Jules, who were already pretty good at it, but decided to stick together when striking, rather than splitting up like in most of the cases.
Sam decided to stick with Ace despite feeling reluctance somewhere deep inside of them. Indeed, they even had scanning in the med-bay as a task, so they could confirm one another to be safe.
‘What's your next task?’ Ace then signed.
“The reactor” Sam replied, “what about you?”
‘Sorting the specimens.’
The twosome was only just about to enter the decontamination chamber to the specimen room when a body had suddenly been reported.
Soon, everyone sat in the meeting part of the office.
“Where did you guys find it?” Sam groaned.
“It was Izuki” Jules said. “He struck Medley right in front of me at the security.”
“What?!” Izuki exclaimed. “I did not!”
“Did too!”
“It was definitely you, and Pepper was watching you in approval!”
“To be fair” Lyn said, “I may suspect Nico, but I'm not entirely sure.”
“We should skip this one” Nico said, as they skipped their vote on their tablet.
Most of the crewmates skipped, and a few personal votes were also casted, but the mission simply continued as it was.
“It's a good thing that the specimen room is accessible with two ways” Sam said as they made a gesture towards Ace to follow them.
The dark-blue-suited crewmate simply nodded.
The two were disinfected in the decontamination chamber and subsequently hurried their way towards the specimen room.
The reactor, however, wasn't that easy for Sam, much against their own expectations. In fact, they were quite envious at Ace for being done with his sorting task so quickly.
‘If you're looking for me’ he signed, ‘you can find me at the O2 room, since two out of three of my last tasks are there. Stay safe.’ With a teeny tiny wave, he went off.
He just left you without your approval, huh? He doesn't like you. Of course you cannot trust him, you twit.
“Focus, Sam...” Sam grumbled out loud when trying to remember the order of the keys on the reactor's keypad. Now wasn't the time for intrusive thoughts...
You should most likely forfeit and come crying to Nico that you want to see your Daddy so badly. They like it when you come crying to them.
“His name is Oswald! And I'm not quitting!”
You're just a futile, puny, vulnerable organism that doesn't have the right to exist in this universe. Your brain looks like a six-year-old rotten walnut, and your energy and feelings don't matter.
“Stop it! Shut the fuck up! I cannot take it!”
Of course you can take it, you sick piece of trash. You're alone, and nobody even cares about you at this point. Not even your own pathetic excuse of a family!
“Shut it! Shut it! Shut iiiiit! I don't want to hear any of this!”
Pepper and Jules, who happened to be near the specimen room, were shocked upon hearing all of the sudden exclaiming.
“Oh my god” Jules muttered, “are they possessed or something?”
“Don't just stand there and worry about them” Pepper snapped, “knock them out and scram.”
“Fine...” The brown-suited crewmate rolled their eyes in disapproval.
But just as the two impostors arrived, Sam suddenly started screaming on top of their lungs and passed out hard soon after.
“Uh... was this even supposed to happen?”
“You didn't even knock them out and they already lost their consciousness. Did they know that you're an impostor all along?”
“I honestly have no clue. But we can't just leave them there, you know?”
“How are you going to convince that you did not knock Sam out?”
“I have a plan...” Jules grabbed their tablet and sabotaged the lights. “Distraction. Now, help me carry Sam and I'll put them to rest in the med-bay while everyone else is distracted.”
“You're one smart person, why haven't I thought of that sooner?”
The two impostors swiftly and conveniently lifted Sam up by their ankles and wrists, carried them towards the decontamination chamber near the med-bay in the style of a stretcher, and then hastily threw them onto one of the seemingly vacant beds in a very uncomfortable pose... right on top of Medley, whose spirit shook her head hard in disapproval.
A few seconds afterwards, the lights went back on, and Jules and Pepper hurried outside towards the nearest weather node to pretend that they had a task there.
“Phew, that was close!” Jules whispered. “Now to remain quiet...” They were nervous to the point that they had actually wet their diaper without even noticing it at first.
Pepper nodded in agreement with a confident look on her face.

The mission had eventually been won by the impostors, who actually made a perfect pair with striking and spreading lies despite the fact that they are obviously polar opposites in many respects.
One by one, the first few crewmates that had been knocked unconscious slowly woke up. Sam, the case who had passed out by themself, however, seemed to be trapped in some sort of bubble of negativity, as if having a nightmare, which concerned the only-just-awake Medley quite a lot.
It started like a dream, where they found themself in their bed. They were at their parental home, and a pleasant light shone into the room. This felt pretty nice and comfortable, and the soft sound of the gentle spring wind blew into the room from the only window that was open.
Slowly but surely, the wind became a hurricane that started destroying the trusty environment little by little, and the pleasant hue of light suddenly turned into some sort of horrid, unbearable darkness. The walls started crumbling and suddenly had a raging-looking shade of red, rather than the off-white that it actually was.
The door then fell over and shattered hard upon falling while revealing some sort of eerie, shadowy figure with glowing red eyes from behind it. In response, the windows also fell over and shattered like crazy.
“I've been waiting for you to be all alone” it said. “Now, be good for your father.”
Sam backed off hard and tried to hold on to the sides of their bed while trembling with paranoia.
“I said to be good for your father, you worthless pile of intestines!” Before a response could be given, a stinging slap was given across the paranoid crewmate's face. “Why did you leave me?!”
“D-did not!” Tears welled up in their eyes.
More slaps were given, which then turned into punches, which were so harsh that their entire face was left bleeding.
“You know very well what I mean! Don't just answer me back!” From the figure's stomach, many tentacles then suddenly emerged, and they all held on to syringes, razors and knives, which soon impacted the helpless Sam all over, to the point where all of their clothes were all damaged and gone.
“Stop it!” they screamed at the top of their lungs. “You're evil and I hate you!” Soon after, their airways were suddenly blocked and it felt like their heart had stopped as well.
But the physical violence only continued mercilessly. The bed's sheets were soon covered in bodily waste and kilolitres of blood that kept on gushing out of the wounds of which the size just kept on increasing.
“Nobody can hear you scream, you worthless organism...”
“Sam!” an unknown voice then suddenly said. “Sam, wake up!”
Who was that?
It suddenly sounded so familiar...
“Sam! Crewmate! Wake up!”
The nightmare situation then suddenly started distorting slowly but surely.
“Saaaaam! Wake uuuuup!”
The distortion only looked more and more nightmarish as the voices kept on increasing in both volume and quantity.
And after what seemed ages, Sam finally managed to scream again, and also woke up that way.
“Sam!” Nico exclaimed. “What happened?!” The worrisome mood that they were currently in wasn't anything like they usually were.
The white-suited crewmate's eyes snapped open and they frantically moved them around until they found the source of the voice. Their breathing, however, was very fast, and the paranoia that was still in them would probably be the cause.
“Good, you know who and where I am.”
Sam then slowly started to sense their surroundings... they were at the med-bay of the Polus. Seemingly lying on top of Medley's lower legs. Medley was looking at them in a concerned and scared fashion. What was that stuff that was slowly gushing down their lower legs... oh no. Oh, no, no, no. It seemed that their diaper couldn't hold it anymore, and especially not if it came to the runny feces that they suddenly had gotten. Upon making that realisation, they had started weeping loudly and in a heartrending fashion.
“We need to go home as quickly as possible” Medley said. “This looks like a dire and grave situation.”
“If only Oswald would be here...” Lyn sighed. “At least he knows what to do...”
“S-s-s-s-so s-s-s-scaaaaaared!” Sam screamed at the top of their lungs.
“Never expected something like this on any mission...” Pepper whispered in Jules's ear.
Jules themself widened their eyes in surprise, since Pepper would normally disapprove of whispering to the fullest, but why did she do it just now?
Nico swiftly picked Sam up and held on to them as if they were a toddler and hurried towards the dropship.
“Follow suit!” they commanded to the rest of the crewmates, who all did as they were told.
“According to the vitals” Izuki stated, “they were still okay at first, but then, I suddenly saw the speed of their heartbeat increase, and that concerned me so much...”
‘I really shouldn't have left them alone’ Ace signed as he had also started to cry. Not just the simple sniffles like he usually did, but the more stressed hiccups, sobs and wails that he also did whenever he'd be suspected. ‘If I stayed, it would probably have gone better.’
“Good point” Lyn said. “You know very well that they're a highly sensitive person. Do you promise to stay with them whenever Oswald is not around on any of the subsequent missions?”
‘I do.’ The mute crewmate curled his little finger around the athletic crewmate's, who only smiled and patted his shoulder in approval.
“That's the way.”
“I don't think it's necessarily related to being left alone with Sam's mindset of being abandoned” Ryan stoically replied.
“Ryan, don't just make such rude statements!”
“Sorry, it was just a thought.”
“Save the subsequent headcanons for your diary or something, bud” Ezekiel said with only a slight chuckle. “Don't just make random prejudices, alright?”

Back at the living building of our main group, Oswald and Hermie were finally done with all of their online assignments, which were quite difficult today. They were about everything in the way of the reactor and laboratory.
“That was tough” Hermie sighed. “Should I make lunch?”
“Sure” Oswald replied, “I have this ravenous hunger going on right now. I'd like a good, thick, savoury sandwich, what about you?”
“Doesn't sound like a bad idea. What would you like on your sandwich?”
“Some cheese spread, cheddar, bologna, lettuce, tomatoes, lightly fried onions, cucumber, catsup and mayonnaise.”
“Interesting combination, I'll take the same.”
“Do whatever pleases you. Oh, and I'll be back. I need to use the bathroom...”
“Take your time, Oz.”
The nervous crewmate got off of the sofa and hurried towards the nearby bathroom, where, as soon as he locked the door, he put some gloves on and undid himself of his overly soaked diaper that was at the verge of leaking. All of that hard work had strained his bladder big-time, and forced him to relieve it regularly.
Soon after, his genitals were cleaned thoroughly with some water wipes, provided with a new layer of cream, and lastly, he was in a fresh diaper, which felt a lot better for his sensitive skin.
However, as soon as he threw all of the used utilities away and unlocked the door, he heard piercing screaming coming from the end of the hallway that led to the locker room. It sounded familiar and afraid... no, paranoid, even.
“No” Oswald mumbled to himself, “this cannot be real, please...!”

Little Endy

Sayori the shy Enderman :3 (he/they)
Gewaardeerd lid
Chapter 16
Nico, strong as they were, carried Sam towards the bathroom of the floor where their room was, spacesuit and all.
“Oh, Nico” Oswald stammered, “w-we're glad you're home... I w-was so worried a-about Sam, a-and especially r-right now...!”
“So was I, Oswald” the leader of the crewmates replied. “Sam has apparently suffered serious consequences from something during the mission. We ought to discuss this very soon, like an emergency meeting outside of a mission.”
“Oof...! As their best friend, that just hurts me so much!”
“Stay if you'd like, but I have this feeling that I have a huge clean-up to perform on Sam, judging from my nostrils feeling agitated by a certain smell...!” Nico put Sam straight into the bathtub, stripped their spacesuit off and checked it. “Hmm... no damage or stains, but I do need to fully decontaminate it. Oswald, would you like to keep an eye on Sam in the meantime?”
“S-sure... Nico...”
The serious-almost-stoic crewmate swiftly brought the white suit towards the decontamination booth in the locker room and let the machine do its work for the next hour.
Sam was still obviously upset, judging from the way that they hadn't stopped crying for about the last half hour.
“Sammy...” Oswald whispered. “Sammy baby... Dada's here...” He put his hand onto their right shoulder, and as if that was magic, their cries immediately became quieter.
“D... dada...” Sam babbled in between some hiccups and sobs. “Dadabaguh... aaah... aguuuh...” They tried their best to say something in plain English, but simply couldn't get to it.
“You're home, sweetie. I heard you... were hurt somewhere...”
“Oof!” The nervous crewmate then suddenly noticed a strong smell coming from his friend and subsequently retched hard. “S-sorry... oh my goodness, my senses should really let me stop overreacting...” Another retch, and as if it was a reflex, he quickly shoved himself towards the nearby toilet to throw up. Germaphobia was really a monster for the poor guy.
A little later, Nico came back, and was a little concerned about Oswald.
“Oswald, are you alright?” they asked.
“Uh... y-yes, I am.”
“Were you feeling sick the other minute?”
“Don't get too worked up, okay?”
Oswald sighed loudly, almost like a groan, being a little annoyed with how his boss didn't even know about his germaphobia that well.
The main crewmate then turned back to Sam in the bathtub to carefully peel them out of their filthy clothes and diaper while the shower ran to rinse them.
The redhead caught a brief glance of the horrid sight when his curiosity rang a little bell, and passed out very soon after.
Sam, who actually saw it happen from the corner of their eye, albeit a tad blurry, gasped a little.
“What's the matter, Sam?” Nico asked.
“Dada!” the regressed crewmate stuttered as they pointed at their unconscious friend.
“Oh dear... I guess that horrid sight just now was really too much to handle for him. It's a good thing that I can stand even the worst of sights after almost two decades of willingly having to work with it.”
“Do you want me to make him a little comfortable?”
Sam nodded with a sudden serious look on their face.
“Alright, but please do be careful in the meantime.” The green-clad crewmate swiftly dried their hands with a nearby miniature towel, grabbed a larger, folded one from the nearby shelf and put it under the unconscious Oswald's head, in reaction to which Sam smiled in approval.
It took quite the while before the usually white-suited crewmate was all clean and satisfied, but once they were, Nico dried them well, provided them with a good layer of cream and a fresh, thick diaper, and even gave them an essential oil massage since they could surely use that after a ton of distress.
The smell of the blend of oils made Oswald regain his consciousness slowly but surely, and he was only just pleased with the fact that his head had rested on something comfortable almost the entire time.
“W... wh... where am I...?” he mumbled. “Oh, the bathroom... oof, my head hurts...” He slowly but surely sat up, trying his best to not get too dizzy, but failing. “Oh my goodness, I must've hit my head hard beforehand...”
“How are you feeling, Oswald?” Nico asked as they started massaging Sam's lower back.
“Oh... hi, Nico... I'm feeling a little... you know... foggy...”
“Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear that.”
“It's okay... at least I'm awake again...” The redhead felt his bladder sting, and immediately relieved it in his diaper. “A pox on toilets...”
“Dada” Sam cooed, “Dada.”
“Sammy, you're also still there...”
“I wanna cwofing...”
“Do you want me to grab an outfit?”
“I'll try, but I'm only just awake, too...”
“Otay, Dada.”
Oswald carefully stood up and briefly left the bathroom to head for Sam's room to grab some clothing for them. He decided on an oversized T-shirt and some neither-too-plain-nor-too-fancy bloomers, because after all, it's been a long day for his moirail.
Back in the bathroom, Nico had finished up the massage and was now washing their hands when Oswald came to dress Sam up.
“Thanks for your help, Oswald” Nico said. “Again, you know Sam like none other, huh?” They were smiling, which was very unusual but still genuine.
“And thank you for taking such good care of Sam in the meantime” Oswald replied. “Seriously, I couldn't wish for a better boss than you.” He also tried to smile, but burst out in tears due to release of tension.
“Oh, sweetheart...” The serious crewmate pulled their underling into their grasp for a hug and some back rubs. “I'll definitely think a little more before sending Sam on a mission without you... I should've known sooner that the two of you are inseparable...”
“It's also okay if Hermie goes on the same mission as them... she also knows them fairly well by now...”
“Thanks for letting me know, I'll contact the headquarters about this right now.”
“Again, thank you.”
“Dada cwy?” Sam said, as they tried to get off of the massage table hesitantly.
Nico let go of Oswald and helped the regressed crewmate get their feet onto the floor safely before heading to the office to contact the headquarters.
“Sammy baby...” Oswald sobbed. “I've missed you so much and I've been so worried about you...” He immediately took his moirail into a tight grasp and hugged them well.
“I hungy, Dada, and I wan' Chu.”
“But you already have me, Sammy baby.”
“No, Dada, I wan' Chu.”
“Oh, you want Chu?”
“Then we'll get her together.”
The two moirails went to the 'baby' room to get Sam's favourite plushie, as well as their pacifier, before heading to the main room to eat some lunch.
“Hi, Oz” Hermie said, “I don't need to ask anything why you took so long. I've heard some snippets of it.”
“Thanks for understanding me, Herm. You're a... good egg.”
The cool crewmate chuckled a little before handing her fellow crewmate his requested sandwich on a plate.
“Should auntie Hermie make you some lunch too, Sammy?”
Sam smiled and nodded eagerly.
“What would you like?”
“Um... I dunno.”
“Would you like a platter with some yummy foods to choose?”
“Alrighty.” Hermie briefly headed to Sam's room to grab one of their platter plates before providing it with a few different foods back in the kitchen.

“It's been a rough mission just now, hasn't it, Izuki?” Hermie asked.
“Yeah...” Izuki sighed. “I've never felt any more guilty for Sam's health...”
“Sweetheart, you don't have to feel guilty about that.”
“Yes, I definitely do...! Remember how I said that they faked their regression?”
“Uh, yes? That was very stupid of you to have said that.”
“I know, Hermie... and now that I saw Sam in that inconsolable state last mission, my mind about them has changed drastically.”
“I'm only glad it did.”
“It's usually the case that whenever someone has a serious depressive episode, others react so apathetically and mean, you know? Like, they say mean and rude things like 'don't be so dramatic', 'you can just talk', 'stop behaving like a child' and all that shit. And you know how most of the others reacted to Sam when they had that episode? Everything but apathetically and mean! I praise them so much for that, for actually being supportive and staying level-headed...!” Izuki couldn't hold his tears back anymore and burst out in crying.
“And I praise you for praising them, Izu sweetheart. Sam's a really sensitive person, and by now, most of us know very well that they shouldn't bash them so rudely like that.”
“Yeah... I wonder if the same happens to the other crewmates on the complex?”
“I certainly hope so. Mental health should also be recognised as something legitimate, and I'm still mad about how it often still isn't.”
“Thank you for actually convincing me to talk about it, Hermie. You're the pep in my step that I really need.”
“I'm only very glad that I can help you, sweetie.”
The couple exchanged hugs and briefly made out until someone knocked on the door of Hermie's room.
“Coming!” the cool crewmate shouted, as she threw her shoes and vest back on. “I think Nico wants us to come to their office and talk for a bit.” She stood up and opened the door up.
Izuki also put his shoes and vest on before getting off of the bed.
“Ah, Izuki” Nico said, “I was planning to knock on your door next, but now that you're with Hermie, I don't.”
The couple then followed their boss to their office and had a seat and a cup of water there.
Oswald was also present, and he looked a little uneasy and nervous.
“Where's Sam?” Izuki asked.
“A-asleep in their room...” Oswald softly replied.
“Seems legit. The whole happening surely tuckered them out to the max.”
Once everyone was seated, Nico started the 'miniature meeting'.
“So” they said, “Sam has had a mental breakdown during the most recent mission. What exactly is going on with them lately?”
Oswald gasped at the tone on which the last sentence was said, and Hermie was also a little shocked, to the point where her heart was beating faster.
“Don't worry, you guys are not in trouble or anything. After all, we're responsible adults above the age of 18, aren't we?”
“Yes, Nico” Oswald, Hermie and Izuki said in unison.
“But it's not what we're concerned about” Hermie then stated. “But some of the following information has been shared with us in confidence.”
“That's right” Oswald added with a clear nod. “H-however, we d-do not want to sh-share too much a-a-and break Sam's t-trust... goody, that'd b-b-be horrid...”
The boss of the crewmates fidgeted a little with the stirrer in their mug of coffee and scanned the three underlings before them with their eyes.
“While I can perfectly comprehend that, I have to insist for Sam's safety. We cannot let it happen again in the midst of a mission.”
“Oh... well, yeah, okay... but may we ask you just one thing?”
Nico simply nodded and then scanned their eyes again.
“P-please... keep an open mind... a-and not j-just this once...” The nervous crewmate took a deep breath before continuing. “A l-lot of people like Sam are l-looked at like... y'know, f-f-freaks... b-but it's just a s-severe lack of u-understanding...” Another deep breath. “They tend t-t-t-to have... s-some sorta... knee-jerk r-reaction, if y-you know what I m-mean...”
“If it's one thing I'm not known for, it's the knee-jerk reactions, Oz.” The green-clad crewmate almost chuckled for their stoicism.
The redhead sighed deeply in relief, and then breathed deeply again so he could mentally prepare himself for the most important details of the story.
“Mind if I share some details along?” Hermie asked as she put her hand on Oswald's shoulder.
“N-no... please go ahead.”
“What about you, Nico?”
“All three of you are allowed to spill the beans” Nico replied.
“Very well then.”
Subsequently, the majority of the story of Sam was told to Nico. The more graphic and explicit details were left out, but it still affected the leader of the crewmates big-time, and from the look on their face, one could sense a shattered heart and major sadness, as if it was a session of loud weeping.
“First of all” they said, “I understand that this was difficult, despite the fact that I barely gave you guys a choice.” They grabbed a tissue from the nearby box to blow their nose in while the three underlings nodded. “And now that I can understand and comprehend the situation a little better, I'd like to involve Sam in this the next time, too.”
“R-right after they wake up?!” Oswald exclaimed in shock, his breathing becoming shallow within a few milliseconds as he did.
“Fair point, but we shouldn't put this off too long, also for the sake of you guys and your nervousness, you know?”
Just as Hermie wanted to say something, Oswald's phone went off, and he immediately answered it, about which Nico paid no mind.
“Y-y-yes?” he stammered.
“It's Sam” Lyn said. (She had been asked to keep her ears on them.) “I'm afraid they had another episode, and they want you, Oz.”
The redhead's breathing stopped out of shock, which immediately transited into an asthma attack.
In response, Izuki swiftly put the phone on the desk and put it on the speaker mode while grabbing Oswald's inhaler from his pocket and giving him two inhalations in hopes of relieving the attack soon.
“Sorry” he said, “Oz is having an asthma attack. I heard something about an episode? Of what exactly, if I may ask?”
“A mental episode, I presume?” Nico asked.
“Yeah...” The athletic crewmate sighed in distress. “But this time, it's not as bad as during the mission, but action still needs to be taken right this instant.”
“We should go there, Nico” Hermie said as she quickly stood up from her seat. “Izu, you should stay with Oz.”
“Yes, Hermie” Izuki said before turning back to the phone. “Nico and Hermie will be on their way. Please try your best to stay level-headed, alright?”
The stoic and cool crewmates then swiftly headed towards Sam's dorm room before anything bad could possibly happen...

Little Endy

Sayori the shy Enderman :3 (he/they)
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Chapter 17
As if evacuating due to a fire alarm going off, Nico and Hermie calmly went through the hallway and entered Sam's dorm room, where they could already hear their panicking.
“You guys can do this” Lyn said to the two crewmates before heading back towards her own dorm room.
“I think they might've had another nightmare” Nico whispered. “I can judge it from their screaming.” They didn't even pay any mind to what Sam's bed looked like, since they now knew the real reason why it was there.
“Oh dear me” Hermie softly gasped, as she gently made her way towards Sam's bed, of which she put the rail down before sitting down and taking the screaming crewmate in her grasp. “Sammy...”
The screaming subsided into sobbing, and the teary blue eyes then sought their way towards the source of their name being called.
“Shh... I'm here, Sammy baby...”
The regressed crewmate then looked Hermie into her eyes.
“Sorry for Ozzy not being here... he, uh... had to use the bathroom, maybe?”
“He no use da potty” Sam softly sobbed.
“Oops, forgot... well, he did have something rather important to do...” The cool crewmate grabbed Chu, the comfort blanket and the nearby pacifier and gave them to Sam. “Now, breathe slowly, alright? Follow after me.” Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. And so on.
Nico was astounded at how well Hermie could handle the situation. It's as if she used to be a therapist before becoming a crewmate. In silence, they praised her big-time.
“Very well. Now, could you tell me what happened? And if you'd like, you could tell me in a nutshell.”
“I thwept...” Sam started. “Chu be thewe to pwotect me. I had a bad dweam...! Thadowy figuwe twyna kill me!” Tears welled up in their eyes again.
“Oh dear...” The cool crewmate thought for a bit. “Any chance it was a visorless ghost with a creepy tongue?” She had heard enough stories about a certain No-Visor prior to her crewmate days, and you bet your sweet ass that she had also become very afraid of them ever since. Yet it didn't stop her from still becoming a crewmate herself, isn't that brave?
“N-no... thadowy figuwe... not ghotht... wed eyeth... a-an', uh... tentacleth...” The tears had slowly started flowing. “I-it huht me and twyna kill me! It be mean to me an' i-i-it yewwing at me!”
Their father, Hermie thought! Their abusive excuse of a father! Those nightmares are most likely their very repressed memories of him!
“Any chance...” she said in almost a whisper, “that the shadowy figure said that you should be good for your father...?”
“Yeth! It did!”
“That was absolutely rude of it to say...!” The alternative-looking crewmate's grasp onto Sam tightened. “I hope that horrible monster gets beaten up soon so it cannot harm you anymore!”
“Yeah, I wannit dead! I no wanna die!” The sobbing then transited back into crying. “Hehm, pweathe thtay with me!”
“I'll stay with you, Sammy baby... and so will Daddy and Chu. I pinky-promise to never leave you behind, alright?” Hermie pointed her little finger out towards Sam.
And thereby, a pinky-promise had been made, after which Hermie continued to console Sam the best she could.
“May I praise you big-time for your effort, Hermie?” Nico said with some sort of smile on their face. “You're an amazing person to actually help someone in a way they actually need it.”
“Th... thank you very much, Nico. Really, I'm touched to hear this, but in a very positive way...”
At the same time, Izuki and Oswald arrived at the opening of the door, and Oswald immediately joined Hermie and Sam on the bed.
“Wow...!” Oswald said in amazement. “D-did you actually m-manage to console Sammy?! Y-you're good, Hermie!”
Hermie was a tad speechless about all of the praise she had received for the past few seconds, that it made her emotional. She was left sobbing from the deepest of her heart, causing her make-up to run over her cheeks.
“C'mere, Sammy baby...” Oswald whispered to Sam, who was confused and distressed at the same time. “Daddy's here...” He then briefly turned to Hermie. “Herm, please loosen your grasp on them...”
The cool crewmate reluctantly did as she was told, and after having transferred Sam into their moirail/caretaker's grasp, she slowly shuffled off of the bed and went towards Izuki, who had become concerned about her.
“Dada...” Sam wept in a slight whisper. “What be goin' on?”
“I don't know, baby” the redhead quietly replied. “But I'm finally here to protect you.” He then turned to Nico. “And now's definitely not the time to resume the whole meeting, Nico. I hope you understand.”
“It's as clear as crystals, Oswald” Nico said. “I think tomorrow's the best time to do so. I'll let the headquarters know that the five of us won't be going on a mission tomorrow due to a rather important gathering.”
“Alright, Nico.”
“Dada, I hungy...” Sam softly whined.
“Is it alright if I cook something separate for Sam and myself, Nico?”
“Of course. I'll simply tell Medley and Ryan to reduce the portions by two tonight, okay?”
“Should I leave the two of you?”
“Yes, please, Nico.”
“Very well then. Stay safe.” The boss of the crewmates left the room and closed the door behind them.
Sam and Oswald both got off of the bed, from underneath which the former grabbed their opaque storage box to make something clear to the latter.
On the bottom of the box, several jars of baby food stood, as well as a fairly extended set of rubber spoons.
“Do you want me to microwave one of those for you, Sammy?” Oswald asked.
Sam simply nodded with a little smile on their face.
“However, I don't want you to ruin your precious shirt while you eat...” The nervous crewmate grabbed quite the ginormous bib from underneath one of the jars and carefully snapped it around his moirail's neck. “Now, which one would you like to eat today?”
The tired-looking crewmate closed their eyes and let their right hand go over the lids of the jars, until they grabbed one, carefully held it in both their hands and opened their eyes. It was a jar of mixed vegetables with fish and potatoes, one of their utmost favourites despite how plain it really sounded.
“That's a very good choice.”
The two crewmates then went to the kitchen, where Oswald also quickly assembled some easy dinner for himself.

It was 11 p.m., also known as very late in the evening. All of the crewmates in the main building were already asleep, except for Ryan and Ezekiel, who were currently watching one episode of Super Mario Logan of seemingly millions of them. They were actually wearing headphones for the sake of the dorm rooms around Ryan's, as well as padded, which was a request as made by Ryan so they could keep on bingeing the trash show without any toilet breaks.
“At least we're wearing our diapers correctly” Ezekiel snorted with laughter, “very much unlike Jeffy.”
“Yeah” Ryan chuckled, “why is he so blonde that he wears it over his pants? As long as diapers don't leak, they could reduce bajillions of piles of dirty laundry!” He took a swig of his home-made fruit mix milkshake and threw some neutral-tasting popcorn in the mix. One of the flavour combinations he actually liked.
The two best friends then continued to watch the trash show, and eventually saw an indirectly explicit scene happen in it.
“Yuck!” they both exclaimed. “Gross, man! Perverse as the damn fuck!”
Ezekiel even relieved his bladder almost uncontrollably during his shout of laughter.
“Oh my god, that was soooo weird...!” he grinned.
“What's weird, Zeke?” Ryan asked.
“Well, I literally just wet myself with laughter. Perhaps we should just keep on wearing diapers every time we binge shows? You're the best with even the weirdest-sounding suggestions!”
“Actually, the suggestion came from Jules. You should thank them instead.”
“I probably will tomorrow, even if we'll possibly be on a mission by then.”
The two crewmates then watched another episode, and occasionally still stuffed themselves well with their milkshakes and popcorn.
The next episode involved the sister of the puppet Jeffy, who was very articulatingly named Feebee.
“Wooow” the two friends said in unison. “She, too, is wearing it all wrong!”
“I think they secretly dye their hair in a darker colour to not look dumb” Ryan snickered.
“How so?” Ezekiel asked.
“Well, you know how most of the blonde people are dumb, right? And they hate it when that exact detail gets pointed out? Well, I've heard that some of them actually dye their hair brown, or black... in any case, anything that isn't blonde, so that they won't look dumb. It doesn't quite help, however, since they still continue making even the dumbest of statements...!”
A shout of loud laughter once again, until Ezekiel swiftly made shushing noises to not wake any neighbouring crewmates up.
The trash show on YouTube also continued in the meantime, and the talks between the two best friends were at a normal volume for most of the time. Until one certain part of the show where something intense suddenly happened, similarly to a jump scare in any horror game, because that's where the two started shouting in some sort of MLG fashion.
“Noooo!” Ezekiel shouted. “Oh my god, she literally died!”
“Stupid dumb blonde disguised as a brunette!” Ryan roared.
Jules could hear all of the exclaiming from the dorm room next to them, and no matter how hard they tried to fall sleep again, they were the only one who could still hear all of the ruckus the entire time.
They got out of their bed, angrily sneaked their way towards Ryan's dorm room and mercilessly opened its door without knocking, which gave the two best friends a real jump scare this time.
“Could you guys keep it the damn quiet?!” the musical crewmate whisper-yelled. “It's 11 in the evening, and people are trying to sleep here!”
“I thought you heard nothing due to us wearing headphones, Jules” Ryan said.
“Not your YouTube favourites, but your laughter is still audible in Australia, I presume!”
“Oh, a pox on those kiwis and kangaroos.”
Ezekiel bonked Ryan on his head.
“Kiwis live in New-Zealand, you dumb goose!” he whisper-yelled.
“Fuck, forgot about that.”
“Next time” Jules said, “you guys should probably paste some duct tape on your mouths with a slit so you can still drink your milkshakes, but not laugh so loudly anymore. Now shut the heck up or I'll knock you out if I'm the impostor again tomorrow.” They slammed the door shut and swiftly headed back to their own room, where they huddled up in their covers. “Bunch of dumb loudmouths... do they secretly have blonde hair underneath those shades of brown or something? Also, why the heck am I even acquainted with them in the first place?”
“You know what?” Ezekiel said. “Once this episode is over, I kinda want to watch Battle For Dream Island instead, if that's okay with you?”
“Nah, man” Ryan said. “I want to watch more of this.”
“Fine, I'll watch it in my own room soon.”
“Do whatever.”
Once the episode of the weird plush show had come to an end, the crewmate in the striped yellow pajamas grabbed his popcorn and milkshake and stood up, but left his wireless headphones on.
“Well, it's been a pleasure, but that jump scare outside of the show just now totally had to ruin it.”
“To be fair, I agree. I, myself, am probably going to watch some live chess soon. I could use some sleep anyway, boring as chess can get.”
“Not a bad idea.” Ezekiel headed for the door and opened it using his chin. “Goodnight, Ry.”
“Night, Zeke.”
Once the two best friends now had their own dorm rooms all for their own, Ryan switched to a stream of live chess on the ABC web site, while Ezekiel had apparently been inspired to watch a stream of live darts on the web site of BBC America.
Jules only approved of the silence finally having returned in the building, but they did still feel a little distressed, so they grabbed their tablet and played some relaxing music on the Headspace app, which often helped them fall back asleep in such situations.
Downstairs, Hermie had also heard all of the ruckus in the room above her, and she was also very glad that it was now over. Plus, she was also very glad to not be the mandatory one to stop it, like it was the case very often.
Now, back to Ezekiel. While he had only just started watching live darts, he slightly reminisced to the most recent mission. In how much of a critical state Sam eventually turned out to be. He never saw it happen with them, but he did with a few of his classmates back in his school days.
At elementary school, they'd comfort that person in a very sweet and sympathetic way, while in middle and high school, people would begrudge them about it in the most rude and apathetic manner that one could ever imagine.
During the mission, some of the crewmates tended to Sam in the style of what Ezekiel experienced at elementary school.
“That should definitely happen more often...” the groggy crewmate mumbled to himself.
Then, he suddenly burst out in tears.
“I feel so sorry for that poor Sam... no wonder why they have Oswald to protect them, he's also very worried about their well-being...” A grab of a tissue from the nearby box to blow the nose. “And how could Ryan possibly be so rude to them? He definitely owes them an apology... Lyn absolutely had the right to say that his statement was rude! Something that I, myself, don't even have the courage for!”
No, he then thought, I shouldn't just mercilessly blame myself for being the coward from the Ry and Zeke duo, that's just weird.
“You know what, I should most likely start helping Sam out whenever they're in distress... Indeed, I think there's even more than just that when they're feeling that way... something rather urgent, I'm afraid...”

Little Endy

Sayori the shy Enderman :3 (he/they)
Gewaardeerd lid
Chapter 18
“Nico?” Jules asked. “Are you going on today's mission? My tablet didn't send me any information on today's mission.”
“I'm very sad to inform you that the same happened to me” Nico replied.
“Tell me about it” Pepper added. “Everyone who also didn't receive any information on missions on their tablet, raise your hand.”
The nine other crewmates at the breakfast table all rose their hands, resulting in the entire dozen of crewmates subsequently looking at one another in disbelief.
“Are the computers at the headquarters broken or something?” Ryan said.
“How should I know?” Medley countered. “I'm merely an underling, not the CEO of the Skeld or something.”
‘It should be for a legit reason’ Ace signed, ‘because otherwise, it's not fair.’
“Good point” Lyn said to Ace. “We can't just get a day off for no reason in particular, right?”
“I think it has something to do with an air... trip?” Ezekiel pondered with a frown. “Or was it a top hat? Oh, how little the world will ever know...”
“Or it means we get a day off after what happened with Sam recently” Izuki stated. “But then again, how should the headquarters know?”
“Didn't we still owe a little meeting with Nico about them?” Hermie asked.
“Why are you all talking about me as if I'm not here?” Sam asked, obviously sounding sad. “That's rude, you know?” They were still in the process of recovering from their most recent wave of regression.
“Sorry, didn't mean to. But Nico did want to involve you in one of their next miniature emergency meetings, that's what they told me yesterday.”
“I don't even know if they told us whether to say that or not” Oswald said as he rubbed his moirail's back hard. “Nico, I'm sorry if Hermie and Izuki are spoiling the... I cannot quite call it a surprise, so I don't know what it is.”
“I'm not sure if it's a good idea to involve Sam in it if they're still in the process of recovering” Nico said before they turned to the tired-looking crewmate. “Sorry if I planned all of this behind your back. But yesterday, I had a serious talk with Oswald, Hermie and Izuki that... well, somewhat involved you. And I kind of want to resume it with you after finishing up our preparations for the day, if you don't mind?”
“I, uh...” Sam's heart sank a little and they felt a cold pit on the bottom of their stomach. “Oh, no...”
“Don't worry, you're not in trouble. But it will still be serious, though.”
Soon enough, the dishes were put in the dishwasher, everyone brushed their teeth and prepared themselves otherwise wherever they needed it, and most of the crewmates then decided how to spend the rest of their free time all out of sudden.
As for Nico, they called Izuki, Hermie, Oswald and Sam to come to their office for the continuation of the miniature emergency meeting they had the day before.
“Would you all like a cup of water?” the leader of the crewmates asked.
“Yes, please, Nico” the foursome replied.
No sooner said than done, everyone was provided with something to drink, while Nico had made some black coffee for themself.
“So, I called you lot here because we discussed something rather urgent that happened last mission. And Izuki, you were directly there.”
“Yes, I was, Nico” Izuki replied calmly.
“So was I. Hermie and Oswald, you two weren't there. Did you make your online assignments while we were gone on a mission, though?”
“Yes, we did, Nico” Hermie and Oswald replied stoically.
“Very well, because the headquarters don't just want us to muck around.” Nico breathed in deeply. “Sam.”
“Y-yes, Nico?” the usually white-suited crewmate stammered softly while squeezing Chu quite hard. Their boss didn't even mind her presence, or so it seemed.
“You... let's say, you fell sick last mission. May I ask you if you remember any of it?”
Silence. The ticking of the clock above the door sounded very judgmental at the same time.
“Do you remember anything of falling sick?”
“I, uh...” Sam's voice had started to shudder a little. “No... I... d-don't think so... but...” Tears welled up in their eyes. “...h-he wants to murder me!” Their muscles strained completely and their heart started racing.
Izuki, Oswald and Hermie gasped in shock upon hearing their fellow crewmate say it out loud.
“May I ask what you're on about?” Nico asked. “In case it's No-Visor, I can happily tell you that he doesn't exist, so you shouldn't worry about him trying to murder you, alright? He's just an urban legend made up by weirdos whose friends were very eager to become crewmates.”
“True” Hermie said with a nod, “but I don't think you're helping Sam out at all that way, Nico.” Her facial expression became a fairly disgusted one at the thought of the No-Visor stories that were told to her in the past.
“Sorry, Hermione.”
“Thank you, Nico.” The cool crewmate breathed in deeply before turning to Sam. “You're convinced that your father wants to murder you, aren't you?”
Sam nodded fearfully and shivered hard at the thought of the nightmare that returned quite often lately.
“I've promised to stay with you, and I can promise one more thing...”
“He won't ever be able to find you here... he's locked up himself. Sealed away from the rest of the world.” Hermie had become restless and some crying manifested from her. “I hope that... h-he... will g-get m-murdered himself... a-and I'm b-being honest here...” The last sentence almost sounded like a whisper.
“What?!” Nico and Izuki gasped in disbelief.
“Please, you guys, p-l-a-y along with it.” The alternative crewmate's teary ruby red eyes glared hard into the usually dark-green and lime-green-suited crewmates respectively.
At the moment, only Oswald seemed to understand what was going on, judging from the fact that this morning, he had heard Hermie's stories of how the legend of No-Visor was told to her too often.
“Baby” he said to his moirail, “I, too, hope that your father won't even be able to see the world again. I know he tries to do you harm, but he definitely deserves that harm himself.”
“N-no...” Sam almost whispered in fear. “M-my father isn't to be trusted... he must die!” They glared at Hermie as their voice slowly rose. “I heard you ramble about No-Visor! He has to murder my father! That ugly traitor is the one who made me sick in the first place!”
“Wait, you did?!” Hermie stammered in disbelief. “I thought I told it at a volume in which you couldn't even hear it...!”
“Herm” Izuki said, “even Pepper could hear it, and she was literally judging you about how you were whispering where everyone else was.”
“Oh my gosh, I didn't even realise that, my bad.”
In the meantime, Nico and Oswald were obviously shocked about the fact that Sam had realised that they had a father who did very bad things to them.
“My father be the reason that I be sick so often!” Sam rambled on once they thought the time was right. “I no wanna be sick! I wanna be protected at all times! I'm scared!” And while saying their last sentence, they burst out in crying, and all of their muscles slowly grew less tense.
“Oh, dear me...” Nico said quietly. “Sam, is it okay if I tell you the following?”
“Y...” Sobbing and some hyperventilation. “...y-yes, N-Nico...”
“I'm very sorry for letting the headquarters send you on a mission in such a... survival mode, if you know what I mean. I know you trust Oswald and Hermie most of all, and I let the headquarters know that either one or both of them will always go on a mission where you also are, if that's okay.”
“Of c-course that be okay! Ozzy and Herm be good!” Sam squeezed Chu even harder at this point, that her squishy stuffing would probably lose it anytime soon, and her eyes also looked like they were bulging out a little extra.
“From the next mission on, you'll never be without any of them again. That's what the headquarters sent me in their message yesterday before I closed up the office for the night.”
“G-good...” Another shiver and a few sobs. “T-th-thank you, Nico... I appreciate y-your effort...” Very little did they know that their bladder and bowels let loose with some relieving movements that ended up in their diaper.
“Anytime, Sam. After all, I'm seeking what's the best for everyone under my wing as your boss.” They took a sip of their now fairly tepid coffee and cleared their throat. “I'm very sorry for what your father had tried to do to you, too. I agree with the fact that he deserves to be in jail for the rest of his life.”
“M-may I ask h-how you know? I-it's n-not just anything th-that anyone o-other than my m-mothers and s-s-sibling know, you know?”
“Reliable sources, trust me.”
“Here” Hermie said as she grabbed Sam's cup of water, “have a little drink to see if that'll help you.” She subsequently helped her fellow crewmate drink successfully. “Is that better?”
Sam nodded silently, indeed feeling slightly more relaxed with some quenched thirst.
“I'm glad that you all were available for this quick meeting” Nico concluded. “Hereby, I'd like to close it, and thank you all for taking your time to be here.” They checked the message box on their tablet and computer. “From the looks of it, there are indeed no missions for us today. However, there will be something else, namely the tour in a new missionary spot that'll open up soon, which starts at 11 a.m. at the main square of the Skeld complex.”
“Strange” Hermie said as she got up from her seat and threw her now empty cup into the nearby plastic bin. “But alright, I can manage that.”
“I'll let you tell the news about this new missionary spot” Izuki informed as he also stood up. “Until then, you'll be able to find me in my dorm room, watching a show or something.”
“Thank you very much, Izuki.” Nico also stood up after turning their computer into stand-by mode. “You lot, spend your free time well.”
Oswald stood up, and as he grabbed Sam's free left hand to let them stand up as well, he retched a little upon noticing a certain detail.
“Should I change you?” he asked.
“Please do” Sam chuckled. “It felt pretty good, that unexpected load of gross stuff, but I don't want to ruin my butt, you know?”
The couple of moirails went to Sam's dorm room, where they were laid down on their bed with the changing pad underneath them.
Oswald made sure that he had some gloves, a peg, wipes and zinc cream at first, because how would a change possibly go without those key items?
The tired-looking crewmate still felt fairly restless, so they searched for their pacifier and immediately popped it into their mouth once they found it, which made them relax a little more, judging by the way they sighed deeply from their nose.
“An' you thould thtay a wittle athide, Chu” they lisped to their stuffed Chuchu, which they put down next to their neck and head. “You no wanna get icky now, huh?”
A little later, the nervous crewmate came back, and before anyone knew it, the change had happened, and Sam was all nice and clean again. A feeling that they also loved a lot about diapers.
“We better head to the bathroom soon together” Oswald said, “but for the sake of me instead.” He pulled his pants down and turned a little so that he could show his soggy diaper to Sam. “It won't just be soggy anymore soon, though...”
“I know what you're saying” the tired-looking blonde replied as they took their pacifier out. “Also, you seem very excited about it, contrary to the last few times.” They sat back up and grabbed Chu again to stimulate their need to hold on to something fairly large. “Go for it. Even Chu wants you to.”
The redhead burst out in laughter before kneeling down and straining a little to relieve himself in his diaper. After that was done, he got back up and sat down on his moirail's bed, smiling a little as he felt his diaper's contents stick to him.
“I really am a scat-freak, aren't I?”
“Don't just call yourself that. It's absolutely okay if you just love having a messy diaper, remember?”
“Well, it's not just me who loves it...!” A little shudder was to be heard in his voice, indicating that 'little Oswald' was also very happy to experience this.
“Then what are you waiting for? To the bathroom!”
Oswald smiled upon hearing his decision being respected. He really didn't want to get Sam's dorm room all covered in 'ectoplasm', and apparently, they could read that from his mind somehow.
Sam put Chu aside, gestured to her that she should wait, and subsequently grabbed their moirail's hand so they could jump off of the bed simultaneously to head to the bathroom.
The two did briefly get busted in the hallway, though, when Lyn suddenly happened to pass by.
“Damn, Sam” she said, “it's a good thing that you're headed for the bathroom. You really did your best, but don't let the rest of us know!” Little did she know that the putrid smell of a loaded diaper didn't actually come from Sam this time, though.
Once they had settled in the bathroom and locked the door, the platonic couple burst out in laughter.
“Oh my gosh!” the tired-looking crewmate snorted. “She thought it was me! Seems legit, but this time, it definitely wasn't!”
“It's only good that she thought it was you!” Oswald grinned. “I would absolutely feel like I'd melt into the ground if she discovered that it was really me!”
“Now, lie down and get ready for another wave of ectoplasm...!”
With a thick towel underneath his head, Oswald was very excited to undergo another session of being satisfied by his very own 'baby'. He especially smiled widely and giggled almost uncontrollably once Sam's gloved hands opened up his diaper, revealing 'little Oswald' being all excited as well.
Without any further question or ado, the gloved hands gently grabbed the erected penis and the left one slowly but surely started rubbing it, causing an excited shudder to go through the redhead's spine, even making him wriggle a little.
“Hold still, Ozzy” Sam chuckled, “I know you're excited and all, but still.” They also smiled upon rubbing even quicker, making the penis throb like a heart in the process.
Oswald's heart seemed to be in sync, as it also started throbbing at quite some speed. Oh, how much he loved getting this occasional 'treatment' whenever he felt the desire.
“Oh, goody...” he mumbled. “Oh yes... this is good...”
And before they both knew it, he climaxed hard.
“Oh yeah! Oh my goodness! I feel so damn horny! This is amazing!” After letting out these exclamations, the nervous crewmate sighed deeply in relief. He then ecstatically basked in the afterglow with his abdomen being mostly covered in semen, and his penis slowly becoming relaxed again as well.
“That felt good, didn't it?” Sam chuckled softly.
“Felt gweat...”
The blonde then started wiping all of Oswald's stained areas as clean as possible before providing him of a good layer of cream and a fresh, thick diaper, which also made him feel content. Who says that one is only allowed to love messy diapers, while clean ones can also feel amazing as ever?

Little Endy

Sayori the shy Enderman :3 (he/they)
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Chapter 19
“Crewmates” Nico started as they entered the main room, where most of their underlings sat. “I have some great news, and you'd better listen well.”
“Ooh, great news!” Ryan said, his eyes widening and his mouth forming a smile. “I'm curious!”
“Not fair that Hermie and the others aren't there to hear it!” Medley stated.
“Oh, we are!” Izuki said in a theatrically eager tone as he swiftly ran from the door of his dorm room to the main room. “Tell us, Nico!”
Oswald, Hermie and Sam also arrived, and all three winked at their boss, since they secretly already knew the news, but didn't want to spill any more beans on it.
“Are we getting a new colleague?” Lyn beamed. “They'd better be fully in sync with me!”
“No, Lyndsay” Nico replied, “for the time being, the maximum amount of a group of crewmates is 12, also known as a dozen. Logical standards would ruin a dozen if at least one number would be removed from it, you know?”
“Aw, man...”
“Go look for such people at the neighbours' homes then” Ezekiel scoffed.
Ace looked at the crewmates who still talked with intense eyes and pressed his index finger hard against his lips in hopes of silencing them, which, surprisingly, actually worked.
“Thank you, Ace” Sam whispered, as they then swiftly turned towards Nico.
“Today” the green-clad crewmate leader started, “we apparently weren't scheduled to go on a mission due to the following reason. There's this new missionary location that they call the Airship, which was originally established by the now defunct Toppat complex, and the people who work there want to give us a tour through it today. In a week, it'll officially become a missionary location, so prepare yourselves for a new, grand experience.”
“The Toppat complex, you say?” Jules asked. “Weren't they disbanded due to having a large sum of criminal records or something?”
“Dude, those were only rumours!” Hermie replied. “In reality, they voluntarily disbanded due to suddenly discovering new individual careers, haven't you seen that in the news last year?”
“Yeah” Oswald said, “what Hermie says is true.”
‘Why, I never heard of it myself’ Ace signed with a shrug.
“But a tour through their one and only Airship?” Izuki beamed. “That's awesome! I cannot wait to do some of our subsequent missions there!”
“How did the former Toppat employees come with the idea of letting us from the Skeld complex claim their Airship in the first place, anyway?” Pepper asked.
“That's because the headquarters signed an agreement on it a few months ago” Nico replied, “but they had an oath of secrecy about it until today, and I fully respect that and the reasons behind it.”
“When are we getting the tour, Nico?” Ryan asked. “And are all of us going there, too? C'mon, it'd be boring if two would not go!”
“Calm yourself, Ryan” Lyn said, as she pressed the top of her fellow crewmate's left shoulder hard. “You're rambling too much.”
“Ow, sorry... didn't know you were cross with me.”
“Wow, you actually managed to guess why?”
The usually cheery and hyper crewmate sighed and rolled his eyes, and decided to say no more for the time being.
“The tour will start in about an hour” Nico said, “and according to the statuses...” They grabbed their tablet and had a gander at an app on it. “...they're currently still busy with touring the neighbours on our left.”
“Neat!” Ezekiel beamed enthusiastically. “A tour! I'm so excited!”
“Well” Sam said, “it's going to be another missionary location, so uh... we should probably hoist ourselves in our spacesuits soon.”
“But we're not even actually going on a mission” Jules said.
“I know, but just for the idea of going on a mission there soon, you know?”
“Okay, wow.”
“So yeah, don't just hoist yourself in your suits soon. Do it like we always do prior to going on missions, including the comfy clothes and the thingamabob underneath it, so not our regular clothes, okay?”
“Thingamabob?” Medley asked as she scratched her head in question.
“They mean our protective underwear, silly” Lyn chuckled. “That's actually not a bad idea! What if there are no toilets on the airship? This is perfect!”
“Aw, come on!” Ryan groaned. “Why are you agreeing on that dumb blonde's idea?!”
“Stop!” Hermie retorted, “Sam is not a dumb blonde!”
“She's right” Jules added, “last night, I was wondering if you're actually one yourself, considering the thought that you might just dye your hair because of it?”
“Oh my goodness” Pepper said, “how did you come with that thought in the first place, Jules?”
“I don't know. A lot of people mention it, so it's most likely true somewhere.”
“Okay, I guess?”
“You lot” Nico exclaimed as they clapped their hands loudly, “quit it right this instant. Ryan, why did you make such a rude statement? Apologise to Sam. You know that they're a very sensitive individual, right?”
“Yeah, but Nico” Ryan tried, “I--”
“Apologise. Whether you like it or not, apologise, or kiss the upcoming tour good-bye.”
“You've been rude about Sam yesterday, too” Lyn said, “don't deny it.”
Ezekiel and Medley nodded hard in agreement.
“Fine.” The slightly bearded crewmate got up, went to Sam and crouched in front of them. “Sam, I'm sorry for being so rude about you and assuming so many untruths behind your back.”
“Wait, you did?” Sam gasped. “How so?”
“Well, yesterday I said that you faked your sickness, but you were so zoned out that you probably didn't hear any of it.”
“How dare you?!”
The sudden exclamation shocked Ryan quite hard, and he felt highly unnerved as a result.
“I'm genuinely sorry! I really didn't mean to make you angry!”
“Well, you'd better not do that anymore either, because if you do, I'm going to tattle on Nico or anyone else, regardless if we're on missions or not!”
“I will, Sam!” The distressed crewmate immediately sped back to his spot on one of the sofas, and only received some disapproving glares.
“Serves him right” Oswald said before turning to his moirail. “Sammy, you did a great job shocking him.” He kissed their cheek before leaning his mouth towards their ear. “I can sense that you're nervous. How about taking Chu along on the tour soon? I'm sure Nico won't mind about it...”

“Good, uh... morning, you lot” a mustachioed gentleman said to the main cast as he looked at his watch. “Yes, I can still say it.” He had shaggy reddish-orange hair, a long moustache of the same colour, dark red eyes, a robotic prosthetic as his left arm, wore a purple formal uniform, a black top hat, and some sort of red lens over his left eye. “My name is Raymond Hammond Manfred, but you lot are allowed to refer to me as RHM for short.” He put his right hand on the shoulder of a timid-looking gentleman. “And this is Henry, my primary assistant.”
Henry was nearly as pale as Sam, had beautiful bluish-green eyes, neatly cut shoulder-length dark blonde hair, smooth and round cheeks that made him look younger than he really might've been, and wore a white uniform.
“Good morning” he said in a somewhat soft tone, “nice to meet you all.”
“My name, of course” Nico started, “is Nico Starman, and I'm the new leader of group A-1 of the Skeld complex.”
“Wait up” RHM said, “new leader, you say?”
“Yes. I used to be the secondary one, but became the primary one when our original leader died in a dropship crash not too long ago, along with three fellow crewmates...”
“Dear me, am I sorry for your loss, Individual Starman.”
“Thank you, RHM. Our leader used to be Mr. Holden Caulfield – not to be confused with the guy from The Catcher In The Rye of the same name – and he was amazing... if only you would still be able to experience him!”
“Ah, Holden. I indeed knew him well, he used to be my classmate at college. Too bad he isn't around anymore indeed.”
“Furthermore, I'm the boss of these eleven crewmates. Please introduce yourselves to RHM and Henry, you guys.”
“My name is Lyndsay Broadley” Lyn said, “but please call me Lyn.”
“I'm Hermione Davidson” Hermie said, “but please just call me Hermie.”
“Izuki Hashimoto” Izuki said, “pleased to be at your service.” This resulted in a few chuckles from the others, which were soon silenced by the strict clapping of Nico's hands.
“My name is Pepper Ghostess” Pepper said, “I'm the new secondary leader.”
“Jules Bartkins” Jules said, “nice to meet you.”
“Sam Payne” Sam shyly said. “And uh... this is Chu, my Chuchu.” They chuckled and blushed a little upon mentioning their favourite stuffed Chuchu.
“I'm Oswald Wells Wallace” Oswald said, “and I only prefer to have my name abbreviated once I'm close with someone.”
“I'm Ezekiel Snyder” Ezekiel said, “and I, too, only want my name abbreviated when I'm close with someone.”
“Ryan Macleod” Ryan said, “Ezekiel's best friend. You could easily say we're inseparable.” He chuckled heartily.
“My name is Medley Winger” Medley said, as she put her hand on the shoulder of Ace, who stood next to her. “And this is Alessio De Lima, who prefers to be referred to as Ace.”
‘Good day’ Ace signed with a smile. ‘Yes, I'm mute. Bear with me.’
“A very hearty hello to you lot” RHM said with a smile as he bowed, “and it's a pleasure to meet you, too.” He cleared his throat hard. “Now, follow me, so I can show you lot around the Airship. I bet you all cannot wait to see its interior in person, am I right?”
The entire dozen of crewmates nodded and followed suit with RHM and Henry.
“This is the entry hallway, which immediately leads us to the security room.”
“Neat” everyone said here and there.
“Now, would you lot like to go left or right next?”
“Right” the main dozen said in unison.
“Alright, then right it is. Here, we find the electrical section. Yes, it looks quite like a maze, but that's for safety reasons, really, and not because this is a funhouse in disguise.” The last statement made most of the people laugh here and there before continuing to the next room on the right. “And this is the medical room. The cabinets here are jammed with all of the utilities that you lot most likely also saw at the other missionary locations, but it's merely optional to use them, partly since we actually have toilets located on this location.”
“A pox on toilets” Sam and Oswald muttered in unison.
“What was that?”
“Sam and Oswald, was it?” Henry asked.
“W-well...” Sam stammered. “You see, I... I have double incontinence. I cannot use the toilet...” That was a bald-faced lie, but they tried to make it not look like it.
“Yes” Oswald added, “and I often have to change them since they're not able to do so by themself. And we don't want any incontinent crewmates to just... you know, not be in diapers so they subsequently miss the toilet and let unnecessary laundry pile up that way, you know what I'm saying?”
“Why, I'm terribly sorry” RHM said.
“Oh, don't be, more people suffer from such incontinence than you think, sir.”
“In case of medical reasons like this, feel free to use the utilities in those cupboards as you please.”
“Thank you very much, RHM” Oswald and Sam said in unison while letting out a barely noticeable sigh of relief.
Nico briefly went to the platonic couple and winked at them (especially Sam) in approval, before the dozen was taken to see the next area on the right.
“And this leads us to the cargo bay” RHM continued, “which is solely used for the purpose of storage, so it doesn't represent anything special otherwise.” He guided the group towards the very next area. “This leads us to the lounge, and, of course, the toilets, which can be used freely.”
Sam and Oswald looked away from the toilets in disgust and continued on to the lounge itself, where they immediately huddled in a corner.
“I don't want to use those toilets...” the nervous crewmate quietly said with an obvious shudder in his voice. “Diapers are so much more convenient and comfortable... and you're the one who made me realise that, Sam.”
“That's only a good thing” his moirail replied, “but man, am I sorry for you. Next time we go on a mission and we're destined to go here, we'll make sure that we get ready for it early and together, including the diapers, okay?”
“Not a bad idea. I'll try to remember it.” The redhead relieved his bladder.
“Are you guys doing okay?” Henry asked, as he also came into the lounge itself. “You two seem so restless, if I may be honest.”
“I...” Sam blushed hard and squeezed Chu against themself so that her eyes bulged a little once again. “A-as a toddler, I g-got stuck in a t-toilet at th-the orphanage once... a-and it's s-s-scary to remember it l-like that... s-s-since n-nobody bothered t-to save me f-for quite s-some t-t-time back th-then!” Lies, lies, lies, but it did seem like they were actually scared while they told the story.
“Oh dear, I'm very sorry to hear that.”
“Which is why I-I'm fully incontinent...” At the same time, they urinated.
“I should ask your boss... what's their name, Nico? Yes, Nico... to contact the headquarters so you won't have to do any tasks there, if that's okay with you?”
“Definitely, Henry, thank you very much.” The tired-looking crewmate and their moirail exchanged a brief lip-kiss in succeeded success.
“Roger.” The somewhat silly assistant then made the request to Nico.
“Got that” they said once they fully heard the request. “RHM, would you excuse me?” They grabbed their tablet.
“It sounds rather important” RHM said, “so do whatever pleases you, Individual Starman.”
A message was swiftly sent to the headquarters of the Skeld complex, and afterwards, the rest of the dozen also arrived in the lounge itself.
“Awesome” Lyn said, “they actually have billiards tables here, and I happen to love billiards!”
“Unfortunately” RHM continued, “there are not many tasks in this room, except for fixing the wires, but once the mission is all over, you could use it as much as you please.” He led the way to the next room. “And this is the records room, where, as you can see, sorting the record folders is one of its prominent tasks.” He pointed at three people who were currently doing the aforementioned task.
There was Charles, who had beautiful, wavy, shoulder-length blonde hair in a small ponytail, deep brown eyes, wore red headphones and a green uniform.
There was Sven, who also had blonde hair but shaggy and short instead, dark blue eyes, and wore a dark blue uniform with a fitting mini top hat.
And there was Ellie, who had neck-length bright red hair, dull aventurine green eyes, and wore a feminine rouge pink uniform and matching pumps.
The three employees smiled and waved at the dozen in a friendly fashion.
“So this is some kind of an office?” Jules asked.
“You could say that, yes” Henry replied.
Furthermore, the ginormous Airship also had a so-called 'gap room' with a floating platform, a separate meeting room, a brig, a fairly large vault, an engine room, a tiny communications room, a cockpit, an armoury, a viewing deck, a main hallway that was obviously bigger than the entry hallway, a locker-room-like-bathroom with showers, and most importantly, quite a deluxe kitchen, which also partly served as a cafeteria.
“What an amazing new location” Izuki said, “I surely cannot wait until I'll have my very first mission here!”
“You left a very positive impression on me as well with the tour, RHM” Pepper said. “Thank you very much for showing us around.”
“No, no” RHM said, “thank you lot for partaking in this tour. It's been a pleasure to have you lot here, and I'm only glad that it left such a positive impression on you. Now, to celebrate the official opening of this Airship to the entirety of the Skeld complex next week, I'm inviting you lot to an official opening party this evening... if you're interested, that is...”
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